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Light Painting
Orbage on the Mersey by LivingContradiction1
Positively Toxic by TEMPERATE-SAGE
Tribal by SimonVelazquezArt
Don't touch my god by Lightinspiration
Svortuloft lighthouse panorama by morglin
Astral by adityapudjo
Dillon Reservoir, Four A.M. by Spud667
Roiling Clouds of Forebode by Spud667
Shinjuku at Night by imladris517
Peak Tower View by WiDoWm4k3r
Tokyo at Night by imladris517
Moskva-river by mannromann
Palais by focusgallery
Matute Remus Bridge by SimonVelazquezArt
Lessing by focusgallery
Jupiter Shines by Nightwalker50
Malacca Clock Tower by esee
View of the lights by ZeeboJones
Belgrave Road - Diwali and Christmas Lights - 2011 by aprmason
Photo a Day 2012-02-10 by dssken
Astrophotography, Sky and Fireworks
WDW 13 CXXIII by LDFranklin
M13 - Great Cluster in Hercules by whiteLion07
Nearest Neighbour 2 by insomniaworks
M-45 The Pleiades Cluster Widefield by insomniaworks
Blood Red by murkin
Evil Cometh by murkin
Suburbia by KrisVlad
Nightime Visitor by Kaptive8
Concert and Stage
Slam by Gniii
Feed Me by Gniii
Rage Against the Machine 17 by Cyril-Helnwein
ZCK in live by heavenrocket
Dawn, Dusk
Red sky by mabuli
Start new day by PotockiArt
Sun go uot by PotockiArt
Sunset at the Church by MsDeGraeve
HDR Tutorial Fixing Night Sky by Creative--Dragon
Old Group Photos
Chicago Nights II by fromantis







Update The Dawn, Dusk folder is now open.  Sorry I forgot to set the permissions.  Go ahead and submit your Dawn and Dusk images to that folder. :)

Update The Sunset, Sunrise category has been renamed to Dawn, Dusk all photos relating to Dawn and Dusk may be submitted here.  Wikipedia has a good definition if what constitutes Dawn and Dusk here:

This folder is for photos that are not quite night time but the sun has gone down below the horizon.

Good news!  We now accept Dawn and Dusk photos.  With all of the people submitting sunset and sunrise photos, it made sense to create a new folder specifically for this rather than continue to turn away great photography.

Everyone is encouraged to submit their sunset and sunrise photography to the new gallery folder "Dawn, Dusk."  Also anyone who has had their sunset and sunrise photos rejected is strongly encouraged to resubmit their work to this new folder.

Note: Please only submit your sunset and sunrise photos to the Dawn, Dusk gallery.  This overrides any other category.  Thank you!


The old List of Members, this will be fazed out once every one has transferred to the automatic group list.

If you like this group please feel free to go out and tell your friends :D
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Welcome to the night photography club. A club celebrating all things relating to photography at night, astrophotography, light painting, and techniques generally associated with night photograph.

While others may put away their cameras when the sun comes down we realize that there is a whole other world of photographic opportunities that await the patient night photographer.

If you’re the type of photographer that readily enjoys taking pictures at night or just beginning to experiment with this type of photography. This group is for you.

This will soon have deviations by other members of DA relating to night photography. Eventually there will also hopefully be some tutorials.

If you like this group and the concept that it represents please feel free to make a link to it in your journals.

We now have a chat room at #NightPhotography feel free to check it out, could be a good way to chat with other members about how to do different tecniques.

All members of the group have been made members of the chatroom. Although if you find yourself as just a guest in the chatroom, the permissions are set to allow you to make yourself a member of the chatroom.


The work must be related to photography at night including astrophotography, light painting, and other techniques generally associated with night photograph.

We are not a group for sunset and sunrise photography, but we now have a gallery for Dawn and Dusk photos if you have a photo that is in this category but exhibits elements characteristic of night photography feel free to submit it to the Dawn, Dusk folder.

Note: Please only submit your Dawn and Dusk photos to the Dawn, Dusk gallery. This overrides any other category. This folder is for photos that are not quite night time but the sun has gone down below the horizon. Thank you!

We are also affiliated with sunsets. If you have sunset/sunrise photography, please by all means send it their way.

Currently members are limited to submitting 2 deviations per day.

Also please try to avoid submitting multiple deviations that are similar, unless the deviations are varied enough to give a different meaning.

Submitted work must also be of an acceptable quality. Quality over quantity.

Things are generally very lax here so something like this will probably be very rare. So don't let this discourage any of you from submitting your work. :D

If anyone has any questions about this or suggestions, or complaints please feel free to send a note to the group.

Link To Check Out
Here are some links to check out if anyone is looking for some inspiration:
Night Photographer Dot Com
Night Photography by Larrie Thomson. This guy is amazing when it comes to night photography, he does alot of playing around with flashes on specific objects in the frame durring the exposure, which are just amazing.

Hours of Darkness
Another interesting night photography website to check out.

Lost America
Night Photography by Troy Pavia

Dark Sky Dreams
Night Photography and Astrophotography by Jerry Day


If anyone has any other links that they would like to share feel free to send them in a note.

Affiliates and other groups to check out:
coming soon

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We are a club celebrating all things relating to photography at night, astrophotography, light painting, and techniques generally associated with night photography.
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Feb 10, 2005


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