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My entry for The-FlashLight-Week's month challange "Your Own Story".
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”AAAAH!” Twilight screamed rising herself on her bed. Frightened she was breathing heavily and her heart was beating fast like crazy. Darkness. Darkness all around her. Silence.

Just then she heared some hoofsteps. Somepony was running in the hallway towards her room. Her heart started to beat even faster. Then the door opened suddenly.

”Aaaah!” she screamed once again and hid herself under the blanket.

”Twilight! What happened!? Are you alright?” somepony asked loudly full of worry.

The mare calmed herself down a bit as she recognised a familiar stallion voise. The pony began to nervously look around the room. 

”What happened? Did somepony break in?” he opened the door to the balcony and ran out.

Twilight was still calming herself down. The stallion came back just a few seconds later. ”What happened here?”

The alicorn asnwered with muffled voice, ”No, no... Everything’s Ok...”

The stallion looked at her not believing in her words. ”Twilight, you screamed in the middle of the night.” he talked with a calm and low voice. ”It can’t be ok.”

Twilight started to feel annoyed by his questions. ”I said... Everything is alright. You don’t have to worry.”

The stallion still didn’t buy it. After all it was his duty as a guard to make sure the princess is safe. He knew something bad happened and needed to know what that was. He sighed. ”Listen, I want to help but if you don’t...”

”Alright!” Twilight interrupted. ”I had a nightmare! I got frightened of a nightmare!” She screamed annoyed and turned her back to him covering herself with the blanket. ”Yeah, you can laugh now!”

The mare felt so embarrassed. She was scared of a dream like a little filly. She got scared of something what didn’t happen, of something what wasn’t real and was only a creation of her imagination. She was an adult, who was acting like a child. Her guard has come worried something serious happened but all what really happened was a childish fright. She waited for his reaction. But she didn’t hear anything. Only a few slow hoofsteps.

”Am I laughing?” a calm and sweet voise was heared.

Twilight turned around to see him. He no longer was a walking shadow. He was standing next to her bed covered by a silver moonlight. It lightnen his yellow-orange coat, the feathers of his strong wings were shining along with his spikey blue mane. She could see his face clearly. He had a sad expression and his eyes, which seemed to reflect thousands of lights, were locked on her. The stallion gave her a small cute smile. The young alicorn blushed a little.

”Twilight,” the stallion came near and and sat by the bed and said calmly, ”it’s not like I’ve never had a bad dream.”

Twilight lowered her head. ”But you surely didn’t get that frightened...”

”Of course I did.”

The mare looked at him surprised. The pegasus looked away. ”That’s the thing about nightmares. After seeing something scary, hurting or sad you wake up in this darkness and silence all alone. Sometimes you feel like someone would be watching you and you’re even afraid to move.”

The mare didn’t know what to be more surprised about. About the fact that the pony who is a high positioned and brave guard can get frightened of a nightmare or about that what he just said was exactly what she had experianced.

The stallion turned his face to the mare and smiled to her once again and his ears dropped. She smiled back. Her heart finally beated slower but those horrible sights still floated in her mind and couldn’t calm herself down even after this niece talk.

”How... How did you hear me scream anyway?” she then asked curiously. ”I don’t think you can hear anything through those walls so easyly.”

”Oh, um...” the pegasus tried to find an explanation he could give her. He was rolling his eyes all around. ”I guess guard’s instinct.” he lowered his head and blushed a little. ”Yea, the guard’s instinct.” he smiled awkwadly.

the alicorn giggled quietly.

”Is there anything I can do to help...?” he asked

”Like what?” she asked sad.

”I don’t know.” he replied with humorous tone, ”That’s why I’m asking.”

Twilight chuckled again ”Well, I don’t think so. I guess I just need to think about something niece and try to fall asleep again.”

The stallion nodded. He then raised and began to head towards the door.



Twilight kept looking at him with her mounth halfway opened. ”N... Nothing.”

Flash raised his eyebrow ”Come on... If you started you need to finish it now.” he said teasingly.

The mare hid her muzzle into the pillow. ”No. Really, never mind.”

”Are you sure?”

She didn’t answer. Just hid her head deeper into the pillows.

Flash decided to take that as a ”Yes”. He began to walk towards the door again. But then he stopped again as she spoke up.

”C... could you...” she couldn’t get the words out of of her. The stallion just waited for her to finish the sentance, didn’t interrupt. ”...lay next to me? For some time?” 

Flash stood motionless surprised.

”I, um... still feel afraid and I... d-don’t want to... be alone again.” she said shyly.

He froze. He felt his heart inside his chest beating like crazy. He was never asked to do such favor. He was never asked to be the one to make all the bad emotions and sights vanish, go away from someone. And now it was the princess... It was Twilight... who asked him to. Twilight. Afraid, scared and frightened she choosed him to be her protector.

He turned his head to the mare. She still had her head hidden. Flash locked his eyes on her. He knew how she feels. How many times he has woken up because of a nightmare? Many times... Flash has been in an exact same situation as Twilight right now many times already but unlike her he has never had a pony who could defeat his nightmares.

The alicorn wasn’t able to raise her head. She felt halfway embarrassed and affraid. Embarrassed because she asked for such a childish thing. Affraid she was of his answer. The only thing she was hearing right then was silence. A silence before a dissaster.

A hoofstep was heared. Then another one and another one. Each one was giving Twilight more fright. Each one created a long echoes in her crystal room. Then the sounds died down. She listened. Again there was that unbearable silence. She knew Flash was standing just next to her bed and she just waited for his next move to happen.

To her surprise she heared something she wasn’t expecting at this point. She heared and felt as the stallion was getting on her bed. At this moment the mare finally plucked up courage and turned herself around to him.

Flash was laying just next to her on the blanket. He was looking at her with those gentle blue eyes and a small charming smile. He did not say anything.
Twilight smiled back and blushed intensly. Fortunatelly it wasn’t much seen due to the darkness. He laid his head by hers. They were looking in each other’s eyes for a short time untill Twilight shyly and yet bravely put her hoof around his. She looked away.

Flash at first surprised quickly smiled agian and said teasingly in a whisper ”Come on, you won’t fall asleep if you don’t close your eyes. You knew that?”

Twilight giggled quietly and brought his hoof to her face. Flash felt like he was about to lose his mind. He wasn’t able to controll his heartbeat. Twilight was litteraly huging his hoof. He felt her warm breath on his skin. He listened as she breaths calmly. For some reason he found that very pleasurefull. He was feeling her, feeling her alive. It all was driving him crazy on the inside but he had to get over it. After all he was here to calm Twilight. If he started to act more nervous he would mess everything up. He closed his eyes.

They opened as soon as he heared the princess’ breathing being fast and nervous. He also heared a small short squeak of hers. He didn’t know if she had another nightmare but felt the need to calm her down again. She was asleep. There was nothing to lose anyway.

He spread his right wing, put it around Twilight and gently brought her a little bit closer. He moved his muzzle near her ear and began to say calming words in a sweet whisper ”Shhhhhh... It’s ok... everything’s alright, don’t fear... shhh, Ok...ok...”

Then he felt her holding his hoof tighter and her breathing became peaceful and slow again. Flash smiled at her. He didn’t really expect to succeed, but was happy he did. He was looking at her as she still has her muzzle hidden under his hoof. He had to admit, Twilight looked really cute this way.

„Should I be going by now... or... ”

He didn’t manage to answer. His eyes closed.


Here I come with my entry ON THE LAST POSSIBLE DAY! Boooooom, surprise!
I didn't actually plan to post it so lately but... My school didn't let me, too much studies!

I've been having this story in my mind for quite a long time, but never really knew what to do with it. This challange was a perfect chance to tell it. That's why I really wanted to post it in time (even though it's midnight at my place when I'm doing so (What am I doing with my life XD)). I promised I would join so here I am!

What you have here is my first (uploaded) fanfic. I know there are probably some mistakes but I tried my best. English isn't my native language so please understand. I don't expect myself to be that amazing writer, I just hope I'm good enough. I reaaaaaally hope you enjoyed this short story. If I had more time (or rather started doing everything earlier) I would make this short-fic better but the deadline came. I thought it doesn't hurt to share what I've cooked up even though it isn't 100% perfect, right?

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic by Hasbro
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he care very most for his princess and he protect her on his duty or not!
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I don't ship Flashlight, but this was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! Absolutely adorable!
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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.:D
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Today I finally had time to read and comment.

GIRL, first of all, I'm surprised it's your first story. As far as I'm concerned, I think you have a very good notion of what narration is. And while I could give you a couple of tips that would be helpful, I think that in general this is pretty good, especially when English is not your mother tongue.

Well, I'll start by saying that I really like how you see Flash. He feels like someone serious, firm, but he keeps his emotions inside, those feelings are definitely not allowed to come to light because "they are not correct". I felt him in this way, I don't know if that was the idea you wanted to convey. Anyway, I love how he tries not to get nervous because maybe that to ruin the moment. Everything very cute! I also liked the attitude of Princess Twilight, all nervous and shy about a nightmare, very sure that someone like Flash would take that as nonsense.

I like the turn of the conversation, as in the end Flash accompanies her, comforts her.

Now, in terms of the advice I can give you, as English is not my mother tongue either, I can't tell you exactly about the use of words or anything so technical, but I can mention a couple of things in general with the narration. Here you did a very good work and I see that you have great potential to narrate that fanfic you have planned. I feel that you are capable of transmitting a good story. What I advise you to narrate is that, first, since you are writing in English I guess it never hurts to expand the language with more appropriate words, to avoid feeling frustrated when you feel that you are not transmitting what you want (I feel this a lot, but you know, I write in Spanish xD). The other thing, I like how you describe emotions, that's very important! In a story it is more important what the characters think, why they make those decisions and how they feel about conflicts before describing scenarios. The scenarios are also important, but never how to know what our protagonists feel. It's just like what you've done here! Although in a longer story, these narrations of emotions will become longer.

Sooo, excellent decision when using the third person! It's a very easy way to narrate from one character to another, here you were very good at telling how Flash and Twilight felt.

Another little thing, I think you have a good dialogue, keep it that way! A couple of years ago I discovered that dialogue is a tool that is used for the story to advance, to give support to the narrative. So then the dialogue must be important to convey in the story 1) feelings. 2) transitions of emotions (example, here Flash tries to be sweeter, so we went from a scene of scared Twilight to something a little sweeter by the answers of Flash). 3) Give information (should never be too loaded, because the reader may feel overwhelmed with so many words). 4) Advance the story (it's like all the previous points together). So the dialogue should never be seen as "stuffed". That's why it amazes me how you've handled it here!

You have delivered something beautiful, fantastic! I love history very much, I love fanart, I'm glad to see how hard you've worked for this! Anie, you have a lot of talent and you have a lot of potential for writing. I hope to read some day that story you have planned! With what I just read, it sure will be beautiful.
NightPaint12's avatar
Geez Angy, that's I think the longest comment I've ever seen!XD

Anyway, thank you for all the niece words and tips! Really.
I know how important it is to use synonyms and have my language expanded. I guess it's good to have a dictionary nearby.:D 

And the way you saw Flash here is actually what I had in mind! Guards are not supposed to get emotional as they need to focus on their tasks and never get distracted. That's why he needs to hide his emotions and he's good at it. Although there is one pony with whom he's willing to share them.Meow :3

Thank you for both; loving the fanart and the story! And also for believing in me! It really means a lot.Hug

Stay awesome!
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shouldn't twilight be the same height and length as flash?

cute art.
NightPaint12's avatar

I draw stallions taller than mares. Also, in this picture Twilight is laying bent while Flash erect, which makes him look "longer".
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Very nice and cute story ^^
schorpioen007's avatar
You're welcome ^^
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Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I think Flash's marefriend looks quite...twiny. *Laughs triumphantly*
awwwwww, *looking at drink disappear*
NightPaint12's avatar
Haha, thank you!:D
Ro994's avatar
Also, thank you for partaking in yet another challenge! I totally understand if it took you a bit longer than usual, it was the same for me :P But don't worry if it was on the very last day xD You were still on time! And your entries are always worth it :meow:
NightPaint12's avatar
*squeeee* Thank you so much! :love: I put a lot of work into it and I'm really happy you liked it!Meow :3  Thank you again!
Ro994's avatar
AWWWWW, SO SWEET! I loved both the fic and the drawing. You did amazing on both of them <3
Also, don't worry about the mistakes. We all make them xD It was still super cute and enjoyable :3
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Love the composition.
Darthsylar12's avatar
So wonderful. It’s sweet that Flash would do this to make her feel better. Flustered and embarrassed Twilight is cute. Almost as cute as this amazing picture NightPaint12 it’s just simply lovely.
NightPaint12's avatar
Thaaaaaank you!Love Your comment really made me happy! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.:D (Big Grin) 
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