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Hey everyone~ Firstly, Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a good time and still are!

Secondly, I'm really sorry about my inactivity here. I just can't seem to get used to this new DA. I'll still upload arts and my commissions are still open, other than that, even with giving the new DA a chance. I just can't get used to it.

I still check my messages and fave when I can and I do appreciates all the comments I still get even if I don't reply. (So please don't think I'm ignoring you! ;; )

I'm mostly active on my twitter from time to time here;

And I am slowly working on arts still as well as commissions. Soo, sorry ya don't see me much anymore round here :c Much love to you all, take cares~! :hug: :heart:

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Sorry I haven't been very active on here everyone (and apologies for not faving and commenting either) I've just been busy with life and slowly working on arts (including commissions; my apologies for taking so long with them) my motivation with arts has been up and down, but I'm trying. Just wanted to give you all an update to show I am still around, just not as active much here~ Hope ya all doing well~!:hug: :heart:

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2 min read

Been awhile since I've given an update, huh? So what's been going on? Well, lemme split it into sections...

:bulletpurple: Life & DA

I'm still active on DA but, I will admit; not a big fan of eclipse. Like most, I don't like that the customisation for pages has gone. I tried one of the custom widgets but, it was finicky and then somehow shrunk? I dunno myself. I'm not even a core member anymore because I don't see the point. I'll still post art here but, that's it. As for life, well, with all this COVID-19 going on, I've been staying safe (not that I get out much anyways, but still.) Mood has been up and down, things have been busy at home. Overall, just trucking along~

:bulletpurple:Arts & Commissions

Commissions are still Open here on DA, but they are also open in the following places; Discord:



Arts have been slow/up and down. I seem to get a spark of motivation, then it vanishes, then it returns. However, I am still working at my own pace and taking breaks when need be.

:bulletpurple:Other stuff As linked in the above section, I have a ko-fi now, I wanted to give it a try after looking up info on it. You can donate to me or commission me on there~ I've been quite active on twitter lately (mostly retweets but, I do tweet myself now and then) Apart from that, nothing comes to mind... (my mind went blank sorry ;; ) Anywho, hope you're all doing okies m'dears for anyone that's still around on DA since I know quite a few people have been leaving (don't blame them, honestly.) Take cares everyone! :heart:

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Since I see a lot of people doing this, here's where ya can find me;
Tumblr: (I'm quite inactive here but, I'll still link it)
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Today's prompt was to Spread the love by; Creating a journal featuring art by your friends and loved ones!

The dark castle *Commission* by Jam-Graphics  I would have done so already... by Darkest-of-Days <da:thumb id="829708666"/>  S U P E R S T A R by Sparkleee-Sprinkle <da:thumb id="829857409"/>  Unleash your power by RodBMReis  Doctor's transformation! by Mizuki-T-A   Clash of the Alphas by FireballStardraco  +Bonus Oufits+ (Vilterol) by MegiW  There she go by MetalPandora  [BOYSONA] I'm the bad guy DUH by KleinVeer  Unforgettable (Anthro) by PurpleFoxKinz  Tree by Annabella016  clover gathering by SugarJoySpark
Go watch them and give them love, they all deserve it! :heart:

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