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Apologies for not being around on here, but I just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Merry christmas everybody

I know this year has been rough for all of us but the best thing we can do is try to stay safe. Not only for ourselves but for our friends, families and others too. I know life has probably been pretty hard too, we just gotta do our best to stay strong and take care of ourselves. Self love and care may not be easy for some of us but never be too hard on yourself. You're trying and little progress is better than no progress, keep on truckin!

To all of you and your families I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Have fun and enjoy yourselves, all the best for 2022 much love and hugs to you all! :hug: :heart:

P.S. I will be cleaning out my watchlist, so please don't take it personally if I unwatch you. If you've perhaps changed your name and I've not recognised you (plus the fact I haven't been on DA much) then please let me know and I'll rewatch~

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Checking in~

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Hey all, hope you're all doing well~ Sorry I haven't been around here much, but I do pop in now and then. Just to fave and run and save some arts. Comment here and there maybe. You're all still doing wonderful with your arts, keep it up! ♥ I've been working on arts in the background, very slowly. Been having ups and downs but nothing major. I've had both my covid vaccines too~ My commissions are still open here, I just may be slow getting back to you on them~ Annnd my mind's gone blank. Fuck. xD Anywho, take cares everyone, be safe and keep on drawing! Love you all~ ♥

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Hey everyone~ Firstly, Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a good time and still are!

Secondly, I'm really sorry about my inactivity here. I just can't seem to get used to this new DA. I'll still upload arts and my commissions are still open, other than that, even with giving the new DA a chance. I just can't get used to it.

I still check my messages and fave when I can and I do appreciates all the comments I still get even if I don't reply. (So please don't think I'm ignoring you! ;; )

I'm mostly active on my twitter from time to time here;

And I am slowly working on arts still as well as commissions. Soo, sorry ya don't see me much anymore round here :c Much love to you all, take cares~! :hug: :heart:

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Sorry I haven't been very active on here everyone (and apologies for not faving and commenting either) I've just been busy with life and slowly working on arts (including commissions; my apologies for taking so long with them) my motivation with arts has been up and down, but I'm trying. Just wanted to give you all an update to show I am still around, just not as active much here~ Hope ya all doing well~!:hug: :heart:

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Been awhile since I've given an update, huh? So what's been going on? Well, lemme split it into sections...

:bulletpurple: Life & DA

I'm still active on DA but, I will admit; not a big fan of eclipse. Like most, I don't like that the customisation for pages has gone. I tried one of the custom widgets but, it was finicky and then somehow shrunk? I dunno myself. I'm not even a core member anymore because I don't see the point. I'll still post art here but, that's it. As for life, well, with all this COVID-19 going on, I've been staying safe (not that I get out much anyways, but still.) Mood has been up and down, things have been busy at home. Overall, just trucking along~

:bulletpurple:Arts & Commissions

Commissions are still Open here on DA, but they are also open in the following places; Discord:



Arts have been slow/up and down. I seem to get a spark of motivation, then it vanishes, then it returns. However, I am still working at my own pace and taking breaks when need be.

:bulletpurple:Other stuff As linked in the above section, I have a ko-fi now, I wanted to give it a try after looking up info on it. You can donate to me or commission me on there~ I've been quite active on twitter lately (mostly retweets but, I do tweet myself now and then) Apart from that, nothing comes to mind... (my mind went blank sorry ;; ) Anywho, hope you're all doing okies m'dears for anyone that's still around on DA since I know quite a few people have been leaving (don't blame them, honestly.) Take cares everyone! :heart:

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