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Here are the season 2 episode list for TRH 11 Rabbits a Leapin'Intern for the Worse/The Old and the RestlessBaby Steps/Brawl in the FamilySuite and Sour/Back in BlackMaking the Grade/Vantastic VoyagePatching Things Up/Cheater by the DozenLock n' Rabbit/The Whole PictureNo Such Luck/Politoed WildKick the Bucket List/Party DownFed Up/Shell ShockPulp Friction/Pets PeevedPotty Mouth/R is for Rabbit LoveThe Rabbit Mission: Relative ChaosOut of the Picture/Room With a FeudBack Out There/Spell It OutRabbit Fool's Paradise/Job InsecurityARGGH! You For Real?/Garage BannedChange of Heart/Health KickedFuture Tense/Berry Takes AllYes-Rabbit/Friend or Fa
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Here are the season 1 episode list for TRHLeft in the Dark/Get the MessageHeavy Meddle/Making the CaseDriving Miss Bunny/No Guts, No JudyThe Sweet Spot/A Tale of Two TablesProject Rabbit House/In Tents DebateSound of Silence/Space InvaderPicture Perfect/Undie PressureCuddle or Swim/Changing the Baby MouseOvernight Success/Ties That BindHand Me Downer/Sleuth or ConsequencesButterfly Effect/Tigren Takes a BathAlong Came a Bunny Sister/Chore and PeaceFor Bros About to Rock/It's a Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit HousePolitoeds and Tiaras/Two Boys and a Baby MouseCover Bunny Girls/Save the DateAttention Deficit/Out on a LimoHouse Music/A Novel Idea
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Here is what probably happened to how Lopunny, Raichu, the Rabbit Family's pets, and Pichu got the flu in One Flu Over The Rabbit House. Note: This possibility takes place at the same time when Judy Hopps, Berry, Anais and Panini got infected by the flu. [After when Judy Hopps got Berry sick, Judy is now in her bed and Lopunny comes in her room to give her soup] Lopunny: "Now Judy, I made this soup just for you. Drink it and it will help you feel better later on." [Judy then sneezes and her germs files right onto Lopunny] Lopunny: "Judy! Cover your mouth when you..." [Lopunny then gets sick and moans and gets out of Judy's room and saun
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Hi there! So I'm doing a Loud House fanfic called Doom for Royal Woods here.
Doom for Royal WoodsNew Loud House fanfic that I am planing! Also this might be more dramatic than my other Loud House fanfictions.
Everything is always peaceful in Royal Woods especially with the Loud family. Until a disasterious villain named Patch Black came and mind controls Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola to make them his minions and go againts their siblings. Later he turns everything dark and gloomy, mind controls the Loud family's pets as his mini beast guards, and captures the rest of the Loud family along with the McBride and Santiago families. Now Lincoln along with Lori and Clyde must save Royal Woods and return everything back to normal.
So what do you think?
Doom for Royal Woods Teaser Poster by DEEcat98 Doom for Royal Woods Sneak PeakDoom for Royal Woods Sneak Peak
Rita: Ok, ready to take our big family picture together?
Lincoln: WAIT!
Rita: Lincoln, did you really had to shout that loud?
Lincoln: There is a few that we are missing.
Luna: Uh, what do you mean by a few Lincoln?
Lincoln: Look and notice. Where's Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola? (Everyone then begins to notice)
Lynn Sr.: Oh no! Lincoln is right! We're missing a few of the girls!
Leni: That makes four gone!
Lisa: We can't have a family pic with just only nine Louds and four pets!
(Just then Hops comes in as he hops right to the Loud family at the front yard)
Lincoln: Hops? What are you doing here?
(Hops croaks about what is about to happen)
Lincoln: I'm sorry what?
(Hops then puts a patch and does some evil laughing to imitate Patch Black then makes his eyes red and acts like a zombie to imitate when he saw that Lana and Lola got mind controlled so that he can try to tell Lincoln what he saw)
Lincoln: Still don't understand what you are trying to tell us.

What do you think?
Thanks! BTW can you see a Rabbit House version of Doom for Royal Woods?
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all leave before anymore issues
hello nightmuttz i found a character of youres and drew it im not a fan of you but here  ok i found this and drew it by crackedkitten