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The Heart Trapper



The Heart Trapper

Year: 2008
Rated PG-13.

"A dreary life will change... forever..."

Summary: Life couldn't be more boring for Rose Sangria, a mousy librarian living all alone in the big city. Overlooked by men most of her life, it seemed a fairytale come true when a gorgeous man from out of town takes an interest in her.

The next day, ominous letters begin to appear in her mailbox, warning of the deadly Heart Trapper.

Who or what is The Heart Trapper? And what does it have to do with Xavier Le Rouge, her new boyfriend? Little did she know his dazzling smile and hypnotic eyes conceal a deadly secret. When she unwittingly uncovers the truth the night of his marriage proposal it may already be too late...

Cast: Cassandra Hunter as Rose Sangria. The timid and lonely librarian with a heart of gold. All she really wants is someone special to share her love and life with until the day she dies. But only special women get special guys-- or so she always believed.

Raphael Sterling in his first starring role plays the beautiful and sinister Xavier Le Rouge. A Heart Trapper, a dark being that delights in toying with the hearts of mortals, and can live for eternity draining the life from them.

Rex Night as Jasper Morningstar. The Morningstars have always been committed and driven by one thing: Stopping monsters like Xavier. As the last of his clan failure isn't an option.

The Sodaspritzer raves it's "Destined to become a cult classic among monster movie lovers and romance film enthusiasts alike."


For the Seventh Sanctum B movie contest. [link]

Standard stuff here, Painter Oils and Airbrushes.
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You know, if you wrote this, I think you'd have a winner on your hands . . .