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OneShot is out for steam!

It's been out for a month now, but I did not announce it on dA because I forgot, haha....
You can find the game here
The game is about twice as long as the original version, with new areas, new puzzles, new music, new characters, updated graphics, updated music....updated just about everything, really! There are some improvement to the gameplay as well, namely closing the window will not not have any negative effects

You can get it on Steam here!…   
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Today I happened to know this game, bought one and play for the entire afternoon.

I couldn't say other words than amazing, thank you for Niko and all the other creatures in this game.

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one day ill get it,, and probably share it with my friend lMao-
Lenny Face Praise [Emoticon Version] Lenny Face Praise [Emoticon Version] 
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You made that game? I started playing today. ITS AMAZING
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I just got done with my first playthrough and I'm feeling so many things! All of the NPCs were wonderful and the world was wonderful.
All the character art and the painted style and everything, the art in this game was like, woaaahhhh *0*
Gotta say I Absolutely enjoyed the game and how the game made me got attached to Niko. Also love all the drawings made for OneShot on this DA.
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LITTLE CAT MESSIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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: O

I requested a Oneshot Fan Button and this was used as the image!! 
Is that okay? I'll ask them to credit you in the description once they make the Button for me??
hey ,
What is niko's real gender?
Btw your game is fantastic !!!
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I just finished it, i am blown away

i love this game holy pancakes
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I'm not usually big on games, but I have to admit I'm intrigued. Peek a boo  You just have such cool designs..!
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hey, i was wondering 
can i make a discord bot with niko
im just so bORED ;-;
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Picked the game up on Steam about 2/3 days ago, started playing about an hour and a half ago, before letting Niko get some sleep. I'm excited to play again, in the morning :heart: Thanks for much such a nice game, with such an adorable protagonist O3O.
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I recently bought it on Steam! ^^ A friend recommended it to me and it looked cute lol
Loving it so far! Planning to draw some fanart eventually hahah
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I had no idea this game was yours!! Oh my goodness, what an amazingly pleasant surprise! I love it so much, and I've been considering getting the Steam version. :D OneShot is beautiful, and so are you.
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Wait, you made that game?
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Hearing that there is more stuff in it now is a great reason to get it and play it again :D.
Though I'll probably will be waiting for the next sale.
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i'm so sad that I can't afford it

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By far such an underestimated game, but my personal GOTY 2016!
(I'm also on my own "fan tribute" project right now)
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I bought the game and finished it, it was absolutely amazing! So creative and unique! Niko was such a cutie, I think I'm going to replay OneShot many times just for them.
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I bought this on Christmas! I did not know I was watching the person who designed Niko! I have not finished it yet (not even close), but I already love it!
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