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Journey Year 12

Been a while since I did one of these, how is everyone doing?
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Seas look calmer this year.

Doing good. My employers called me back and I start work again this week, hopefully I haven't forgotten everything I learned since I've been gone. Nice to have my job back because it gave me a lot of structure, something to plan my day around.

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This is really neat! I love how you always seem to be able to draw this sort of stuff with a crystalline sort of feel to it, even though the colors themselves are soft. The combination of soft colors with hard edges are cool!

Im doing good, how about you?

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Love these colors!

Been doing alright, considering everything going on. Hope thing's are going well for you!

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This is really nice! I thought you left DA ages ago. am doing great

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i like the water ripples and reflection

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It’s very cute. And I recently just played Oneshot. So thank you for making such a great game!
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