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My Bio
Hi I'm Night!
I draw, sometimes music, always doodle, and uh, write? is it called writing?

I am the artist and co-writer/designer of the games Rip and Oneshot. I also made most but not all of the music in Oneshot. Please give them both a try!

Here is my portfolio

I used to do some OCTing but now I'm mostly just lurk. I was a contestant in EscapeFromNevara, WonderlustOCT, thegamesoct and MissOCPageant and a judge in Ink-OCT and Idrisfall-OCT

I like games such as Yume Nikki and derivatives, Cave Story, Monument Valley, Journey, Hyper Light Drifter (not out yet) I like them because they are pretty and have good atmosphere.


:bulletblue:Tumblr mostly for pictures

:bulletblue: Youtube mostly for music

:bulletblue: Soundcloud exclusively for music

:bulletblue: Twitter

Favourite Visual Artist
Makoto Shinkai, Studio Ghibli, a buncha folks on dA, etc etc
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
selective animes
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kawai Kenji, ZUN, Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi, Onoken, Helios, Koronba
Favourite Books
a few
Favourite Writers
a few
Favourite Games
Avenging Spirit, Yume Nikki and some of its fangames (2kki, .flow, AnsweredPrayers, LcdDem)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
drawin', being a shut-in,musical appretiation, comics

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This taken me out of suprised, you have DA lol. Loved your works and oneshot!! They are sooo great :00

Hi, Nightmargin. I wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of your game, Oneshot. I really enjoyed it, and the characters in it, especially. Stay awesome, because you are worth it. My name is Jaolu.

Wait you're alive?

Hello, Night!

I just wanted to tell you, OneShot drilled a hole in my heart. Not many other games have made the experience of playing them so personal and gut-wrenching (especially since I first played the pre-steam version). I deeply admire you for that, as well as for the stunning artwork the game has. You’re one of my greatest inspirations in terms of game design and art.

I recently found myself analyzing some of the pixel artwork from panoramas and cutscenes in OneShot (looking for ideas for a new big embroidery project). I was wondering, if it wouldn’t be too rude to ask- how did you create them? Did you work with a canvas of set size from the beginning, or did you scale down an artwork made on a bigger canvas and retouched it?

Keep being amazing, and stay determined.

@🌟Kashu_Kayla🌟#0045 here is my contacts

Hi Nightmargin. I wanted to make sure this message gets to you, so I'm going to send it through every contact I can find. I'm subbing to the highest donation tier on Patreon, and I wanted to let you know that your game OneShot has absolutely struck me in my heart.

I played this game when I was in a really bad spot. For months my heart felt cold and unmoving, and I couldn't be interested in any video games or really anything that I did. I have had an inability to cry due to emotional trauma from a lot of difficult things in my life.

I played Oneshot, and when I finally finished, I cried. It felt so relieving to finally cry after such a long time, and I was aboslutely smitten with the characters. I am going to sub to streams, tweets, every media I can find and I wish to support your endeavors. The way you write is astonishing, and has also inspired me to try and make some tunes of my own, which I actually am each day, little by little.

If I could form sountracks, stories, characters, little pixel drawings a fraction of the quality of yours, I would be so happy. I'm trying my best to get through everything and I really want you to know that I am absolutely starstruck. I am specifically waiting until OneShot goes off sale before I purchase it for my other computer, along with the soundtrack and anything else I can.

Thank you for bringing a bit of sunlight into my abyss.

thank you, happy to have helped