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=The Nightmare Tournament 2=

Heya folks, it's been a while! While Nightmare's future is uncertain (and by that I mean I have no idea if there will be a Nightmare Tournament 3), I do know of an OCT that you might want to sink your fangs into in the meantime! You see, there's this lass by the name of :iconthebadpunqueen: who is running an OCT of her very own called :iconthetallesttoweroct:. After reading a reply she left to something I said, I have a good feeling about how this OCT will be run, namely because she isn't all about being strict with deadlines or anything like that. She's been in an OCT that was run by the types of people who make these get-togethers serious business, after all, so she knows what not to do! I encourage you all to visit this OCT page and see if it's anything you'd be interested in.

Once again, it's :iconthetallesttoweroct:.

Your very own,







:iconsavari07: and :iconsanr4:, with the terrifying duo of Psalm, scum of the earth, and Mauria, hopeless victim… The rest of the entries linked in the description~

:iconladyju-san:, with the King of Nightmares and God-fearing pacifist, Destay… The rest of the entries linked in the description~


First of all, I'm sorry these have taken so long. My life has been...tumultuous to say the least. But enough whining, let's get on to the reviews!


Story: 6

Lady, lady, lady. What are you doing here, wasting your talent on an internet tournament like this? How come you aren't writing best-selling novels at this point? Your ability to create the world of Nightmares and all of these characters is one that many many authors can only dream of. It's a true gift, and was expertly used in this entry.

Characterization: 6

As with your previous entries, this one was incredibly full of rich enthralling characters, all of which had distinct personalities. Absolutely marvelous!

Technique: 6

Impeccable work, Ladyju-san. Honestly, your vocabulary and the way you implement it in your entries is remarkable. Well done, again!


Story: 6
I had to stop reading this entry several times, simply because it was way too real. This is not a bad thing at all- it was absolutely brilliant in conception and terrifying in its presentation. Truly a thing of nightmares, and a worthy end to your saga.

Characterization: 6

Wonderful, wonderful portrayal of Destay. Spot-on characterization of EVERYONE (and WHOO BOY, you had a lot of new characters to take into consideration!). Everyone was brilliantly done, and it was a tremendous pleasure to read. It's still astounding that you put forth the effort to research each character in Destay's entries, and were able to use them so effectively in your work. Nothing AT ALL to complain about here.

Art: 6

I'm not the foremost authority on art, but I honestly really enjoy the art presented here. It was a little sketchy at times, but I think that really works with the instability of the Nightmare realm. A well done compilation that was an astounding end to your story.

I would feel sorry about giving a tie, but I think the other judges' opinions are enough to make a final decision off of. And if I had taken off any points, it would have only been for something INCREDIBLY trivial, and that did not feel right at all. So, in my book, you are both winners. There's no way I could justly take points from either of you! You are both brilliant, and equally deserve to win in my book. Unfortunately, my book is not the only one that matters, so let's see what the other judges think!

The Point Goes to: :iconladyju-san: and :iconsavari07:!


Final Round Judgements


Allow me to start off by saying how utterly impressed I've been with your work throughout this tournament. I've seen Mauria make such a transformation, it's unbelievable, and Psalm become...well...scarier than how he started XD. Your art has also made a good deal of progress, and your story kept me wanting to see more.

Story: 6
As far as story goes, I felt pulled in. I loved how you strung the events going on with the other characters, and how it made sense to me. While there are a few things I didn't get, overall the development with Mauria and Psalm felt real.

Characterization: 6
In this department I felt you were spot on. I really enjoyed seeing the interactions of some of the other characters, such as Jo and Newt. What really impresses me is that you managed to include nearly everyone's character. I would say in this department there's not much you could change.

Art: 5
Looking at your art from the beginning of the tournament and now, I'd say you've made a good deal of improvement. I like your attention to detail, and anatomy is something I do like to pay attention to. Your coloring is a pleasure to look at. At the very end, I found the fire effect with Nightmare astonishing, and even more pleased at the transition after that (I'm a sucker for sparklies).

To say that your writing is great is an understatement. It's nothing less of art. It's not often that I come across a written entry that gets my attention, but yours's just awesome. Your writings are like poetry, and so descriptive I could almost imagine each scene. Between you and your opponent, it's hard to see a clear victor.

Story: 6
Like I've said in my summery, you're story was sheer poetry (forgive me if I continually repeat myself), with crisp clear detail of everything going on. I enjoy reading about Destay's constant development, and the transitions he makes.

Characterization: 6
I have to say, you're really good with nailing the characters dead on. It's impressive how well you seem to understand them and how they react to one another. Again, I don't see much here that you could change, man

Art: 6
Now, one of my biggest things that I look for in a person's entry is grammar. It's something I find to be very important in making an entry not only convey it's story properly, but look good and decent. Here, I can find nothing to complain about. Your sentence structures are a rare treat to read, and have just about no grammatical mistakes at all

The point goes to: :iconladyju-san:!


Savari's entry seemed to be trying to fit the Dante's Inferno mold/feel too much. It did make sense, but it seemed a bit of a… cop-out. The story was good, but you were just twisting to fit the mold. It didn’t have the oomph or power of previous rounds, I felt. The end redeemed some of it. I definitely wasn’t expecting THAT to happen (people who haven’t read it: Go read it now!), but it was just a strong ending to a so-so storyline.
Lady’s entry was solid and the plot original. There’s not much to say other than that I am impressed.
S: 5/6
L: 6/6

I had no qualms with either contestants’ characterization. It still impresses me how Lady-ju can write so many characters. @_@ Savari’s work is also impressive in how she manages to get to know the character so well that she can just twist their mind and views to fit the story (ie: Destay). Gah, so psychological!
S: 6/6
L: 6/6

Perfect grammar on Ladyju-san’s part, and wonderful drawings from Savari. Not much else to say here either.
S: 6/6
L: 6/6

S: 17/18
L: 18/18 : WINNER!

The point goes to: :iconladyju-san:!


HERE WE GO (these are from a 1-6 scale right? I'm going by that). A bit quick because of graduation shenanigans, but I mostly explained why I took points off this time since the two contestants did so well in almost all categories.

Story: 5
I don't think this was your strongest entry, story-wise. I was fine with how everything was going until the end, where Mauria is revealed to be pregnant. It wasn't so much the fact that she was pregnant that bothered me (I mean really, it should be expected with how many times she's been raped), but I was completely taken out of the story with her pregnancy defeating Nightmare in one shot. Not only did the situation itself felt a bit too ridiculous (being saved by a fetus?), but it was way too easy to beat the big boss himself, Nightmare. It was a let-down in that regard and too absurd as well.

Characterization: 6
I enjoyed what you did with Destay was an interesting look at his religion, and I think overall all the characters were accurate and well presented.

Art: 6
This is probably the most complete-looking entry from you! All of it is nicely colored, I understand exactly what's going on, the panels pace themselves well, and overall, clear and well presented. Awesome!


Story: 6
Do I really need to say it? Holy shit man, your writing kicks ass. Haven't you gotten like, near perfect scores all the way through? There's a reason for that.

Characterization: 6
Again, you juggle a million characters at once, and still take the time to flesh out and keep accurate to each and every one.

Art: 6
Your grammar is near flawless, and I'm a notorious grammar-nazi when it comes to critiques.

The point goes to: :iconladyju-san:!

This game's winner is.... :iconladyju-san:! Congratulations! You have made it through the hellish world of Nightmare intact, and you have done your best to survive! You conquered the enigmatic Tyrlaphis, overcame each and every one of your foes, and finally triumphed over the wicked Psalm! Now, the final challenge awaits you... the final battle with the Master of his Realm, Nightmare!

:iconladyju-san:, :iconsavari07:, and :iconsanr4: have all proven to us that any artist can truly cultivate their craft if they put effort into making their art truly shine and stand out from the rest! You both have grown so much as artists, and I am personally very proud to have had you both partake in this nightmarish ordeal! Thank you so much for being so patient!

As for the prizes, the prize givers will be notified immediately!

Thank you so much for playing our twisted game!



Tournament Information Index:

1. Story and The Antagonists (Nightmare and Judge NPCs/Minions): nightmaretournament2.deviantar…

2. Area Descriptions: nightmaretournament2.deviantar…

3. Requirements and FAQ: nightmaretournament2.deviantar…

4. Reference Sheets: nightmaretournament2.deviantar…

5. Auditions: nightmaretournament2.deviantar…


The Grand Prize!

Along with developing your artistic and creative abilities, we actually do have a grand prize to fight for!

You get:

a) A final battle comic depicting your character battling Nightmare and escaping his world.
b) A full year subscription to dA!
c) A free commission from :icongenesisnx:!
d) A free commission from :icondustbunny-studios:!
e) A free commission and a 3-month subscription from :iconshadowtoon:!
f) A free full-colored body commission from :iconsmarmygenitals:!

The Runner-Ups Get:

a) A colored bust commission from :iconsecret-heritage:!
b) A free commission from :iconishouldbeworking:!
c) A free colored torso commission from :iconsmarmygenitals:!

A little secret something from :iconmindofgenius:!
Headshot sketches for the final four contestants from :iconsmarmygenitals:!

More Fun Stuff

NightmareTournament chatroom:…


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