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NewShipform2 by NightmareSoulXX NewShipform2 :iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 7 0 Warwizard Amulet by NightmareSoulXX Warwizard Amulet :iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0 FullLayout6p5 by NightmareSoulXX FullLayout6p5 :iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
Too much it flows beyond my sight
Tossing and turning fleeting yet staying
A Moment forgotten a chance realized
flowing and ebbing with each breath
Quiet silences filled with meaning
Yet nothing moves behind the scenes
The light aglow in the mists of the mind
A souls purpose realized
Twins of light and dark
Perpetual paradox eternally fleeting
The Moons gaze frosted upon the darkness
Smoke in the fog
Spoken Whispers driven in the night
A light so blinding it looks like night
Twisted fears and broken mirrors
a life without sorrow
led only for tomorrow
Life so short yet so drawn out
Stepping wrongly in every route
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
TempOneseven by NightmareSoulXX TempOneseven :iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0 Saenaeproductionone by NightmareSoulXX Saenaeproductionone :iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
Blood Fire and Demons
I lite my mind a fire for I've had enough of this Shit the taunts the anger the flowing pain of my life My mind Flows with bursting thoughts  of suicide and homicide .
Blood Pours from my eyes like rives fresh upon new land  .
The devil tells me to act but what's left of my soul tells me no ,
I feel my blood is boiling  in My veins , though My heart cold as stone untouched by love or affection .Fire decimates all it  touches the very essence of life lost to its burn .
Demons take up arms in my mind , a Dragon rips my insides apart the flesh from the bone taking pleasure in my dismay  . A blade through my back my eyes unaware of my nemesis. An Angel to cut my throat and drink of my freshly spilt life , Demons to dismember my soul of its light and love  feelings lost in a moment of rage forever spent . A light of hidden fire is reveled brighter than the sun forcing eyes away to the ever boding darkness  Darkness engulf
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
Hidden Eternaly
Where is it ?
Hidden behind the stars ?
Behind the infinite black veil of Night?
What I desire is right though I shall never find it , for
I am damned with the loss of what I seek.
I look from place to place
From day to night forever in all places
Though I find sight of it in your eyes
Though not the same as I seek
It Grows pale and dim as I shall never find it, that which I seek
Kept from me always and forever So I feel so weak, but
I travel on into  my future so bleek
Looking for what never was and never shall be
Love for me.
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
Needs a Title one
I wish I knew
why you say you will and never do,
why I am left waiting by the phone for a call to never come,
perhaps my time would have been better spent drinking some .
Pain cannot express,
what I feel I should confess.
Our love if true may still pull through,
yet it seems that I mean nothing to you.
I love with all my heart
Yet you seem driven to rip it apart
I will not say I hate you
I will not let my tears fall like our love seems destined to
I cannot stop what I did not start
The continued breaking of my heart
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 1 6
A Door never opened a step never taken
A Love forever lost my heart forsaken
In dreams of time and fears realized
I see no light in my eternal night
Cloudless Nights yet no stars shine
A word said forgotten a touch remembered
A face lost and a kindness sought
Of hearts and hands no faith remains
A whispers screamed in echoes unheard
a fire lite that never burned
All this a life ever wasted
never with purpose or need
Seconds lost never to be reclaimed
a Life remembered and not lived
for the past cannot say good bye
and I cannot say hello to another day
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 3
Changing the world
A feigned dream without a seam
A revolution past
fools unable to scream
To the flames they are cast
A dream betrayed
The Endless nights hail
The Revolutions raid
The Kings fear a forgotten tale
All the heros dead
A tradgedy to avail
The Children without evening bread
The Cause lost
All thier heros are dead
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
So much I want to say
So little I can do
A moment held forever in its sight
Alone with ones madness
The past burns through the mistrust
The pain, and  the lust
It Knows not what I have done
We never had a chance or choice
To see the end before the begining
Twisting in the eternal pain of a moment never seen
Forbidden was our destiny
So it remains unchanged
wishes and dreams
Discarded like all things
Now the past has come again
and so it will all end once again.
Washing ones eyes of the blood dried tears
Holding to our greatest fears
known not of our lives
To walk alone in the shadows of a timeless moment
Time taken from front to back
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 1
My Fault
Alone without love , surrounded in pain
Tears always flowing with no way out
fears always rising with out need
Tortured cries echoing in my soul
pain inflicted by my own hand
tears forced back by my will
sightless eyes seeing all the pain
my soul cannot hold much more
tears and pain fill its whole
images and words recrudescing
over and over again
Till the dam breaks
and my fears are realized
I am killing my soul.
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
Your Mistake to make
You let go of a Friend
Someone who would have been there in the end
You couldn't see past your pride
You couldn't realize your own lies
Sure you're the one who's innocent
Everyone else is to blame
How fucking lame
Open your eyes
All you ever see are lies
Controlled by your fears.
Time to look with open eyes
You claim to be hurt yet where are your tears
Avoid the truth let it die
You gave up before you listened
Along with those friendships you let slip by!
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
The Painful Truth
Ages pass with darkness clear
My Deepest painful ever present fear
Alone in the Light  
shunned in the dark
Nothing lasts in my heart
A light extinguished lessens my sight
Though I go only at Night
I feel my hear leaping away
Frozen and shattered every day
It Fails no matter always to my dismay
I call it nothing and hide its name
from those whom wish to know my shame
my shame comes forth only to smite me
From person to person I see it upon them
Showing their glee and happiness free
though I cannot have it and never shall
I wish for it every moment of the day though my wishes washed away
in tears of sorrow pain and doubt
if only some one could let it out
my pain and loss would leave me be
and I then would feel free.
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 0
The Song of Life
The Songs of a silent mind
Holding to a Passive Pride
Joys that only start
are the echos of a broken heart
Life and pain, the only combination
I can know that brings trepidation
Life lets those whose pain is to great suffer on
A Joyful mistake
Each breath we take
While those who are content grow more so
It is our hearts that suffer
and our skin grows tougher
A soul lost in the moment
as others search for atonement
every second an opportunity
for Kindness in sorrow
before the end of tomorrow
:iconnightmaresoulxx:NightmareSoulXX 0 1


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What I See
A bright and open smile
Hides scars that no one knows
Eyes lit with the vibrance of life
Gloss over the sadness of the past
A gorgeous personality displayed exquisitely
Betrays the lessons that are hard learned
The heart that cares for everyone
Often has no time to bleed for itself
A soul with a boundless generosity
Soon finds that it has nothing left to give
Protectiveness of all things dear
Sometimes leads to the guard needing lowered
The regal bearing of a monarch
Deserving of the trappings of the rank
:icontarosh:Tarosh 1 0
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Todd Antonson
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Sokka
Personal Quote: Death only takes those who look away.


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