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This group is for many things, as long as it's Pokemon Creepypasta! We have some folders, and if you want more folders, we'll add it. Here they are:

:bulletblack:Featured: This folder is a folder. ._.

:bulletblue:Literature: Any creepypasta stories, fanfictions, or even chapters of a story.

:bulletgreen:Creepypasta: Any creepypasta pictures about pokemon.

:bulletorange:Literature to the extreme: This is for literature that may not be sutible for little kids. Post them here!

:bulletpink:HM slaves: Any stories, pictures, or anything else that is about HM slaves.

:bulletpurple:Creepypasta to the extreme: Any creepypasta pictures that are not sutible for little kids.

:bulletwhite: Pictures: it says what it says (only use for those pictures that don't have a story)

:bulletyellow: Pictures to the extreme: Pictures (creepypasta please) that are not for kids (only use for those pictures that don't have a story)

Ps. sorry about joining the group. if you want to join the group, please post it on mine (Vivi3451) or Harmonialoid's page.
Sometimes I'm that absent minded...
but sorry for the 3 deviants that wanted to join months ago.
very sorry

pss. we fixed the adding literature or art, so just add to featured and we will put it in the right folder. :meow:
EDIT AGAIN: I'm tired of entering. Soooo....the winner issss.............



kitkattykomodo with her very tasty pasta!
Great blend of ideas for food. The thought of that feast makes my mouth water, but I'm just weird like that.
So, I've decided what the prize is. A painting of that pasta, to put it simply. That's all I really have to give. 83 since we only got two entries, second place goes to Night-Pride for her delicious ice cream sundae.
No real prize for second so I guess a llama shall do, since it's the only thing I can think of.

THE FIRST CONTEST IS UNDERWAY! The starting point is today (February 17th) and shall end at March 30th unless we don't have very many people joining in, then I'll postpone the end date. Let's not forget, the point of this is to make the group GROW. So get your friends, grab your pencils and pens, and lets start writing. Theme shall be food. Anything food-related. I kinda want to join too, so if I could get another judge, that'd just be great so I can join and judge. Food food food, it shouldn't be hard to come up with a pasta for the topic. As soon as someone makes an entry, send me a note and I'll make a folder (don't kill me vivi, just tryin' to help  the group grow and I know I'm abusing my power).
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Pastapichu Lick Icon by Draycen
Creepypasta to the extreme
I'm on the 7th floor now... by Silvernazo
Slash only wishes to please you Twisted by Silvernazo
Art trade: Decieve the skitty by Silvernazo
EeVEf icon by pkmnfanforever
EeVEf by pkmnfanforever
We Are Dead by Creepypasta81691
We Are Dead (Resized) by Creepypasta81691
Pictures to the extreme

Mature Content

Dratini Shedding Time by Halloween-Jester

Mature Content

True horrors of Mawile by Halloween-Jester

Mature Content

Swirlix's Treat by Halloween-Jester

Mature Content

Diamond in the Rough - CoverArt by Ravyn-Karasu
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PMD: Explorers Of Death V2
These creepypastas were made years ago when I was very young, and they are old, terribly cliché and outdated. I keep them posted only because some people still enjoy reading these, and they remain a fond memory for many. Whether you're reading these for laughs, or because you legitimately like them, I hope you enjoy!
It was one of those normal Friday evenings. My dad and I were at the mall, strolling around and gazing at the vast collection of stores. I was gleefully munching on a frosted cookie I had convinced him to buy for me by saying how much I loved him and I would only ask this one time. I still don't see how he hadn't already caught onto my not-so-hidden pattern.
After several minutes of aimless wandering, I finally found a store that caught my attention. GameStop. I squealed as much as when a little child gets a new puppy. Before even asking for permission, I raced into the store. My father regretfully followed me in.
I ran to and fro, carefully examining every gam
:iconstar-byte:star-byte 555 647
Pokemon The Call of Charon
Okay, so this happened to me almost a week ago or so, give or take. I was on the bus on my way to school, playing my Soul Silver on my DS, when the bus lurched a little at a stop. This wasn't unusual, a lot of the city buses were in disrepair and their engines stalling was common. I only sighed in annoyance at this-until something slid from the back of the bus after its sudden stop, the object coming to a halt by my seat.
It appeared to be an abandoned Pokewalker, to my surprise. I bent down and picked it up to have a closer look, distracting myself with it while the bus driver tried valiantly to restart the engines, all other passengers around me groaning impatiently. Upon closer inspection though, I frowned that the little Pokewalker was fairly scuffed and dirty, but worst yet was the screen on the thing.
The clear plastic covering had been scratched badly, looking as if someone had done it on purpose with keys or something to the point that it would be otherwise near impossible to t
:iconthe-clockwork-crow:The-Clockwork-Crow 715 277

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...Where or what?
An HM slave is a pokemon without any basic moves, only learned HMs. They normally aren't used for battling, they're used for the learned HMs and stuff.
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