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PC: The Romantic VS The Madam

Sirus and Inari having a drink during the festival late at night after Sirus closed his booth.  

This was something I wanted to draw after RPing with Toybox. I didn't add our RP log, because it erred on the mature side and I didn't want to put a mature tag on this drawing. Inari enjoyed poking fun at Sirus inexperience, and Sirus is determined not to get experience until he finds 'The One'. I really enjoyed RP Sirus in their interaction. I hope you enjoyed this picture Toybox! :heart: 

Character Info

:bulletgreen: Sirus belongs to me.
:bulletgreen: Inari belongs to ToyBoxMelody
HL: S.O.S.

Washing ashore on this jungle island holding her Espurr close to her chest. B.B. spent a some time taking in her surroundings. She found a few others with her on the island. After working out what each person should do, B.B. decided she would try to find help or in her case try to flag down anything that looked like a ship. Putting some rock together and waving her hands frantically in the air, she made her eyes and hands glow as brightly as she could. She hoped someone would see them. Creeper her Espurr who sunk on the ship waved with her.  

B.B. Is in her nightgown and has tied her shirt because it's hot and humid. Despite her being stranded on an island she sees the bright side to everything. It may not be the vacation she hoped for, but she is still going to make the most of it. And hopefully some friends along the way.

This background is a bit on the simple side. Considering it's a jungle island, all I had to do was brush in the background. 

Character Info

:bulletgreen: B.B and Creeper belong to Me.
:bulletgreen: Pokemon belong to Nintendo. 
PC: Food Stall with Sirus and Andus

Nightmaresky: "Don't worry about paying for it Andus. It will be my treat. It's the least I can do for scaring you so badly. " Sirus says throwing an arm over Andus shoulders. "I hope we can be really good friends you and I ." Sirus leads him to a small stall near by . It has a line of people leading up to it. and a delicious smell of meat and bread wafted out of it's open window. "This seems like a good place. " Sirus gets into line with Andus and smiles at him encouragement clear on his face. Shortly after they are at the ordering window. The shop sells meat buns that come in a range of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Sirus orders one of everything to the shock of the owner and some of the customers behind them. Sirus just laughs, "I have a large appetite. " Shortly after several bags of food are brought out as Sirus pays for the food. He takes the bags to a near by table and opens them. " Let me know which ones you want. I'll save a few for Aleksandra. Whatever, you don't eat I will. " Sirus grins as he looks over the buns.

Novie: He swallowed while he looked down, getting escorted by the other man, he was a lot more social than himself. And.... to be frank, the company was always a pleasure for Andus. He glanced up towards the taller Tiefling, then back at the arm... How friendly, like the folks back in his village.... He swallowed while he got the whiff of food in the air, saliva sliding down the corner of his mouth while his senses felt heavily overwhelmed. "I...You're too kind.... A...are all Tieflings like you?" He questioned, then narrowed his body to avoid the crowds, he didn't want to be a nuisance after all. His eyes were constantly shifting between the stalls... to the people around the line, creatures of various shapes and sizes surrounded him. He grew nervous from the overwhelming population, his eyes then shifted back to the order that he couldn't even keep track of, only to hear Sirus laugh, was he supposed to laugh too? He did, it was an obligation laugh because he was confused... until seeing the mass of bagged foods... Was that really just for him? Surely there was no way only two people can finish this. Sirus moved a lot faster than himself, the Tiefling stumbled a little onto a table, messily sitting against the seat. " move fast." was the first thing he uddered as he settled, "...I...I don't know.." He says while he wiped his own arm from the drool, ".......Are you going to eat it all?" He questioned him.

Nightmaresky:  Sirus tilted his head to the side and rested elbow on the table so his arm could support his head while he observed Andus. "In answer to your previous question, I find most of the Tieflings I've meet to be very nice people. Several of them can be a shy.... Actually I am the one that usually does most of the talking. " Sirus says this and contemplates something as he pulls two random buns and places them in front of Andus to eat. "Now that I think about it... I am pretty chatty, it must come with the territory since I've been selling dresses for so long." Sirus muses to himself. "Of course I am not going to eat all of them, silly. A couple of these are for you and Aleksandra." He grins as he piles 3 more buns in front of him. Sirus separates 4 buns and puts them in their own bag for Aleksandra. "I am not sure what's good either since I've never eaten here before. But that's part of the adventure. You never know what your going to get. Who know, you might even find your favorite food among them. " Then he starts to dig in one of the bags and pop a random bun into his mouth. He downs the large bun in a few bites. "Hmm... not bad seasoning... could use a bit more garlic. The chicken is nicely cooked..." Sirus reaches for another bun then a thought occurs to him. "I forgot drinks. I will be right back." Sirus quickly rushes from the table going to another stall close by. This one doesn't have a line and shortly after Sirus is coming back with 2 colorful looking drinks. He places one in front of Andus and starts drinking his own. " Don't worry I asked for the non-alcoholic kind. " Sirus grins as he starts to eat several buns at an alarming rate.

I had so much fun RPing this scene with Novie that I had to draw it. I hope you guys enjoy it. If you look closely you can read some of the menu options. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 

Character Info

:bulletgreen: Sirus belongs to me.
:bulletgreen: Andus belongs to Novviebuns 

Thanks for RPing with me Novie! I had a ton of fun RPing the summer festival with your character Andus! Thanks for giving me permission to draw him. I really enjoyed Sirus and Andus interactions. :heart:
HL: Summer Crops

Farming Work: Tomatoes, Onions, Corn, Pumpkin, and Pineapples

It's a warm summer day as you walk on to Sleepy Eye Farm. B.B. turns around to greet you with a bright smile. "Hi there! I'll be done in just a second. Let me finish watering these tomatoes."  Creeper (Espurr) seems to be like a statue as it stares unblinkingly at you. Belome (Hoppip) floats around aimlessly like a balloon drifting in a warm air breeze. Mr.Blossom (Fomantis)  is having fun playing with the large ball cap on his head. Mr.Squiggle (Shuckle) looks at everyone and everything apathetically.

This background took me a few days to complete. I researched how each plant looked and tried to draw each one. I had the idea of putting them in plots because my basic farm has 6 plots. It's kind of hard to tell, but there is an empty plot behind the corn. I also tried to take into consideration where B.B. lived on the island. I finally found some brushes for Clip Studio that are good for painting shrubbery. I hope you guys like it. Making backgrounds is so difficult, but I enjoy seeing my characters in a world I create. 

Link to the brushes I uses:

Character Info

:bulletgreen: B.B., Creeper, Belome, Mr.Blossom, and Mr. Squiggle belong to me.
:bulletgreen: Pokemon belong to Nintendo.


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