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Ignore this if you not an HL member. Since several of us want to get as many tickets as we can to get special items... I am making a list of my art to-do list to keep track of everything. 

B.B. is now a Houndoom!

HL: B.B. Houndoom Totem? by nightmaresky :D
The reason I am closing collabs on the 20th is so that I have enough time to draw the line so the others can color. 

1. GIFT- OutroIntroZoom 
Writing- Yes
Collab- DONE
  HL Cirque - Want a fortune, man? by OutroIntroZoom   HL Cirque - Spikier than usual by OutroIntroZoom  HL: Circus Collab Intro by nightmaresky

2. Collab- PCChamp053  Mime Along game
Writing- Yes

HL: Alolan Cirque Totem! by PCChamp053  HL: Mr. Mime's Mime Along by nightmaresky

3. Collab- Pyracanthii Champ’s Test of Strength
Writing- Yes

  HL :: First Day of the Cirque by Pyracanthii  HL: Champ's Test of Strength by nightmaresky

4. Collab- SpookedHuman Psyduck Pond  
Writing- Yes
HL: Cirque de la Lune (Totem Swap) by SpookedHuman  HL: Psyduck Pond by nightmaresky

5. Collab  Dianamond -Palossand with Elsa
Writing- Yes
HL: Cirque Totems, Elsa and Zoran by Dianamond
6 Collab  Ciress Whack-a-Diglett with Monnie 

7. Collab @
twooost Lark is open to just about anything and síofra is busy brooding and sampling the high adrenaline rides!
Writing- Yes
HL: larkvesta by twooost HL: boom klang the sound of my gears by twooost
8. Art Trade-
[H-L] First Totem Swap! by ReverseAlchemist
9. Collab- Claydol’s Cosmic Wheel
Totem Change by Aqua-Tiger

Characters that a Free to show up in any piece....

HL: Cirque 2019 SableWinnie by Leelu

I am opening a collab for anyone who is in Harvest Lunatone and is interested. Basically I am going to draw up a Tarot card of your character and mine. Then you will do the coloring. If you are interested please note me or comment down below. (Also a link to your character app for reference would be appreciated to keep track of everyone.)

Tarot Card Collab List:

World: Elijah- OutroIntroZoom
Judgement: Raoul - CreativeBomb
Sun: Kaili- Novviebuns
Moon: Mica -  amis-amai
HL: Tarot Moon by nightmaresky
Star: Quinn- Hojitsu
Tower:Jennifer -Icyangel12
Devil: Peggy-  LadyDarkChylde
Temperance: Dao -  Digital-Nightmarre
Death: Anadama - WatermelonMudkip
Hanged Man: Robin- OtaPotato
Justice: Valentina-  Kaliblu
Wheel of Fortune: Kyle- Aqua-Tiger
Hermit: Darius- Pyracanthii 
Tarot Hermit by nightmaresky HL :: Tarot - The Hermit (Collab) by Pyracanthii
Strength: Ana - smootht4lker
Tarot Strength by nightmaresky
Lovers: Elle- SpookedHuman
Hierophant: Calumine -  Rose-Blaze13
Emperor: Winslow - TamarinFrog
Empress: Elsa Moonbright-  Dianamond
HL: The Empress by nightmaresky
High Priestess: Naeva -PCChamp053
HL: The High Priestess by nightmaresky
Magician: Loop- twooost
Fool: Aaron-  FelineBlue80

Other Tarot Cards

Tarot Ace of Crops by nightmaresky

HL: B.B. Eyes by nightmaresky

This journal is the heart tracker for my Art RP Group Harvest Lunatone. If your not a part of that group don't worry about paying attention to this journal. :D

If you're a member of HL and I forgot one of our interactions please message me so I can add it. :heart:

UPDATE: Links should be fixed now.
Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- Heart--- 

B.B's Harvest Lunatone Heart Event Tracker

small heart - black small heart - magenta small heart - blue small heart - lime green small heart - light yellow small heart - light orange small heart - hot pink  Levels of Adoration 
Rainbow Heart [Free to use]  BEST FRIENDS
Floating Heart (Red) - F2U! HUSBAND/WIFE  

HL: Anastacia King Application by smootht4lker small heart - black small heart - magenta small heart - blue small heart - lime green small heart - light yellow small heart - light orange small heart - hot pink Rainbow Heart [Free to use] 
Black Heart Event
Purple Heart Event
Blue Heart Event
Green Heart Event
Yellow Heart Event
Orange Heart Event
Red Heart Event

HL Application  Kyle Reef by Aqua-Tiger small heart - black small heart - magenta small heart - blue small heart - lime green
Black Heart Event
Purple Heart Event
Blue Heart Event
Green Heart Event

HL - 2nd Application - Zackery Duasso by OutroIntroZoom small heart - black small heart - magenta 
Black Heart Event
Purple Heart Event

HL :: App - Nathan by Pyracanthii small heart - black small heart - magenta
Black Heart Event
Purple Heart Event

Harvest Lunatone App: Raoul the Gardevoir by CreativeBomb small heart - black small heart - magenta
Black Heart Event
Purple Heart Event

HL: Naeva Dubois by PCChamp053 small heart - black small heart - magenta
Black Heart Event
Purple Heart Event

[H-L] Vasco App by ReverseAlchemist small heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL :: App - Darius by Pyracanthiismall heart - black
Black Heart Event

HLT - Midas Hale by dizzyrin small heart - black 
Black Heart Event

HL App: Amaranta 'Mara' Soyala by SushiSheik small heart - black
Black Heart Event  

HL - Nwaoma Onwuanaibe by KayVeeDee small heart - black
Black Heart Event

Harvest Lunatone Resident Aplication - PeggyPeggy was a plain young woman, there was nothing overly special about her, she had a chubby build, (“Father did always say never trust a skinny cook!”) semi-long cotton candy colored hair, and magenta eyes. Her features were soft, and when she smiled one couldn’t help but smile too, it was rather infectious, and it reflected in her eyes. She wasn’t that tall either with wide hips and broad shoulders, she had an ample Bosom that at times made things a bit problematic; but she had ways to manage that.
Normally the young woman in question would be found wearing a pair of black pants and a black chef’s coat, with her hair braided back in a tight braid; because normally the young woman could be located within her pride and joy, The Bottomless Pit, a restaurant that served food Buffet style and prided themselves on ‘Legendary Food, Legendary Service’.
When she’s not there she’s usually found wandering the island in a pair of blue-jeans an
 small heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL: Harvest Sprite - Trill by ElfSamasmall heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL: Harvest Sprite - Puck by ElfSamasmall heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL: Harvest Sprite - Ahirst by ElfSamasmall heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL: Harvest Sprite - Peaches by ElfSamasmall heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL: Harvest Sprite - Lulu by ElfSamasmall heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL: Harvest Sprite - Loam by ElfSamasmall heart - black
Black Heart Event

HL: Harvest Sprite - Listel by ElfSamasmall heart - black
Black Heart Event
It's been a very long time since I've been back. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a list of other things. So I will only be on once is a while. I am sorry, but I won't be able to continue any of my old projects. Thank you everyone who has watched me over the years as a grew as an artist. I might post here and there, but for the most part here on I am only going to draw things that I enjoy. I will probably not be around often as well. I wish you all the best! Live a long, healthy and happy life! 

I started another account if your interested in digital dolls.
Forgive the misspelling I didn't realize until it was too late. XD
Hey guys! I am going to be gone from DA for a while. I need some time to get my life together so I might not be updating for a few months.

If you want to stop watching me I completely understand. For those of you who are willing to wait I will be back! I will still show up here and there.
Heck I might post something occasionally, but I make no promises.
I will truly miss some of you guys!

Until we meet again!



Ethereal Artbook is a charity art book I participated in. All proceeds go to the Red Kite charity.

Please check out the original site :…

Several very skilled artist signed up for this book. You have to check them out. :D

About This comic

I believe as artist we can accomplish great things together, yet it seems to be so hard to find others to collaborate with.  I created this comic with the hope to collaborate with other artist and teach those who are interested so we can create an amazing project. If drawing manga/anime isn't your style then please check out my DA group:
( Just because everything is labeled manga does not me we don't accept cartoon/ american style. Atm I don't have an admin that specializes in those areas. )

Sweet Sort of Life is a collaborative Yonkoma (Manga Strip).  Anyone is welcomed to join as a Student or part of the staff. More details on how you can join are down below.


Pages are still being worked on.

Character Reference

SSL Character Reference by nightmaresky
Contest: Intro Camron Liddel(Marina Mango) by SqueekyTheBalletRat

Staff Positions

If your interested in a staff positions we have several that are open. Please see the descriptions below and fine the position(s) that best suit your ability. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. :D

Disclaimer: You will get credit for your work for every page you work on. This does not give you the rights to re-post the pages unless you get nightmaresky permission to do so. By accepting the Staff position you also agree that all of your work submitted is of your own doing. No tracing, copying, or stealing will be tolerated. Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Current Staff OPEN!
Roboi (Does not have a DA account) - Editor
:iconnightmaresky: Ringleader
:iconashleenkogoti: Spanish Translator
:iconmcmxc2: Italian Translator
:iconsqueekytheballetrat: Creator of Marina Mango
:iconeldora-rea: Penning Artist

Language Translators OPEN!

I will send you the written script and all you have to do is translate it in another language.
I cannot verify if you are translating it correctly or not since I do not speak any other languages, so I am just going to have to trust the people who apply.
If your interested just comment what language you would like.

These are the languages that are already taken

Rough Sketch Artist OPEN!

Advanced/ intermediate skill at drawing manga style.
You must be able to scan or digitally draw.
Scanned files must be cleaned of most dust.
Digital files must be submitted as .psd

SSL rough sketch testTheme:
Join Page
Have some characters interacting in the piece.
Any of the characters from the reference sheet will be fine.
Make for areas available where the title and 3 messages can go.
I.E. Have the characters holding up signs. (Not required just an example.)

Sketch Artist OPEN!

Intermediate skill at drawing and penning.
Must have knowledge in Photoshop.
.psd files prefered, but if your a traditional artist we can work with you.

SSL sketch test! by nightmaresky

Penning Artist OPEN!

Advanced/ intermediate skills in digital penning. (Sorry, no traditional penning. It never comes out clean enough.)
Layers must be labeled.
You can pen in whatever program you are comfortable in, but filed must be saved as .psd

SSL pen test by nightmaresky

Flat Coloring Specialist OPEN!

All layers must be labeled!
Group flats by character. (Create a folder for each character then put the layers for that character inside)
Must me saved as .psd

SSL Flat test by nightmaresky

Shading Artist OPEN!

Advanced knowledge in coloring.
Only color Characters! (Background is a separate test)
Layers must stay separated! Just Clip you shading layers and make sure to label them!
File must be saved as .psd

SSL shading test by nightmaresky

Background Artist OPEN!

Advanced / intermediate level in background art.
Layers must be labeled and grouped together!
File must be saved as .psd

SSL background test by nightmaresky

  Typesetting Specialist OPEN!

Intermediate knowledge on Typesetting art!
Group all text layers in labeled folders.
Make sure to keep original text able to edit in the file.
File must be saved as .psd

SSL Typesetting and Effects Test by nightmaresky

Effects Artist OPEN!

Must have knowledge on how to create Effects in Photoshop. (Change the properties of the layers, brush effects, etc.)
You will be told ahead of time what needs an effect.
File must be saved as .psd

SSL Typesetting and Effects Test by nightmaresky

Overall Quality Checker CLOSED!

You must have an overall knowledge of the process from beginning to end.
Not really open to anyone yet. You must be a part of the staff first before this can become open to you.

Rewards for being a Staff member!

For dedicated staff members you will be able to create an OC which will make appearances in the comic.

Level 1 (Helped with 1 strips ) - You create a staff member which will appear on our Character Reference page. Will appear when staff is mentioned in the comic.
Level 2 (Helped with 5 strips ) - Create a fruit character that will be a part of the comic.


Artist / Writers of any level are welcomed! I will be submitting tutorials from the absolute beginning to the very end to help anyone interested in creating their own comics. If you do well enough as a student you can be promoted to staff.

There is no homework or work at the moment, however if you look at the staff positions you'll notice different types of test. Feel free to try out a test and submit them to me. I will critique them for you when I get the time. :D

In the pursuit of Happiness!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 5:32 AM

The Commandment Comic

Fri Sep 16, 2011, 7:18 PM

Yeah, another comic journal. Why another one? Well because I plan to do... ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME! No, just kidding. I have the attention span of a flea when it comes to comics sometimes. So being able to switch between these will keep me working instead of wanting to disappear on a hiatus or give up on the comic all together. This one is going to be my fav for a while since it's Halloween Themed. I might get a few pages in October to celebrate the coming holiday.  Once I am a few pages in on each comic I am going to start having votes to see which comic my readers would like done first. I think that make it a bit more exciting, and it will let me know which group of characters are the most popular. Well that's it for now! Take care! :heart:

UPDATE!!! I FINALLY FIGURED OUT SOME BASICS OF JOURNAL SKINS!! =n=; I still don't know how to change the link colors... So if anyone could help me out with that... That would be nice. But I think the journal came out pretty well! :heart: I'll be doing the others soon enough.


Commandment Character layout by nightmaresky


Coming soon...

Fanart, Commissions, Etc.……

Emily Layfiel .Chibi. by QueenKami AT: nightmaresky by HylianGuardians

Code by Tholia-Art
Art by nightmaresky

Summoning Duo

Thu Sep 15, 2011, 4:12 AM

Just showing off the new journal skin. I hope you like it! :D

Here is the journal that will help keep track of all the Summoning Duo pages.


-For the first chapter

Summoning Duo Character layout by nightmaresky

Chapter 1

-In progress

Summoning Duo Ch 1 Cover by nightmaresky


Old Works and Other Stuff done by me.

Summoning Duo Line art by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Summoning Duo Ch 1 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Summoning Duo Ch 2 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Summoning Duo Ch 3 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Commissioned, Fan art, Etc.

-All art not done by me. :D……

:thumb308139335: Commission: Albinus by lyxven

Code by Tholia-Art
Art by nightmaresky

Circus Knights

Fri Jul 29, 2011, 10:24 AM



Characters for the first chapter
Circus Knights Characters by nightmaresky


Chapter 1 In progress...
Circus Knights Chapter 1 cover by nightmaresky Circus Knights Ch 1 pg 1 by nightmaresky Circus Knights Ch 1 pg 2 by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 1 pg 3 by nightmaresky
Circus Knights Ch 1 pg 4 by nightmaresky Circus Knights Ch 1 pg 5-6 by nightmaresky


Other Stuff done by me.

Circus Knights Cover1 Line art by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 1 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 2 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 3 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 4 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 5 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 6 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky

Mature Content

Circus Knights Ch 7 OLD COMIC by nightmaresky


Pieces I collaborated with another artist!

Commissioned, Fan art, Etc.

Gifts and things I've bought

Code by Tholia-Art
Art by nightmaresky

Free Feature! =w=

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 8:45 AM
A feature for whoever comments.

It all started because :iconroel-chan: featured me in her journal! :D

:iconzue: and :icontatemyuu: Also featured me! =w= Hope you don't mind me just adding you to the list.

You can return the favor if you want to, but I am not requiring you feature me.

:icontatemyuu: ...Reverse moments... by Tatemyuu ...Smile and Die... by Tatemyuu ...You're my Red Lotus... by Tatemyuu

:iconzue: Heart no Kuni Wonderland by Zue Lineart : Ophelia + Jia by Zue Profile : Sun Jun-Yi by Zue

:iconroel-chan: Fantasia - It's my home by Roel-chan Fantasia - Snack Time by Roel-chan Miu - 04 by Roel-chan

:iconroxasxaxel96: Nimino Chibi Gift by RoxasxAxel96 RochiSato Skin by RoxasxAxel96 Chihiro by RoxasxAxel96


:iconyoukomj: Balancing act by YoukoMJ

:iconzakanakai: Miirage by Zakanakai

:iconwuzup3: RG: Kharsis by wuzup3 The Doctor is in... by wuzup3 AoHC entry: Leonus by wuzup3

:icongaktion: Kaori-chan fan art by gaktion Kazuki Minori drawing by gaktion Trilogy Games by gaktion




:iconcaptainhaha: Awesome Autumn COLOURED by CaptainHaha Wandy Sad Rainbow Girl by CaptainHaha BANZI: GroupShot XD by CaptainHaha

Commissions I've purchased update.

Journal Entry: Tue May 17, 2011, 3:31 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Journal Skins: How-To

I just wanted to show you guys the people I've commissioned! I support artist were I can. Feel free to check them out.
:iconwen-m: finally finished Domino! :heart:! Check out his version!

:bulletgreen: PAID $37USD
:star: 2 Artbooks
:bulletred:Never received it. Even after reordering it. ;-;

:bulletgreen: PAID $22USD
:star: Color Sketch 2 characters…

:bulletgreen: PAID $33USD
:star: Tarot deck + insurance
:bulletgreen: Got it! and it's beautiful! :D

:bulletgreen: PAID $22USD
:star: Color Sketch 2 characters

:bulletgreen: PAID $180USD
:star: Full body character

:bulletgreen: PAID $60USD
:star: Book + some special items
:bulletgreen: Got it! and it's beautiful! :D

:bulletgreen: PAID $40USD
:star: Full body character…

:bulletgreen: PAID $42USD
:star: Two character waist up

:bulletgreen: PAID
:star: Gaia Art Book X1
:bulletgreen: Got it! and it's beautiful! :D

:bulletgreen: PAID
:star: WonderWorld Artbook X1
:bulletgreen: Got it! and it's beautiful! :D

:bulletgreen: PAID $10USD
:star: Headshot sketch x2

:bulletgreen: PAID $10USD
:star: Half body cell shaded
:bulletgreen: Commission: nightmaresky by Konett…
:bulletgreen: PAID $16USD
:star: INK
:star: EXTRA :star:  This was not part of the commission. Haiiro just colored it because she had fun with it.
Apple by Emily-Fay

:bulletgreen: PAID! $18USD
:star: Half body + Simple bg
:bulletgreen: Commission: Domino by f-wd

:bulletgreen: Paid For! $20USD
:star: 2 Mini Pixels
:bulletgreen: Commission: Albinus by lyxven Commission: Domino by lyxven

:bulletgreen: Paid For! $32 USD
:star: CG Full figure+Detailed background
:bulletgreen: Nightmare Sky Circus by Rozelque

:bulletgreen: Paid for! $30 USD
:star: 2 Waist up w/ simple background

:bulletgreen: Paid for! $15USD
:star: Premium Chibi

:bulletgreen: Paid for! $20 USD
:star: Chibi line art
:bulletgreen: apple... by sureya domino... by sureya

:bulletred: Commission was cancelled by me!
It took too long and there were
some misunderstandings.
Money was returned.

:bulletgreen: Paid for! $35 USD
:star: Half body with detailed bg
:bulletgreen: A Space in time by lunarmimi

:icontaioshi: N/a
:bulletgreen: Paid for! $20 USD
:star: Chibi front and back.

:bulletgreen: Paid for! $20 USD
:star:Regular Color Pattern bg Fullbody + addtional character

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Brushes by gvalkyrie

Tainted Wonderland: Rue

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 29, 2011, 8:11 AM
This is for the group :icontainted-wonderland:.

TW: Rue old app by nightmaresky TW: Rue 2.0 by nightmaresky

Feel free to RP with Rue here! I'll be posting TW related art work here as well.

Friends Radovan: He's my big brother! I think he's hansom without his mask, but I don't  want anyone else to see his face! Sachi: She's very tough. But she seems like a nice person. :D… Hella: She has HUGE boobies...She is also very nice and can fight well. Noah: He's a big flirt. =_=;…;Clio: Ninja girl. =3=


None yet ;n;

RUE ART Stuff I did or collab

TW: Rue intro meme by nightmaresky TW: Teddy Bear Rue by nightmaresky Tainted Wonderland Sketches by nightmaresky TW: Night children Collab by nightmaresky TW: Rue outfits by nightmaresky TW: School Meme by nightmaresky TW: Intro meme 2 by nightmaresky

Guest ART If you draw a picture of Rue let me know and I'll feature you in my journal XD
TW:Rad Intro Meme by sute-ki

This was a challenge put up a long time ago by one of my clubs :iconmangaacademy: I figured I would give it a try. It's still going so if you guys are interested you should check it out.

1. Magical Girl
Magical Girl Twelve by nightmaresky
2. Mecha
3. Romance
4. Sports; Baseball
5. Horror; ghosts
6. Futuristic
7. Videogame; RPG Style
[ WoW, Final Fantasy, Lunar ]
8. Pet Monster(s)
9. Fairy Tale (Snow White)
10. Mystery; Detective

11. Element; Water
12. High School; photograph(s)
13. Sports; Soccer
14. Catboy; getting caught
15. Horror; zombies
16. Martial Arts
17. Deep Space
18. Angel
[ disgaea, angel sanctuary ]
19. Prince type
[ tamaki from host club; prince from utena ]
20. Videogame; Fighting
[ street fighter ]

21. Element; fire
22. First Kiss (tends to be a big deal in shojo)
23. Fairy Tale; Cinderella
24. Monster Card Game (battle type)
25. Pirate
26. High School; Lunch Hour
27. Sports; Swimming / Swim Team
28. Demon
[ disgaea, angel sanctuary ]
29. Videogame; Dating Sim
30. Sword Fight

31. Magical; Wizard/Witch
32. Horror; Psycho Killer
33. Trippy / Colorful
[ paprika (2006 film) ]
34. Yaoi / Yuri ;P HeHe
35. Cowboy
36. Fairy Tale; Sleeping Beauty
37. High School Girl
38. Love Triangle
39. Fighter Tournament (this is all in interpretation)
40. Ninja

41. Horror; Wandering Spirit
42. Monster Battle
43. Fortune Teller
44. Sports; Racing
45. Another World; Magical
46. Color Based; Blue
47. Magical; Elf
48. Wolves
49. Knight
50. Fairy Tale; Alice in Wonderland
  • Eating: healthy
My illness has become tolerable. So I am back for now. I don't know if I'll be posting any of my projects soon. My eyes are messed up, they can't focus correctly If I do any art it will be a SLOW process. So don't expect anything just yet. It's good to be back tho.
  • Eating: healthy
Now that I have your guys attentions there is a new club called :icondaimanga:  that will advertise your comic as long as you fit the criteria! There is something for everyone, even if you're not a comic/manga artist you can still join! Although the group is bran new and we are still working out the kinks I hope I can see all of you there. Take the time and drop by to see what the club is all about and JOIN!

I am a reviewer for the club, so I'll be critiquing the comics you submit. I hoping there will be more volunteers *stare*

:heart:My Clubs:heart:

:iconclamp-fanclub: :iconanime-artists: :iconanime-manga-artists::iconaphetalia-club::iconboyloveclub::iconcolor-me-club::iconpixel-artists::icontraditional-media: :iconmangaacademy::iconheartnokuninoalice::iconrainbow-brite-love::iconlovelylocks-kingdom::iconmoe-club::iconthechibikingdom::icong-pixel::iconrpg-maker-artists::icondaimanga:
  • Reading: Random stuff
  • Watching: Documentaries
  • Playing: Arcade games
  • Eating: healthy
Well :iconpuppylovesesshomaru: featured me in her journal so I am going to feature her plus 14 more people! You can feature me in your journal if you like, but it not required. Anyone who comments here gets 3 of their works (of my choosing) posted here!

Chibi request are closed!

Requests I've finished:

Future Requests:

APH-Civil by puppylovesesshomaru The Bathing Bear and Wolf by puppylovesesshomaru Treize by puppylovesesshomaru

holy crap neon flower by Mimmz Purple flowers by Mimmz The returning color by Mimmz

The Creator and I by Kuro-D In the Night by Kuro-D:thumb160597534:

AoH: Here, Kitty by PrimroseMoon All I Ever Wanted To Be by PrimroseMoon Death of an Oracle by PrimroseMoon

TNO: Sake Warder RE-VAMP by mopomoko AoH - Lindre Lanette by mopomoko:thumb116644525:

Toys R Us T-Rex by watatsu AOH Toki Pockets by watatsu Winterball Anyone?-AoH by watatsu

AoHC entry: Leonus by wuzup3 How long has it been? by wuzup3 Nobody and Heartless Chaosling by wuzup3


Cartoon Fever by Card-Queen Today, I met amazing friends by Card-Queen Happy Birthday Primrose Moon by Card-Queen


:heart: My Clubs :heart:
:iconclamp-fanclub: :iconanime-artists: :iconanime-manga-artists::iconaphetalia-club::iconboyloveclub::iconcolor-me-club::iconpixel-artists::iconaohc::icontraditional-media: :iconmangaacademy::iconheartnokuninoalice::iconolympianalliance: :iconrainbow-brite-love::iconlovelylocks-kingdom::iconmoe-club::iconkaminary-san-fanclub::iconegg-game::iconthechibikingdom::iconcafe-kare::icong-pixel::iconrpg-maker-artists:
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  • Playing: Harvest moon
  • Drinking: Cranberry juice
Holy @#$@# My account has actually reached over 10,000 views! Well the first 5 people to comment in this journal will get a request from me! You can choose if you want a portrait or a chibi! Also the first person to guess my birthday will also get a request!

That's 6 people who can get a request from me!


For those of you who wanted to know my birthday it's April 10th! The next special request journal will be at 15,000 views!

It might take me a while to finish them tho! Also if your one of those people who got a request last time, you cannot get another request.


Yay i got an white Llama!!!

:heart: Clubs :heart:
:iconclamp-fanclub: :iconanime-artists: :iconanime-manga-artists::iconaphetalia-club::icongimmeyaoi: :iconcolor-me-club::iconpixel-artists::iconaohc::icontraditional-media: :iconmangaacademy::iconheartnokuninoalice::iconcafe-kare::iconolympianalliance: :iconrainbow-brite-love::iconlovelylocks-kingdom::iconmoe-club::iconkaminary-san-fanclub:
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Well let me first start off with a feature. :iconfurubachan: Featured me in her journal so I am featuring her.If you would like me to feature 2 works of yours just let me know in this journal and I'll add you.

.Eyes open wide by furubachan paper dolls by furubachan


Pedo Leonus T_T by wuzup3 Leonus's Revelation by wuzup3

Summer fun by Phantom-Shadow16 Punk love- Kirishi waist pic by Phantom-Shadow16

Llamas trades anyone? If you would like one all you have to do is give me one and I'll give you one back.

Soon my page views will be at 10,000! :iconwthplz: I never thought that I would get anywhere close to the that number. Well after I reach 10,000 views I'll be making another special journal where 5 people will get a free request from me. (To be fair those of you who already got one the last time cannot apply again.)

Also April 10th was my birthday. =_= I didn't want to tell anyone because I am old.

Also Don't forget that my art-rp club :iconaohc: is having a spring festival where even non-members can participate! Don't miss this chance people!!

Okay now to show off the 2 pieces I am actually proud of doing this month.
Aoh: group 1 by nightmaresky Anthro Pokemon 1 by nightmaresky

:heart: And here are some clubs that need some lovin :heart: