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NAME : Sirus Amakos Promise

     NICKNAME(S) :  I don't mind nicknames as long as your a close friend.


AGE :  I like to keep it a secret.

      D.O.B :  October 31

 GENDER :  Male


 HEIGHT :  6”5

 BODY TYPE :  Stalwart


 RACE:  Tiefling

OCCUPATION :  Dressmaker

Alluring Apparel



    ·        I am can instantly measure anyone’s clothing size.

    ·        I am an amazing cook.

    ·        My sewing skills are legendary.

    ·        I can easily lift my body weight.


Personal Information



`+Kind-hearted | +Dedicated | +Loyal | +Protector| -Obsessed | -Dreamer| -Stubborn| -Relentless

    Erstonia has never been kind to Tieflings and that has made Sirus and his siblings tough. His loving and tenacious family taught him to be kind yet relentless in his beliefs. He admires his Tiefling father and following in his footsteps has made him a man with multiple faces. His public face is polite, kind, and understand. He will do anything to make you comfortable and rarely gives in to anger. When anger does take him he is controlled and protective, rarely getting into fights unless he has to. In private he lets his vent some of the emotions he holds inside. He obsesses about things and either creates art, works out, or gets into a sparing match with a friend.



                Sirus's Childhood was hard because of his Tiefling heritage. He is the second oldest son out of 7 brothers. The village they lived in accepted them because of their human mother and the heroic deeds their Tiefling father had done in the name of the town. That did not mean that villagers didn't discriminate against them behind their parents back. They were constantly being blamed for things they did not do and were constantly harassed by other children. His parents were not blind to this fact and trained the children to withstand this treatment. His father would often say, "Give them the sweetest smile no matter what they do to you. Then in the dark when you drive a knife through their backs it will make their shocked faces that much sweeter." Sirus and his brothers learn how to deceive people with their kindness and often got retribution in their own ways when no one was looking. There was only one rule: Never hurt women and children. 

            When Sirus and his brothers started to hit adolescent they started to grow into handsome men. Girls started to take notice and men started to despise them for it. However, the reputation that the family had kept most but the very stupid or brave from messing with them. His father has always been cunning and devious, however despite his darkness he is always dedicated to his wife and family. His father and mother taught him how to treat women and what to look for in a life partner. He often stayed home because he would constantly get into fights with gangs of guys who wanted to fight one of the Promise brothers. Bored he would read his mother's romance books. At first he didn't want to admit it, but he started to enjoy them. So now they are his secret hobby. When he wasn't reading romance books he would help his mother with house chores. Then the last sibling in the family was born, and she became the princess of the family. Everyone spoiled her. One day his little sister wanted a princess dress she saw in a shop, but the shop keeper wouldn't sell to a tiefling. Irritated, he decided he would make a princess dress for her. After several failed attempts he made her a princess dress that she treasures to this day. He became so good at his practice that women started to pay attention to the dresses he was designing in his home. Several started commissioning him for his dresses and shortly after he started to save up money to own his own shop.

    Adult to Now

            He decided it was time for him to move from his home and try his trade in a shop that he owned. After asking his older brother (a trade merchant) to keep an eye out for a good location not too far from home but a cheap location to open his shop, his brother finally found a place. Aequalis seemed like a good place to start his own life away from home and hopefully the drama that his village seem to constantly dig up. With bright eyes and a hopeful out look he hopes to find a place he can call his own. Alluring Apparel is OPEN for business. 

Name: Marshmellow
Creature: Almiraj (Horned Bunny)
Sex: Male

:heart: Making women beautiful.
:heart: Making people smile.

:bulletgreen: Females.
:bulletgreen: Romance Books. (Secret)
:bulletgreen: Children.
:bulletgreen: Pastries.
:bulletgreen: Women's Fashion.
:bulletgreen: Beauty.
:bulletgreen: Tea/ Coffee.
:bulletgreen: Working out.


:bulletred: Bad food.
:bulletred: Badly dressed women.
:bulletred: Messiness.
:bulletred: Dirt on his clothes.
:bulletred: Unhappy women.
:bulletred: Un-gentleman like behavior.

:bulletblack: Anyone Hurting Women or Children.
:bulletblack: Evil people.
:bulletblack: Drama


Additional Information  

  He is a hopeless romantic, but doesn't like to admit it. He is a sucker for a woman or child in need. He keeps a horde of romance books hidden away in a secret room. Enjoys cook for himself and is a bit of a food snob.

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