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HL: Volcano Pie? by nightmaresky HL: Volcano Pie? by nightmaresky


This was my response to Aqua's piece Harvest Festival  . I thought it was too funny, so I continued this mock visual novel game idea. I figured Listel would preferred to be carried instead of walking. I also tried to refer to some of Kyle's winter clothes I've seen on a couple of Aqua's art pieces, but I added a few things of detail in there. I hope you guys like it! Thanks for letting me draw your characters. 

B.B. felt bad for not including Listel in the Harvest Festival (Again, Elf I am sorry for that) so she decided to talk about how they cook the Harvest Pie. about cooking in a volcano happens....Listel likes to play tricks... you can see where this is going. B.B. and Listel go to Cave 2 and run into Kyle.

Feel free to comment below on how you would have responded (If you want to add your character responding you can and I'll write you back with what happened with the choice you made. XD ) 

If you want to see the picture without all the text:  CLICK HERE


Bullet; Green The ART and B.B. belong to me.
Bullet; Green Listel belongs to Captain-Coffee
Bullet; Green Kyle belongs to Aqua-Tiger
Bullet; Green Pokemon belong to Nintendo
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Captain-Coffee Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018  Student General Artist
I love this~ Thanks for including my lil sprite!
nightmaresky Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018
No problem :heart: 
Aqua-Tiger Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018
let's see...
Choice number 3. seems like it would be taken as joke at first but they probably would try it later...
Number 2. would not fit on his personality.
Kyle: That's a great idea, let me help!

tho they most likely gonna fail few times first but will find some way to make it work.
(and after that they will need to make that Ice cream too! X3)
nightmaresky Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018
I rolled a D20 to see how well they accomplish this.... rolled a 14.

B.B.: "YAY! Let's do this!"
B.B. and Kyle do most of the work as they successful cook the pie by putting it near the lava, not on it. It's a little over cooked, but who cares! They made a volcano pie!

Hahah, this was too much fun. Feel free to art trade/ collab with me any time. 
Aqua-Tiger Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018

Great bit Over cooked pie but success~
Kyle: Woo~ Success... shall we eat it? Tho let's go somewhere else first it's bit too hot in here. 
Umm... Do you have Ice cream go with this? 
nightmaresky Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2018
D20 refers to 20 sided dice. It's a tool used in Dungeons and Dragons. When you roll how well you succeed depends on the number you roll. 1-critical epic fail, 2-9 fail, 10-19 success, 20- super epic success. How close you are to a 1 or a 20 depends on your levels of success and failure. The rest is just up to your imagination to role play. I like to roll dice because failure can be as awesome as success depending how you RP it. 

BB: I agree, it's a bit hot in here~ but that was sooo much fun! We should do this again! No ice cream unfortunately... But with this success we could make some. We should start nature cooking... you know cooking with natural elements and weather.

Hahah this was too funny. If you want to continue this story let me know and we can do another art trade or collab. :D
Aqua-Tiger Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018
Already working ooonnn it~
nightmaresky Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018
LOL, Oh goodness... what have we created.
Aqua-Tiger Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018
something great that can't be stopped. X3 
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