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HL: Egg and Evolution (Part2/2)

Part (2/2) For Exeggcute Egg Hatching



 I am going to miss drawing Creeper so... well creepy. Now he is all handsome and cute looking. Mr.Blossom is now a Lurantis which is surprisingly hard to draw. Now Belome has a cute flower on his head. I am going to need to rethink my accessories choices for them in their new forms. I can't help but think how ironic it is that pokemon are born from eggs... when Exeggcutes are a bunch of eggs. Eggs with in eggs.... Hahaha. I had tons of fun drawing all the little faces on their egg like bodies. 

Character Info

:bulletgreen: Bonnie (Beheeyem Girl), Creeper (Meowstic), Belome (Skiploom), Mr.Blossom (Lurantis), Mr. Masks (Exeggcute)
:bulletgreen: Pokemon belong to Nintendo.
HL: Eggs and Evolution (Part1/2)

Part (1/2) For Exeggcute Egg Hatching


This is the last time you guys will see Belome, Creeper, and Mr.Blossom as they are now. I drew them with my picture of B.B. taking care of her Exeggcute egg because I enjoyed seeing them in their first forms. Although I don't have to show them evolving I wanted to. I think it would be weird for them to just show up in their evolved forms with out some sort of transformation drawing. Well I hope you enjoy the two comic pages I drew for this. 

Character Info

:bulletgreen: Bonnie (Beheeyem Girl), Creeper (Espurr), Belome (Hoppip), Mr.Blossom (Fomantis)
:bulletgreen: Pokemon belong to Nintendo.
PC: Species Swap Meme

Original Tiefling Sirus 

I wanted to give this meme a try. I decided to have Sirus species swap with the 6 other main races. I added all of them together in one picture so I didn't spam everyones inboxes with multiple versions of the same meme.  I uses Sirus original color palate for all of alternate species and kept a similar hair style to the original. I hope you enjoy it! And if your a part of PC give the meme a try! It was a ton of fun. :heart: 

Dragon Kin Sirus This one turned out to be one of my favorites. Instead of him being a dress maker I think his profession would be better as a suit tailor. Or a mafia boss, LOL. I really like how his wings and tail turned out. If they open up dragon kin again I might use a similar design for a new character.

Beast Kin Sirus I loved how he turned out! He is so adorable! I am probably going to use this design for another character and just change the hairstyle and color palate around a bit. :heart: I think I loved his feet the most. Or maybe it's his ears... Ack I am gushing I am going to stop. For those of you who know Sirus you'll notice his beast kin form is inspired by his pet Almiraj. 

Orc Sirus He was a bit of a challenge. I mean what would a dress making Orc look like? So I did my best to dress a male Orc fashionably. At least he gave me the ability to practice drawing male chests. ;D Coming up with a good color scheme with Sirus original color palate was a serious challenge. I don't know how many time I redid the colors until I was satisfied. 

Drow Sirus Okay I was REALLY surprised at how much I liked how he turned out. I didn't think I would like the fact that drows had grey skin and light colored hair, but once I worked out what colors I wanted to use he turned how really good. I might steal this outfit to put on Sirus later down the road.

Elf Sirus Urg.... Don't get me started on how many time I redid his coloring. Nothing I did seem to work out right, then I started to question my choice for his outfit. In the end this was the best I could do with his elf self. I hope you like him. I think his legs are a bit stiff, maybe next time I will put him in a different pose. Unfortunately this one is my least favorite out of the bunch. 

Human Sirus Well.... He doesn't look like a dress maker at all. I feel like he would sell casual clothes or leather jackets instead of dresses. He turned out cute in his own way.


Art and characters belong to ME. 

PC Species Swap Meme Belongs to Borealis-Star
HL: Animal Tracker

Creeper: Point 1 , Point 2 , Point 3 , Point 4 , Point 5 , Point 6
There are several more of Creeper as an Espurr. I enjoyed drawing him. :D
Belome: Point 1 , Point 2 , Point 3 , Point 4, Point 5
I love this floating ball of fluff. I am glad I adopted him from an old member. 
Mr. Squiggle: Point 1 , Point 2, Point 3
He looks so cute in a tie. 
Fomantis: Point 1 , Point 2 , Point 3 , Point 4, Point 5
I love him and his ballcaps! I am going to miss his cuteness now that he is evolving. :heart: 

Art Credit

Animal Tracker Template by llimus
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
Pokemon drawn by ME
HL: Summer Harvest (Part 2/2)
Fruit: Banana, Orange, and Peach (Part 2/2)
Flowers: Cactus and Rose (Part 2/2)
Part (1/2): and

Exhausted B.B. sits down and stretches her arms. The last of her summer crops are now harvested, and not a moment too soon.

I am finally finished.... OTL Now on to autumn! I am probably going to take a break from drawing for awhile....

Character Info

Bullet; Green B.B. (Beheeyem Gijinka), Creeper (Espurr), Mr.Blossom (Fomantis), Mr.Squggle (Shuckle), Belome (Hoppip) belong to me.
Bullet; Green Pokemon belongs to Nintendo


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