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Chasing Family
The Road Not Taken
Family Ties

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Ok so one of those 3 is brothers lost for example and we have to figure out which story is which and vote based on our guess? Is that right?
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Pretty much >> It was the best way we could think of to avoid one storyline dominating
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Can u give me a brief description of each? Or point me to one if you've already typed one up. I'd hate to make u type it again.
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It's the first story of the three main AUs we've written, but to keep it fair so no story gets ignored, we've left out which AU they're each from. I can give you the hint I gave on tumblr:

We’ve only ever planned to list the story names, since there’s the chance that one of the AUs gets ignored in favor of the others, but I can at least give you a hint.

Back when the story excerpts started, I put in a hint as to the name of the story that each excerpt is from, and Brothers Lost was the first AU that was featured. You can figure out what the story name is for that story, and any story written afterwards, by reading the tags. Check the link below to read them from the beginning:

Story excerpts

Sadly, I didn’t think of story excerpts until after we wrote Brothers Found and Brothers Adopted.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Brothers Lost, personally, but even we have no idea which story is going to win!