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Well, it's been a long few months over this crazy, snow filled winter. But the contest has come to an end at last! I'd like to thank everyone for joining, your entries were all amazing! :love: This was incredibly hard to decide on. Give 'em all a hand! :clap:

1st Place


Pizza and Hexbags Part 1 (Contest Entry)Author's Note:  Supernatural/GT fanfic.  Contest entry for Nightmares06, more info below.  Enjoy!
They had been in that motel room for three days now.  At first, Oscar thought it was just one guy.  The really tall human that stomped around with a confident swagger.  And who appeared to have more than a few weapons in that huge duffel bag he’d brought in. Oscar had checked it out one time, just to see if the guy kept any snacks in there.
He had looked like just another one of those rugged road-tripper types that came through all the time.
The revelation of the guns and a lot of salt (seriously, the guy was going to have serious blood pressure issues if he actually used that much salt) had been both horrifying and intriguing.  So, in spite of himself, Oscar had gone back to scope out the room a few more times.  That’s when he had seen him.  Another tiny person, just like him.  Though … he was pretty t
    Pizza and Hexbags Part 2Sam waited in the bottom of Dean’s pocket.  He’d gotten used to the general pitch and sway of his brother’s steps, though Dean seemed to be in a hurry.  He walked more briskly than usual from the car to the motel room door.  Sam barely had time to register the sound of the key fumbling into the lock before the door was slammed behind them.  He might have griped about the noise, but Sam knew that Dean would probably just slam the door next time anyway.
The shoebox of Belinda’s old pictures and things made a soft scraping noise when Dean set it on the table.  Sam looked up when Dean’s fingers entered the pocket, and he prepared himself to be lifted out.  But, before the action could be completed, Dean’s hand disappeared abruptly.  Sam could feel his brother’s stance change almost immediately.  Even Dean’s pulse quickened, and Sam knew he was on the hunt.  “What’s wrong, Dean?” h
    Pizza and Hexbags Part 3 (final)Oscar peeked through his fingers and saw some shock fighting for space on Dean’s face.  Before the human could recover from his revelation, Oscar decided to spill the explanation he’d been waiting for a chance to give.  “There were some maids in here earlier that weren’t really maids and they were talking about hexbags and they said you were a hunter and they wanted to boil your blood and they put one of those things behind your bed and I was just in here to get some pizza and I overheard them that’s all I swear please don’t kill me!”  He took a deep breath after all of that, and then some tears leaked out of his brown eyes as his body began to shake again.  Oscar curled up as much as he could with someone suspending him by his shirt like that.
Dean didn’t speak right away, but stuttered a few times as if trying to decide what question he wanted to ask.  Oscar kept his face covered, awaiting the worst.

I think we can all agree, PL1's entry was amazing. It had such a captivating story I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Give her a hand for bringing down the house!

2nd Place


Sam by Gizmo824

This picture is so epically borrower-esque... it's exactly what I think when I think of little Sammy ^^

3rd Place


For Nightmate06, AKA: Presents For SamIt had been two months since Dean was reunited with his brother. Two months of learning how to live with a tiny person. Well to be fair, Sam was also learning how to live with a giant.
Dean knew that Sam took a while to voice what he wanted.
What he needed was a different matter. Sam made sure to remind Dean about food or water, or soap when he needed it. Dean happily supplied his brother with whatever he asked for.
But Dean realized that Sam rarely ever voiced what he wanted but didn’t need. Like he’d ask for food, but not really any specific kind.
Dean knew he had preferences by now, but it took a good amount of coaxing for Sam to admit anything. So when Sam had voiced a want to try a dip that he saw on a commercial a few days ago, who was Dean to say no to him?
They were close enough to the east coast to find the hummus that Sam wanted to try. Dean found a smaller snack version with pretzels in the container to dip it in to. He also picked up a red pepper (because that

The amount of thought in this story makes me want to read it over and over. I even learned a few new tricks myself!

Thank you for all the wonderful entries! Expect another contest to appear this time next year with another trip into Supernatural GT

All prizes will be distributed Sunday, March 22nd. Expect a note from me asking if you want your little sneak peek to be angsty or fluffy. Fic will be viewable through my deviantart Please do not share.


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Omg. Pl really deserves it most. Its so great. =D