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Update: 'nother commish done, it's a miracle 

Quick commission drabbles--

300 words for a $3 ko-fi!

What I will write--

  • G/t 
  • SPN 
  • Non g/t is open as well, message me to find out if I can do it.
  • Any characters from Supernatural! Including but not limited to-- Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, the Ghostfacers, Rufus Turner and so on.
  • Brothers Apart AU related-- naturally these are my babies, and I do love working in all the different AUs. Whether it's canon or not will be up to me.
  • :new: AU scenarios open for interpretation! I am willing to branch off a storyline as many times as y'all come up with ideas! :new:
  • OCs if a full character profile and description is available.
  • For characters from shows other than Supernatural, please message me first. I don't want you wasting your money!

I will do giants, tinies, regular sized! I may be willing to do vore depending on the request. Message me for details. 

And if you don't want a drabble and just want to help me out, please feel free to send on over a coffee!

Ko-fi link here!

What I will NOT write--

NO NSFW. This includes sex, nudity and certain levels of gore/violence. Message me if you have questions about it.
NO child abuse. Message me with questions if you have any.
GTS/crush will likely be turned down.

Longer commissions--

$1 for every hundred words! I am open to write short stories and longer chapters, just send me a message and we can discuss what's available for pricing and ideas for the story!

These can either go through regular paypal or through ko-fi for payment. I will not be accepting DA points at this time, I can't put those towards a car. Thanks!

How to contact me:


1) Tumblr Client-- short story
2) PL1-- short story-- Paid-- 1007/3000 words
3) TorchMLP and smolstiel-- Continuation of size!shifter Sam-- 0/1800 words.

Waiting List--

1) Open

Commission examples:

COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight
COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight 2
COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight 3
COM: Growth Spurt
COM: A Brothers Forgotten Special
COM: Please
COM: What the Hell
COM: Lira Little
COM: Old Scraps
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I've actually thought of another idea, but it's like a sequel to what I commissioned you, so I have to see how that turns out :)