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Update: 'nother commish done, it's a miracle 

Quick commission drabbles--

300 words for a $3 ko-fi!

What I will write--

  • G/t 
  • SPN 
  • Non g/t is open as well, message me to find out if I can do it.
  • Any characters from Supernatural! Including but not limited to-- Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, the Ghostfacers, Rufus Turner and so on.
  • Brothers Apart AU related-- naturally these are my babies, and I do love working in all the different AUs. Whether it's canon or not will be up to me.
  • :new: AU scenarios open for interpretation! I am willing to branch off a storyline as many times as y'all come up with ideas! :new:
  • OCs if a full character profile and description is available.
  • For characters from shows other than Supernatural, please message me first. I don't want you wasting your money!

I will do giants, tinies, regular sized! I may be willing to do vore depending on the request. Message me for details. 

And if you don't want a drabble and just want to help me out, please feel free to send on over a coffee!

Ko-fi link here!

What I will NOT write--

NO NSFW. This includes sex, nudity and certain levels of gore/violence. Message me if you have questions about it.
NO child abuse. Message me with questions if you have any.
GTS/crush will likely be turned down.

Longer commissions--

$1 for every hundred words! I am open to write short stories and longer chapters, just send me a message and we can discuss what's available for pricing and ideas for the story!

These can either go through regular paypal or through ko-fi for payment. I will not be accepting DA points at this time, I can't put those towards a car. Thanks!

How to contact me:


1) Tumblr Client-- short story
2) PL1-- short story-- Paid-- 1007/3000 words
3) TorchMLP and smolstiel-- Continuation of size!shifter Sam-- 0/1800 words.

Waiting List--

1) Open

Commission examples:

COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight
COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight 2
COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight 3
COM: Growth Spurt
COM: A Brothers Forgotten Special
COM: Please
COM: What the Hell
COM: Lira Little
COM: Old Scraps
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I've actually thought of another idea, but it's like a sequel to what I commissioned you, so I have to see how that turns out :)
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XD Oh my. Sounds like fun! I'll be working on yours this week, gotta get the right mood going for it with all the excitement going on.
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For the story, Lira can mention her boyfriend, but don't have her tell the brothers what her boyfriend is, they can just assume he's like her species wise.

I can tell you some of the idea. The brothers are dealing with a jorogumo, but Celeste warned the jorogumo about the brothers hunting her, so the jorogumo(they are only females) gets the jump on them. Sam and Dean and now tied up in spider webs, the jorogumo currently out to get more prey(which is only men, she intends to have Dean later, Celeste telling the jorogumo to leave Sam alive). Lira wants to repay the brothers for helping her before, and because of a pin she discretely put on Dean's jacket, she knew they were in trouble. What better way for Lira to help out the brothers than asking her boyfriend to help.
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I will keep this comment on hand for the future then :love:
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Ok, but admittedly is it possible I could do a collab with you on this? It's like, I have the beginning idea of how this story would go, but not the ending. Basically up to the point where Lira helps frees the brothers and a little dialog on it. If not, then I could give you specifics that I would want in the story and commission the rest. 
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I wouldn't be able to do a collab, but if you wanted to change stuff in the story, that's perfectly fine (within reason, a total rewrite would be out). Or I could write a little at a time and you give direction on what to do next.

Up to you either way!
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pfft, I wouldn't do a total rewrite, but I can tell you exactly a scene I would want to happen. Is that ok? The part before and after is up to you, maybe a little direction on a later part.

Again, I wouldn't know how many words it would be, but I'm sure it would be longer than the first.
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Sure, that's fine! Just send me all the information in a note so I've got it at hand, and any references I should refer to. And it sounds like it might be longer than the first for sure, at least from the gist I'm getting.
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