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Update 5.28.17:

One last entry added and the contest is closed! Stay tuned for the survey to be posted today and results will be announced next Saturday!

Now go add your stuff to the BA group 'cause I can only do ten a day and that's next to nothing >w> 

I'm pretty sure the journal is effing with me at this point XD If anyone's entry vanishes, I swear it wasn't me it was DA.

Also! One last change! Since we've gotten such a huge response, I will add one more price to each contest! You now have three chances to win on tumblr and three chances to win on DA, and one grand prize! I will be choosing two of the prizes for tumblr and two for DA, and the last prize on each will be voted in by poll!

If I missed any entries, poke me and I'll add them. It's been a looooong week.

Also go read this if you enjoy Brothers Lost for some Jacob fun -> A Good Hunter (Supernatural fanfic)

Love the stories? Join the group!

Also, if you're a fan of The Road Not Taken and Brothers Lost, be sure to check out Waking Up Tired! It follows the girl Melanie from The Water's Fine, and what becomes of her after the brothers are long gone from her home.

Hello all followers and fans!

From January 1st, 2017 to May 13th, 2017, there is a contest running for Brothers Apart!

All art mediums are welcome, but the art must be based off of one of the stories within the Brothers Apart Multiverse.

Literature is accepted, so feel free to enter in any story entries you want. The stipulation is if it is a multi-part story, all parts must be up by May 13th.

There are some changes this year in both prizes and rules!


  1. Must be based on the Brothers Apart multiverse. Canon brothers will not be accepted and neither will the stories I have written that are not related to the AUs. (An Ounce of Courage, Reversal of Fate, The Comeback Kid, Afraid, ect…) 
  2. You may create an entry based on one of the various AU’s (Brothers LostBrothers Consulted, ect…) or create your own AU, but if it is canon brothers, it is not Brothers Apart, and therefore not accepted, unless they’re interacting with the BA bros.
  3. This contest is run alongside the same contest on my deviantart profile. You may enter into each contest, but must have two different entries.
  4. Everyone is welcome to enter except for nightmares06, since I will be running the contest. ;) That includes betas and cowriters.
  5. You may include any OC’s from the stories in any artwork or writing or create your own OC’s to interact with them! It’s fun to do!
  6. For the tumblr contest, you may upload your entry to tumblr, or
  7. Please tag BrothersApart in any tumblr entries. If the entry doesn’t get reblogged to brothersapart, I might not have seen it! Let me know.
  8. For or archive of our own entries, please send a message with the location of your entry to so it can be displayed on tumblr.
  9. For the deviantart contest, send a note to nightmares06 with the entry to ensure that it is added to the contest journal. Also provide a link to the contest journal in the information section for the entry. All deviantart entries must be submitted to the deviantart site.
  10. Each entry will be displayed on the Brothers Apart tumblr, and the deviantart entries will also be displayed in the deviantart journal.
  11. If you want to change your entry at any time for either contest, please message me through the BA email or a note on DA.
  12. There will be seven (7!) prizes! Three deviantart prizes, three tumblr prizes and one Grand Prize! If there are any changes to the number of prizes, it will be announced.
  13. Two of the prizes will be decided by a poll, picked by you the readers! I provide the prizes, you pick who gets them!
  • If there are any questions, please ask through the tumblr, deviantart or email!
For information on Brothers Apart visit Masterpost of Stories 2.0 or

Prizes 2017:

As time goes on, the prizes change to match the contest.

This year, the (seven!) winners will all have a choice! They can choose to either read a special snippet of a future story (5-8 chapters of a story; meaning if a shorter one is chosen, you’ll get to read the entire story, if a larger one is picked, only a portion) OR you can choose to receive a copy of the paperbound Brothers Apart! The first seven stories, held in your hand! The stories that set off the entire multiverse series!


So, here’s the rundown of what you’ll win:

  • 1 copy of Brothers Apart: Season 1 OR early access to a future story, to be determined at the end of the contest (choices will be offered depending on what has posted already, and what is written)
  • 2 sneak peeks of future Brothers Apart stories, both angst and cutes.

The Grand Prize winner will also receive a special first-look at the background story of Celeste, and discover where she came from!

The book can ship internationally, so feel free to enter if you are outside of the United States! Just remember that you will have to be comfortable with giving me your mailing address, there is no way around that.

Disclaimer: The winners are not to share the sneak peeks from the stories with anyone not previously approved by nightmares06 and if they do may be banned from BA at night’s discretion.

Cover Picture by: Jessica-Rae-3

Cover Spread by: Obsess-Confess


:iconpl1: PL1

Burgers and Pixie Dust - 1
Burgers and Pixie Dust - 2
Burgers and Pixie Dust - 3
Burgers and Pixie Dust - 4
Burgers and Pixie Dust - 5
Burgers and Pixie Dust - 6
Burgers and Pixie Dust - 7
Burgers and Pixie Dust - 8
Burgers and Pixie Dust - Conclusion

:iconwolfie180g: Wolfie180g

The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 1
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 2
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 3
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 4
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 5
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 6
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 7
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 8
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 9
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 10 part 1
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 10 part 2
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 11
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 12 part 1
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 12 part 2
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 13
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 14
The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 15 Finale

Knights Inn sam and sam by Wolfie180g  Tiny Sam VS Dragon Dean by Wolfie180g

:iconblueshadowartist: BlueShadowArtist

A Midnight Snack

:iconkopelowitz: kopelowitz

<da:thumb id="670354096"/>

:iconjetx43682: Jetx43682

Rain, rain, go away
Rain, rain, go away ~pt2
Rain, rain, go away ~pt3
Rain, rain, go away ~pt4
Rain, rain, go away ~finale

Mature Content

A Cuppa Sam by Jetx43682

:iconsmolstiel: smolstiel (Done with a giant!AU and prior approval)

New Heights - Chapter 1
New Heights - Chapter 2
New Heights - Chapter 3
New Heights - Chapter 4
New Heights - Chapter 5
New Heights - Chapter 6
New Heights - Chapter 7
New Heights - Chapter 8
New Heights - Chapter 9
New Heights - Chapter 10
New Heights - Epilogue

New Heights - Cover and Table of Contents by smolstiel

:iconweeglyfeesh: Weeglyfeesh

If We Don't Talk About It, It Didn't Happen

:icontorchmlp: TorchMLP

If You Give a Crow a Pastry

:iconlaescritora: LaEscritora

Lich Of Sense Triptych by LaEscritora

:iconphoenix-firemage: Phoenix-FireMage

Part Plant by Phoenix-FireMage

Incomplete entries: 

:icongt-kathryn: GT-Kathryn

Artificial Flight | 1 |
Artificial Flight | 2 |
Artificial Flight | 3 |
Artificial Flight | 4 |
Artificial Flight | 5 |
Artificial Flight | 6 |
Artificial Flight | 7 |

This has nothing to do with the contest, but I made a ko-fi page if anyone is able to lend a hand. Any money received will be put straight towards commissions for the stories, relieving a little of the pressure on us when we're writing. If you have a particular AU you want art for, feel free to suggest something in the comments.

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Wolfie180g's avatar
Can you please add the final chapter for my story on the list? Sorry there's so many. Thanks! :) Can't wait to see who wins! All the entries are great and fun to read! I'm glad more people joined in!
nightmares06's avatar
I'll add it once I edit the journal on my computer today!
Wolfie180g's avatar
Cool! Thanks! So when is the voting and whatnot?
nightmares06's avatar
Gonna be starting Sunday, I think. I just have to make sure I've got all the finished stories in the poll.

You should stop by the chat we're running this weekend! I know people mentioned your dragon dean story in it >w> Love for bbys
Wolfie180g's avatar
I don't know what to say. Where is the chat again? I'm having a brain fart and I'm not on my usual computer. I'm on a borrowed tablet now.
nightmares06's avatar
This should let up join, tablet or computer:

People might be offline for sleep right now but it'll be there all weekend, and I'll probably keep it up afterwards
bb258's avatar
Holy shit you're amazing!
bb258's avatar
I'm just verifying, it's for everyone right? Even for the people on fanfiction and on Tumblr right?
nightmares06's avatar
Yep, it's for everyone! There won't be any more extensions, so be sure to let me know when your entry is done!
kopelowitz's avatar
Any chance I can submit two OR replace my current entry?
nightmares06's avatar
If you have a tumblr/ want to submit through fanfiction or archive, it'll go into the tumblr side of the contest (which is severely lacking in entries), or you can replace the one on the deviantart side. I'm very lenient about all that stuff
kopelowitz's avatar
Okay I can make an account or something. We'll see how the new one turns out. My first was a mess cause I attempted to do it on a plane thinking the contest was nearly over.
nightmares06's avatar
No worries! And if you want to submit a new entry and update the da one, you're welcome to do that too! Plenty of time now
kopelowitz's avatar
True. Alright, thanks!
IndigoMasqurade97's avatar
Hey. I LOVE the stories you have made for this AU! Top notch stuff :)
Okay now, I (being the out-of-date sod I am :P) have only just found this contest, and decided I'd like to join in. But I wanted to write a multi-chapter story, and I probably won't have enough time to finish on time. I've already gotten an idea on where to start, but it'll take a while.
I've also never done something like this before, and feel nervous about entering. I also have NO idea how to send a note to you, so that doesn't really help (sucks being relatively new to DA; I don't know how it works :P).
Any tips on how to do this? 
nightmares06's avatar
So excited to hear you want to join the contest!

Once you have each story part posted, just send me a link with a comment, notes can be done from my profile. You can also tag me in the notes for the submission, which you do by writing :dev nightmares06: only take out the space so it works. Don't worry about the time! I'm going to be extending the contest once I've got some time to update things, and it'll run to the end of April. 

Good luck! :hug: We were all new once, don't worry about it!
Wolfie180g's avatar
The Dragon at Knights Inn…

First chapter of my crossover fic :)
This entry is for the Deviant art, the other one, Brothers Transposed is for the tumblr one.
Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of this month! (I mean, I'll finish it regardless, I just want it done in time)
nightmares06's avatar
Ah, yay! I'll check it out tonight!

(This makes me realize I wasn't getting any notifications on your other fic, so I must have been subscribed to dragon!dean on archive and not your actual account. Boy do I have some catching up to do XD I can't believe it)
Wolfie180g's avatar
I've been trying upload once a week, a vauge ending in sight for these, I just hope inspiration will come soon! I keep wanting to go super long but gotta pull it in so there's less rambling. Hella guilty of that!
I hope you like them :)
nightmares06's avatar
Oh I'm loving them XD
Squirtster13's avatar
What does 'canon' mean?
nightmares06's avatar
The Sam and Dean from the television series, with no witch, no curse, nothing that's a part of Brothers Apart. Both full sized bros, no smols to be found.
Squirtster13's avatar
Ooohhh! 😲 Ok now I get this. I was so confused what that meant for so long. 😅
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