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For Science 30

CHAPTER 30: To the Walls Jacob's ears zeroed in on the quiet voice calling up through the muggy air in the car. He leaned forward to look for Sam before making any other moves, glad to find the smaller man a safe distance from his shoes. After his mistake that morning, he was hypervigilant. Right after spotting Sam, his eyes flicked to the bundle of money next to him. It was big enough that Sam would have a hard time wrapping his arms around it, whether or not he could lift it. A willowy sprite like Bowman would have even more trouble. Even with Sam only standing at four inches tall, that amounted to a lot of cash. Holy shit. Sam's loaded. "Uhm. Yeah, that'll probably get it," he sputtered. While he was leaned over, he reached under the console to pull back the panel and repeat his car thieving from the day before. It was probably better not to give Sam a hand up before he started the car. If nothing else, the small hunter had a better view of the wires he needed to use. Once the


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Wallpaper - Fairy Lights

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Spiral of Orbs

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Pink Tones

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An Older Dragon

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Happy Halloween 2019!


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Interference Pattern


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Return to Oz 4

Sam’s mouth hung open, and he didn’t notice. The scenery of the room, pushed to the back of his mind and only glimpsed through peripheral vision to be dismissed as just another motel, came rushing to the fore of his mind. The pictures of knights hanging on the walls and the tacky bedspreads combined with the sight of the grey cloth bag that rested on the little guy’s side, a tattered twin to Sam’s own bag. With a dry swallow, Sam managed to close his mouth for a brief second to compose his thoughts. Of course he remembered. Those days back when he’d first been cursed stood out in his mind more than any others. B


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Planet on the Edge


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