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CHAPTER 2: Stuck

So maybe that kidnapping left a few scars on Sam that no one can see...

Editing help came from GalaxyWitch. She's the best :) 


The Schism of Fire and Water 1A/N: This is the eight part of the Brothers Apart series, and the first story in Season Two. if you want to read the first season, there is a link to my stories below.
After two months spent waiting for Sam's arm to heal, both brothers are getting cabin fever. An unusual string of natural disasters a state over gets them back on the road with a unique case.

It started out as a gentle tone.
Ilyana paused in her massaging of the fire-drake. Noonia yowled at her and nuzzled her hand, trying to get the scritches to start up again. Ilyana pushed down her snout with a smile, promising more to come soon enough. They had been together since before she could remember, and would be together after her end.
Standing, she drifted into the air with a lazy flap of her powerful wings. Where was that sound coming from? She’d never heard anything like it in all her time. Was it… calling to her?
No one else had responded. A few of her sisters were o


The Schism of Fire and Water 3Tension left Sam and Bree when Dean finally entered the reassuring darkness of the room. Although it might be Dean's room right now, they'd both lived in this motel for years on their own time, and coming in was a little bit like coming home for both of them. Even though these days Sam considered Dean and the Impala to be his home more than any place he'd lived, the impression remained. Helping this impression was the fact that Dean had requested ( it might be more accurate to say demanded ) the room where Krissy's family lived, with her and her younger brother Kael and their mother there at the moment, along with Walt, Sean, and all the others Dean had rescued with Sam.
Dean walked through the room and straight to the bathroom. He lowered his hand to the countertop next to the sink, letting Bree and Sam climb off on their own, as best Sam could with his legs still tangled in webbing. While Bree was supporting Sam and helping him get his bearings, Dean turned on the faucet, star

All stories that I have written can be found here:

Masterpost of StoriesSince there are now getting to be too many stories to put them at the bottom of the beginning of each story, I have compiled this master list of all of my Supernatural gt stories. This will be updated every time a story ends. Thanks for visiting!
Recent update: Taken has been updated with all chapters, and Afraid has been added to my list of short stories! The Comeback Kid has also been added up to its latest chapter and there is now a link to my brothers apart tumblr.

Brothers Apart

Season 1

Part 1: Brothers Apart
Chapter 1: Captured



I do not own Sam, Dean or any part of Supernatural. The storyline and all other characters are mine. Please do not repost. :iconsambitchfaceplz:
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Aww, poor Sammy. :hug: First a deadly creepy crawly, and then a PTSD attack. Good thing he has an excellent support system. Also loved the confessional moments between Dean and Bree, by the way. That was so sweet. :)