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CHAPTER 1: Putting the Code in Action

Something ancient is stalking people in town, and now its sights are set on a certain pair of hunters in town. Sam and Dean find more to handle than they ever expected, and an evil that pits them against each other.

Rated mature for implied death!

The brothers are back in town!

But seriously. Over half a year later, and Brothers Apart has returned, featuring everyone's favorite hunters, Sam and Dean! This is going to be a topsy turvy case for the next eight chapters, so buckle your seatbelts and hold on to your hats!

This story was written by yours truly, and I can see a huge difference between my stuff without buddies (so much tenser until I need help toning it down a bit). I'll work on that ;p

So we start off with a little death and a little training. Sounds about right in Supernatural, right?

Please comment!

Note for all who follow the tumblr: This is the story that i had a falling out with my editor over, and the story used to be much different before that falling out. I will release, exclusively on tumblr, the original beginning of the story, before writer's block and many misunderstandings destroyed it. You'll probably see me post it tomorrow-ish.

PL1 is my beautiful beta reader for this seat of your pants fic!

If you're looking to read the series from the beginning, visit Brothers Apart 1!

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I do not own Sam, Dean or any part of Supernatural. The storyline and all other characters is the property ofnightmares06. Please do not repost. :iconsambitchfaceplz:
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So, I'm from West Virginia, this was really neat.