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CHAPTER 1: And So It Begins

Did you know that you and Dean-O are the first humans in over a generation to actually manage to befriend little guys like Sam and Bowman? I mean, sure. Dean had a bit of a leg up there with Sam actually being his brother, but there have been other families in the past split by size like that and they never bothered with each other again.

Of course your life is a game. Everyone’s life is a game. And the name of the game?


Holy shit guys, I can't believe this is posting. Let me know what you think-- we're just getting started! And it starts out so... innocent.


Chapter artwork by MogaDeer :heart:

Leave a comment if you're enjoying! It means more to us than you know :heart:

If you have any questions or ideas about the story, or if you're just curious about what we're up to right now, hit up!

LaEscritora has dared beta this story. Bless her heart and look out for possible rage art. We got some strong reactions from this story!

First rage art XD

Jump down the rabbit hole with us!

Series so far: 

Chasing Family 1
After the Hunt 
Bothering Bowman 1 

First: Here!

Next: Jacob in Wonderland 2

For all Supernatural stories by yours truly, please visit my Masterpost of Stories! If you still want more after that, the story tumblr is always open with fanart and you can ask about anything in the stories and see what we're currently up to! Visit Brothers Apart and give it a follow!

For anyone interested, my wonderful cowriter PL1 has several other collaborative works that she has worked on, along with a few great stories in her gallery. If you're in need of some good gt, give her gallery a check! And she's got all her cowritten stories listed together so they're easy to find: Collaborative Works by PL1


Jacob, Bowman and the Wellwood sprites © PL1

I do not own Sam, Dean or any part of Supernatural. The storyline is the property of PL1 and nightmares06. Please do not repost. 

© 2017 - 2022 nightmares06
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Im currently debating whether its worth it for the adorable cuteness and fluff are worth the nightmares.
Sooooo my question is:
Is there more cuteness then nightmares or is it the other way around? And do you recommend
me to read is considering i only read late at night?