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Dean's room

The motel room Dean found Sam in originally. Sam's entrances are marked. You can see how hard it would have been for him to get out from behind the nightstand without being spotted. Just a quick reference.


I gave the room a much better flow XD rofl, I suck at this stuff. Enjoy my writings, not my doodles
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Wait, what does giving it a better flow mean?
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I changed stuff around so the room makes more sense. For a project I'm working on
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Oh thank god I drew it right!!! Thank you so much you have no idea how much this helps!
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Yeah someone asked for a reference for their picture so I figured I'd draw it out and then decided to post for everyone.

Glad we had the same idea in mind! And I'm glad it helps. (I like Sam's little secret entrances :))
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Looks like a normal motel room to me. ^^
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Minus the secret entrances :eyes:
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Oh I haven't seen those.  NICE =D
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Isn't that the point of secret entrances? 😉
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