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CHAPTER 1: Snack 'n Snatch

In. Out.

Four inch tall Sam Winchester’s family needs food and all he can find is a cracker dropped on the floor in a room with a human.

How hard can it be to grab it before he’s seen and vanish back into the walls?

And, Brothers Found kicks off at last! An alternate version of Brothers Apart where Dean is not the one to find his baby brother in the motel!

This was the first AU we created after we finished A Lich of Sense, and it started out as an experiment in character interactions. What if Sam was found by Jacob? What would Bowman's reaction to humans have been if he'd never met Jacob initially?

It was a little haphazardly written compared to the rest, and the only AU where we skype rp'd the first story, skype rp'd the second story and then went back to rewrite the first story after the second was complete. It'll be quite a ride!

And remember, the horror story comes third in this AU ;)

Comments are always welcome! :heart: 

Chapter artwork done by the wonderful MogaDeer! Her gallery is great if anyone wants to check her out :love:

{com} Cracker by MogaDeer

LaEscritora has deigned to be our beta reader for this fun series :heart:

First: Here!

Next: Chasing Family 2

For all Supernatural stories by yours truly, please visit my Masterpost of Stories! If you still want more after that, the story tumblr is always open with fanart and you can ask about anything in the stories and see what we're currently up to! Visit Brothers Apart and give it a follow!

For anyone interested, my wonderful cowriter PL1 has several other collaborative works that she has worked on, along with a few great stories in her gallery. If you're in need of some good gt, give her gallery a check! And she's got all her cowritten stories listed together so they're easy to find: Collaborative Works by PL1


Jacob Andris and his family © PL1

I do not own Sam, Dean or any part of Supernatural. The storyline is the property of PL1 and nightmares06. Please do not repost. :iconsambitchfaceplz:
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Hmm, I'm sensing a theme. A pattern. How Jacob reacts to finding a smol is fairly similar each time: grab, say "hey, you're okay," and then ask "what are you?" And then not put down for an annoyingly long time. And finally, realization that he's been a huge jerk, and Jacob basically becomes a sad puppy.