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Okay, so this isn't exactly what everyone expected to celebrate the first anniversary of Brothers Apart.

No, this story does not involve Sam or Dean at all.


These two (three) will tie into Brothers Apart in the future.

Garen is the little hero that tried.

Barry is the sweet southern bell.

And Xander is the irascible little ball of rage and angst just waiting to lash out. He also has a phobia of hands.

This story takes place during the events of The Schism of Fire and Water. While Sam and Dean are facing the sprites, Bardolph and Garen are being chased away from their home and families by the relentless pest control.

Barry, Xander and Garen will return! Stay tuned for the conclusion of their story (or the continuation of their story) in Season Three of Brothers Apart: Captives.

So, to celebrate a year of Brothers Apart, I give you all the knowledge that I plan on having another year of the story, another season after what I've already begun, and much angst and sads and hope and fun.

Yes I do plan that many stories ahead. Too many ideas, too little time to write them all down! :la:

Barry and Xander are my absolute darlings. They must be protected. Xander has had a very hard life already. So many years wasted away in captivity. Their longest surviving test subject, in fact.

He knows how to survive.

Now he has to get Barry to survive.

Masterpost of Stories


For anyone interested, there is a picture of these two darlings. By DolphyDolphiana, they are absolutely darling. Barry and his small southern charm and Xander with his salt and pepper aged decorum (despite the fact that he's barely Sam's age, his hair is going grey early from the stress ;w; )

Safe at Last by DolphyDolphiana

Barry, Garen and Xander are all © nightmares06. They are not to be used without permission in any way, shape or form.

© 2015 - 2023 nightmares06
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My heart... It hurts... I can't wait for these three, poor babies to meet Dean and Sam and (hopefully) be saved. ;-; Zomg, this made and ruined my day all at the same time