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“See? What’d I tell ya? It’s perfect.”

Sam frowned, glancing from side to side in the newly-discovered ‘room' they’d taken for themselves in the wall of one of the flats on Baker Street. It was cozy and dark, some scattered beams of light slipping through cracks in the wall. Sam brushed a hand against that wall, peering out into the flat beyond.

None of the humans that called 221B Baker Street their home were around at the moment, leaving the brothers on their own to check things out. And there was plenty to see.

So many rumors dogged this place that they’d nearly heeded their adopted family’s advice and gone elsewhere. But it was so tempting.

For two brothers, raised to make a difference, the last place they’d want to end up at was a dead end, unable to help anyone. Hell, unable to help themselves.

Dean had heard of the Consulting Detective and his doctor of a flatmate, two men who did what they wanted to do-- helping others, whether they saw it that way or not.

It was an irresistible temptation, and once Dean had looked in on the events at the flat, his mind was made up. The chance to hear about cases? Solving murders? Sign him up, he’d take it. Though it might not be hunting monsters with his dad the way he’d thought he’d be doing years back before his curse, it would do.

“I suppose,” Sam said slowly, his voice lowered so any possible humans in the area would never be able to hear him. “It’s not the worst…

Dean almost glowed at the assessment and jumped straight into his excited rambling, already prepared to make his case.

“If you check out over here, the wall’s nice and weak. We’ll be able to make a door just like at our old place. And back here,” Dean gestured, dragging Sam along with him, “there’s a straight shot to the kitchen counter. Whatever else they keep in there, they have to put food in the cabinets eventually, and that means we’ll be able to snitch it.” He waved over his head. “Old walls, plenty of passages and weak spots, lots of clutter in the main flat so anything we take goes unnoticed…”

Dean paused, and looked at Sam. “It’s perfect,” he reiterated hopefully.

Sam’s mouth thinned to a line as he considered it. “What about the ‘experiments?’ " he asked quietly.

Dean’s eyes shot towards the kitchen with a slight wince. They both knew all about Sherlock Holmes and his ‘experiments.’ Far too much. Rumors abounded in the walls about the odd body parts Sherlock kept around, even going so far as to keep them in the fridge or microwave. It was right out of a horror movie, if the man got his hands on any people like that.

“We’re not gonna get caught,” Dean affirmed. “We’re some of the best around, and you know it. With your sense and my knack… we can make this work.”

Sam was caught off guard by the sudden pleading in Dean’s eyes. It wasn’t often that Dean tried turning his own puppy eyes on his younger brother, since they rarely worked so well but this time…

“Sure,” Sam sighed.

What could possibly go wrong?

Timeline: Almost a year before Brothers Consulted begins

A jump in time, since the prompts didn't go past the first few days of the curse (yet! These chapters may not go in order, just as they come to me!). Here we have an unprompted short story I came up with for the moment Dean was trying to get Sam to move into 221B Baker Street. Sam has some reservations, but Dean is done with sitting around in the walls, getting supplies, and surviving day to day. He's found a detective and fully intends to listen in on the cases they solve here, keeping himself busy with new puzzles.

Of course, puzzles are great, but he better remember that a detective lives there, and keep any sign of their living in the flat absent.

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Brothers Consulted is cowritten with Zepheera221b, give her all the love for such a wonderful portrayal of Sherlock and John! Sam and Dean, as always, are done by me.

We do not own Sam, Dean, Sherlock, John or any part of Supernatural or Sherlock Holmes. The storyline and all other characters is the property of nightmares06 and Zepheera221b. Please do not repost. :iconsambitchfaceplz:

PL1 is the beta reader of this AU, and she's doing a great job!
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