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So we can file this under 'Random bursts of inspiration that happen when I watch Supernatural'

This latest episode was so sad and had me almost in tears, and I just couldn't resist writing out a little short story where Dean comes to help Sam while canon Dean gets those victims to safety. He just needed to help his little brother, even though Sam isn't so 'little' anymore, and technically, this Dean is the younger of the two.

Oh, and for anyone who's wondering, the tiny Dean that appears here is one and the same with the Dean from my Brothers Lost story that's coming soon! I just love how he handles being small, and he's probably one of my favorite characters to write. Ever since starting Brothers Asunder I've been going through withdrawals.

If you want to see a peek of what's planned in the future with this tiny, 3.8 inch Dean (Sam is the lucky one. He gets to be a full 4 inches tall), check out the sneak peeks:

First preview

Second preview

Dean is very wary around Sam in this. He's always lived with the thought that hunters would go after people like him, so despite the fact that he knows the man before him is an alternate version of his little brother, he also knows that this Sam is a veteran hunter. There was no way of knowing how Sam would react once he saw Dean up there.

Hope you enjoyed the story! It's a short little one, but I love it so :)

Second Part: A Ghost From the Past (11 x 17) 2

For further reading about tiny!Dean: The Road Not Taken

I do not own Sam, Dean or any part of Supernatural. The storyline is mine. Please do not repost. :iconsambitchfaceplz:
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