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I'm a short, american cosplayer that thinks way too much. I love animals, but I'm allegeric to almost all of them. I swear too much. I'm a speed reader, at 2,000 words per minute. I tend to ignore people because my brain wanders off. I don't sleep unless very heavily drugged, because my mind never seems to shut off.

:heart: video games, writing, reading, oxygen, music, cosplay, serial killers, pyschology, debating, swearing, alice in wonderland, charlie manson, raving, yaoi, yuri, hentai, wigs, screwed up pairings, multiples of 3, south park, TDK, kingdom hearts, aph, death note, darren shan, ellen hopkins, online dictionaries, taking and editing pictures, batteries, mountain dew, erasers, hair dye, duct tape, horror, gore, and macabre.

:skull: emo'sl, book to movie films, miley cyrus and her alter ego, people who won't agrue with me, math, chemistry, homophobes, racists, sexists, inuyasha, sailor moon, grapefruit, pineapples, being sick, big purses, people who put on too much perfume/lotion, empty lighters, slow walkers

Woah, bro.

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Holy shit. I thinkit's officially been like, a year since I've been on here. That shit's crazy. Life has steadied out for me. Married my boyfriend. He's a pretty cool dude. My bearded dragon died. She was really cool too. Nothing much else in my personal life. In all honesty, I can't say I'm missed cosplay too much until coming back on this site. The drama, the competition of it, the goldfish, the theft, the general rudeness of community. Not much to miss. But in scrolling through all of the old pictures, profiles of the artist's I follow, and the comments I've received in my absence, I think I finally do miss it again. I miss the creativ
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An Explaintion

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I've tried to write out this journal a few different times now, but I could never figure out quite how I wanted to put this. As I'm sure every has noticed, it has been a looooong time since I've updated. Anything. A lot has happened in my life in the past year. Due to medical reasons, I had to drop out of college. A lot of drama and pain came out of that decision, and I'm finally starting to put my life back together. I've filed many appeals with my school, and through a long and bloody struggle with them, I've been about to formally withdraw from my classes and transfer to another school. I've had a lot of family issues as well. Obviously
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~anda-chan ( :iconMaru-Light: :iconblAIRbender: :iconYotsubaClover: :iconKitsuneCowgirl: A Way Cave is no place for comfort when your bro's aren't in there trashing your fucking lights. But don't worry about it. Sometimes the gazelles get in there and start fighting the sharks. I leg kick the shit out of that. :| Turtle face.
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dude bro Happy Birthday^^
Have a very happy birthday :)
Is there a chance of you being at AUSA this year?
No, we are saving up for hopefully comic con next year.