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The Panther And The Frog by NightmareMissy The Panther And The Frog :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 4 0 Marvel's Avengers Assemble by NightmareMissy Marvel's Avengers Assemble :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 6 2 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures by NightmareMissy Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 7 8 The Demon King Who Chases After His Wife by NightmareMissy The Demon King Who Chases After His Wife :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 25 0 Another Chinese Threesome by NightmareMissy Another Chinese Threesome :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 12 3 Chinese Girls In Black by NightmareMissy Chinese Girls In Black :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 11 7 The Adventure Of Afanti by NightmareMissy The Adventure Of Afanti :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 17 2 Cornelia Darkmoor by NightmareMissy Cornelia Darkmoor :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 10 0 Psychic Princess by NightmareMissy Psychic Princess :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 17 0 City Ninjas by NightmareMissy City Ninjas :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 10 2 Pirate Of The Seven Storms by NightmareMissy Pirate Of The Seven Storms :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 15 0 Uzamaid by NightmareMissy Uzamaid :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 9 2 Ange by NightmareMissy Ange :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 11 0 Chise by NightmareMissy Chise :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 9 0 Marvel's Jewel by NightmareMissy Marvel's Jewel :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 6 0 Anti-Terrorist Maidens by NightmareMissy Anti-Terrorist Maidens :iconnightmaremissy:NightmareMissy 3 2

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The Panther And The Frog
This is from the same episode as my previous pic, but at a different angle. Apparently, somebody's been watching way too many Disney movies and decided to come up with something that's more on the fantasy side. So we get a blonde dude who wants to tag along with Madam Panther on her quest, but got himself zapped into a frog by a sorceress. While may would freak out at this incident, he seems bone-headed enough to shout "AWESOME!"
Marvel's Avengers Assemble
Season 5 Episode 17

Marvel Studios has been making a number of animated series ever since the Avengers movie in 2012, which include Spider-Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and this one. Apart from that, certain seasons were made as a spin off with events that are in line with the main story. So this season, which is also called Black Panther's Quest, is about the Wakandan king's journey throughout his homeland, especially the jungles and ancient ruins, with some tales from the past.
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures
Season 3 Episode 9

If it weren't for another user, I would still be in the dark about this. Problem is, YouTube is the only place where I can find this, but fortunately, I managed to make this before the copyright agents threw the whole series out the back door (It was not in English when I found them). As you can see, the amount of scenes where she's by herself is pretty little, but oh well. Since I already started, I can't complain at this point.
The Demon King Who Chases After His Wife
邪王追妻 Episodes 12 & 13

Some kind of time travel related series, about a modern day secret agent suddenly becoming the love interest to a handsome lord from the past.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Ever since this new Disney/Pixar movie was advertised, I heard a lot of things about it. For me, it's mostly in a good way. For starters, the movie is set in the Realm Of The Dead, as told in most Mexican folklore, which means you will see many living skeletons. Being Pixar, they're known to make movies with non-human cast (i.e. toys, monsters, fishes, robots, even video game characters) and with a universe beyond our imagination. And I'm sure they'll know how to make use of the skeletons in this. But there's also a touch of Disney, because there'll be a lot of singing and dancing. After all, Disney is famous for movies with lots of music, especially the ones with beautiful princesses. Well this one probably has no princess, but I don't think it will affect the movie any badly. So I'll probably give it a go once all the hype is settled down, and you can check it out if it's released in your region. Just remember, even if you don't like it, badmouthing won't do any good, it only makes you a sourpuss.

Thanks for reading, and always stay positive.


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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday! For your present, here is one one of my favorite characters:
Hiromi Character Sheet by Magnolia-Baillon
deathstroke65 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2019
hi have you read Such a Cute Spy?
NightmareMissy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2019
Meh, not every comic is available where I'm from.
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Have you watch Shoukoku no Altair episode 10?
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I don't think so.
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Got it. The scene is too short.
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Juliefan21 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Has anyone watched the Season 3 finale of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures called "A Dog's Day at Court"? It has Skipper covering her face with a blue bandanna due to a zit on her nose.
NightmareMissy Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2019
I found the series on YouTube, but it may be incomplete.
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