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Mothcat Id by nightMAREgraphics

Name: Jamie, or fuzzypelt999

Rank: C

Stickers/Achievements: None

Mothcats owned:
<da:thumb id="607907674"/>

Bank account: 
3 Copper Flower Token by aquilala  2 Silver Flower Token by aquilala  0 Gold Flower Token by aquilala  
 1 Copper Doubloon by floramisa 1 Silver Doubloon by floramisa 1 Gold Doubloon by floramisa

One gold bell
One coin purse
One honey stick
7 honey drops
Honey4 by floramisa Honey4 by floramisa Honey3 by floramisa Honey3 by floramisa
  Eyepatch by floramisa
how do i center these things
x1 eye patch
x1 spider companion
x1 Olivine
x1 pirate hat
x1 Hermatite Rose
x1 conch shell
x1 unbroken geode 
x1 green shell
x1 purple shell
x1 red coral
x1 pearl
x1 purple jewel
x1 yellow jewel
x1 silver
x1 white silk
x1 googly eyes
x1 flower tile
x1 ship in a bottle
x1 metallic gold dye
x1 swag bag B)
x1 trait change 
Fish - Betta: Red by Mothkitten   Necklace - Puka Shell by Mothkitten   Imitation Trident by Mothkitten    Fish Tank by Mothkitten
1 Red Betta Fish
1 Fish Tank
1 Puka Shell Necklace
1 Imitation Trident

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by reptrion and floramisa
You cannot make your own! 


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