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Maze runner inspired Ych/collab thing [OPEN]



SO uh. This was intended for the last faction brawl but when my partner didn't complete the piece in time I let them know that I was revoking my half to use for what I pleased. Originally intended for 2 tokotas with handlers for both, would be able to do pretty much everything with the exception of stryx, not really a birdy scene if you ask me. But tokotas vayrons horses and other stuffs are up for discussion! 

So idk what I please. This was originally inspired from the maze runner (note, high walls and ivy). I did the structures in Google Sketchup then converted as an image to Gimp 2.0 where I took the lineart and then made this. 

PRICE is $15(for bg) + 7-10 dollars PER CHARACTER (humanoids on a characters back can be 5) about a 2 week turnaround time.
My FULL TERMS OF SERVICE [september 27] as well as Illustration Commission
3858x1800 have PSD

I'm looking for a reliable trade. Would like at least a single character possibly with a handler depending on your quality. 
QUALITY > SPEED. So long as you're willing to keep me updated I'm willing to wait a very reasonable amount of time (like within a couple months tho).
my arpg chars can be seen here:…

Going to pop off to bed will check in the morning

textures used: 
Sand and Dirt by shadowh3 Rock by shadowh3
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