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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 11:36 AM
Just wanted to drop by and wish everyone here a very Happy Christmas :) 

Everyone knows I haven't been as active here as I once used to be but I still drop by on occasion to put some artwork or just to let you know how I've been going. 

I will upload a special Christmas painting I made for my running patreon campaign (which you can find here )

As a final note, many thanks to :iconmegatenshin: for giving me a Core Membership. I'll try my best to make the best out of this :) 

In the meantime, hope you guys have a great Christmas surrounded by the people you love the most. 

Cheers everyone!! 

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Hello everyone, the poor resistants that still have the will to follow me here :) 

It's been a long time, a very long time, been involved in all sorts of shenanigans and projects, been trying to make a living, and failing, and recently I resurrected my patreon. 

So here's a brief presentation on it: 

In an attempt to join my two passions, Art and HEMA, I decided to resurrect my patreon with a fresh new project. 
Painting fencing masters. 
The list is growing strong and canvas prints, posters, etc. will be made available on RedBubble even if you aren't my patron. So you won't miss out entirely. For my patrons I will have other things prepared like wips, status updated on each paintings, process gifs, and even providing some of the core files so you can have more control on how you have them printed, or if you just feel like using them for different purposes. 
All the income will go towards supporting my art to be able to continue delivering artwork and... maybe getting my first steel sword!
For prints, posters and other goodies, you can check my redbubble page:… 
If for some reason you can't (or won't) support my artwork, feel free to follow me here to stay up to date:…

So that's that, hope I can count on some of your support there, and of course commissions are still open as usual :) 

Cheers everyone, and I'll be in touch always, if not here, then on facebook here [link]
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So first thing's first! Happy New Year everyone :D may it bring you whatever you desire. 

Comissions are still open if you feel like supporting a fellow artist. 
In an attempt to further promote my work here are several pages where you can follow me.


Cheers for now 

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As of today my Patreon page is up. I will begin posting updates on Hubris and it's artwork there as way to try and get the support of the community to get this project finally going strong. 

Two books are finished, third and fourth ones are in the beginning and I am also translating the first one from Portuguese to English. 

Also, regarding the artwork, I have been getting some artwork done, but not much as I still am working on my master thesis and I have to do some work on the side to help me pay some bills. I hope this changes soon all thanks to you. 

Patreon page link, help spread the word or help support the art.…

One big thank you to all my watchers here who have been facing my work non-stop. Can't thank you enough and can only apologize for the lack of activity here, but as you know things have their ups and downs ;) 

Cheers guys. 

p.s. commissions for bigger and smaller work are also opened, I never closed them eheh. 
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As the title says, I have a few time to spare to open up comissions in-between writing my dissertation, need to keep some of the muscles up. 
I'm also opening these because recently I've started having some financial difficulties, so in hopes to help me relieve those i'm opening these up hoping some will take them ;)

These will be mainly for digital character sketches around 10€-20€ just send me a note and we'll talk ;)

Cheers guys
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It has been hard coming back here with new work since I stopped uploading here traditional pieces. 

However I do have been working digitally and am also starting to feel these journal, that are merely informative rather than bringing something new to the community aren't worth the trouble of writing them. Nevertheless for those of you who have always followed my work and continue to do so as well as my artistic and professional life here's the scoop for the past months. 

So I started teaching my second course again with Statue Drawing in the most academic way possible. 
Started locking more designs for the characters of Hubris whilst staring to do oil paintings. 
On a lesser extent but not on a lighter note, I am also a member of the college council. And with each step, my academic and teaching career begins to take shape. 
My oil paintings for now are mere exercises, focusing on colour mainly. And I plan to work with oils on the most classical way possible. 
I am planning, however to do more landscape and architectural paintings and speedpaintings to have more portfolio and to better illustrate Hubris, which has become my main focal point artistic wise. 

Once again this is just an update, and hopefully I will get back to the community with more artwork. 

cheers ; )
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Hey guys

Just wanted to deliver some good news. 

First of all, I do have one bad one, just a small note that two weeks ago I had a cornea lesion but it's all healed now. 
Secondly, it's with great pleasure that I announce the opening of the second course in Statue Drawing I will be doing in the Faculty of Fine-Arts of Lisbon. I like to consider this another great step in my academic life, let's hope I have students to open it, and that they share the same enthusiasm the first ones did. 

Third and final, I wish to leave you with the link to my youtube channel where I recently started uploading videos of me drawing. 

Subscribe y'all ;)

This is my second video, my girlfriend makes the edit, i'm just the guy that draws. 

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I yet walk among the living ahah. 

I know my activity in the last year wasn't as much as in past ones, and I'm happy as well as surprised so many people still show their support faving and commenting. Life just took so many turns in over a year it becomes hard to come to grips with it. 

Hubris is well alive and kicking, reviewing the book before sending it to an editor to see what chances it may have of being published. In the meantime, a small little tome regarding language, animals, history and other subjects has started being written. 

On the other hand, some of you may be happy to hear that character locking process has begun, what does this mean? Finally I came to terms with myself and decided to start locking characters, thus stopping to try and develop their costumes and overall appearances. This will be slow but eventually, as soon as I lock one I will upload it, in this stage it will only be a concept sketch like the ones I have been uploading recently. So renders and more elaborate pieces will be postponed, as work towards character locking and other lore material begin to develop. e.g. maps, cities, etc

Professionally speaking and college speaking, can't say much, more of the same for now. 

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First of all I'd like to wish you all a happy new year with all the good things it may bring. 

So far I wish I had stayed in 2013 but that's a different story.

I'm usually very good with names, especially if someone does something particularly dear to me. Quite sometime ago, my hdd died on me, and with no possibility of recovery, I am salvaging, through various websites, some artbooks, music, etc... regardless to day, 5 years of my life died with it...

however, there is one particular item, sent by a dA user that I cannot seem to find, neither the item or the user

I know he was portuguese so that narrows it down, and he sent me Lineage 2's Chaotic Throne artbook, and yes it is unique and no one had that pdf besides the two of us. so if you're reading, get back to me asap. 

in the meantime let's hope something can be salvaged out of that hdd 

cheers guys 
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Just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas to you all, to your family and friends as well. 

Also apologize for the long absence (forced) but I will upload more works later this day ;)

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Just a little update on whats going on nothing much, lot's work for both masters degree. Personal work, or most of it has been put on hold due to time sake but I hope to upload more works soon enough ;)

Also a big thank you for those faving both my past works as well as the self portrait I made for International Self Portrait Day, as well for all the watches, since they are in small number I can thank everyone personally.  

Some say all you have to do is teach, pass on the knowledge and shape the young minds that you come across each year. Some say they don't do a god damn thing. I say it's both, depending on who's teaching. Those with a sense of responsibility work until they drop, and tire themselves out each week. 

I am at the very beginning of my career as one, or so I hope. Last year I had the chance to be an assistant for two semesters. This year I am teaching a course on drawing sculpture. The bar isn't as high as it is on the actual courses themselves for Licentiate, however, it is my first test. It's tiresome, and it's only 3 hours per week once a day, now imagine my teachers that have multiple classes, sure they have the experience and the endurance, and patience, that I am yet to acquire. 

I did come to realize that it's also a non-stop work, right now I am on the masters degree, but once that is done, I have no clue whats to come, doctors is the logical step but i lack the funding to do so, so basically I have no clue, all i know is that studying won't be finished, ever, even after becoming a doctor, and being a full time teacher, there is papers to deliver, essays to write, conferences to attend to and speak on.

So there is much more to it that either doing nothing or just plain teaching, this speaking about my country and my country alone. 
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This will be the summary of my next 6 months

Over the summer I was invited to give a small workshop like course on Drawing Statues, so this will be my first solo teaching experience and I hope to be up to the task. 

At the same time, I have also started my masters degree in Artistic Anatomy, a subject I have been more fond of but seems to have tired me out over time. This masters degree will be divided into two years, one with classes and papers to deliver, which seem to pile at incredible speed, and the second year with a dissertation. 

This means of course, you will see less of me, but I will keep trying to keep this alive, and some of the watchers also seem to be keeping my page alive despite the lack of activity. 

A big thank you to you all, and once again apologies for not being as prolific as I once was, times have been tough. 
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Well I'm sure most of you, the few who still follow and check up regularly, are a bit astounded by my recent work, maybe even dissapointed for the lack of renders like I usually did. 

This happens for two major reasons. 

1 - Lack of time

2 - Is a bit more complex since it involves multiple things, however I shall explain. As you all know I finished college and am now a Masters candidate. This year in college I will be a teacher, yep that's right, teacher, I will be teaching a small free course/workshop of Fine Drawing Statues Architecture/Busts. While I do that, I will be having classes for my Masters degree, and writing the third and final book of Hubris stage 1 - Epilogue comes later. ON TOP OF THAT, while I do all those things, I need to finish the artbook, and to do that I need to be happy with my characters, I need to make them presentable. So, I am going back to basics, developing each character and making them absolute final in the concept stage first, so that I may later render them properly. 

Also, I'm preparing a little treat for you guys both in English an in Portuguese, which is Hubris: Prologue, a little opening to the whole Saga

Yep lots of I's in there, some say it shows some self-centerdness, well I say English isn't my main language and it's the only way i know how to speak, expressing myself in my native language is far easier so once again, I apologise for it :P 

Basically that second paragraph sums everything up, from the lack of replies, journals, art to the lack of renders and persistent concepts of characters. 

Hope you guys had a great summer now it's back to work ;) 
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Yep finished college and I'm a college graduate or licentiate whatever. 
Average of 18/20 graduated in Drawing course

So what's next you may ask? First, enjoy my summer vacation, so desperately needed, then, it's off back to work, and start working on my masters degree dissertation. 
Right now I am so overwhelmed with all the free time i don't even know where to begin with, so much in fact, i haven't done anything yet. 
But it's changing, just realized the ton of things i need to do that i wont have any free time soon enough. 
The to do list just goes on and on. 

And I am starting to think i might need a helping hand managing Hubris and the whole project, I'm starting to get overwhelmed by it. 

Well I would just like to give the heads up on that, work is getting done but slowly. 

right now im finishing up the second book, and afterwards i hope to get some more art out here. 

Hey everyone

First and foremost, a HUGE THANKS to all who visited, faved, and begun watching my work, sorry I couldn't thank everyone personally I only did those who begun watching as more of a welcoming, and they are in considerable less numbers. 

Moving along
Been far too long this time, since the last update.
College still isn't over, but I'm on the final stretch. And with it my return to Hubris, and digital art alike. Something that has been taken from me for a while now. 
In that time I watched a lot of art, both digital as well as traditional and worked on my theory to further improve my technical side. Found tons of artists on facebook, that I begun following, namely Korean artists since that is the main digital art style I enjoy. 
I also developed my traditional side, which needed some reinforcement. 

That being said, I will start uploading things soon, both traditional and digital, more traditional since the small hiatus due to college regarding digital. 

Personal life wise, it has been going great :D 
And I strongly recommend everyone to add me on Facebook both personal page and/or artist page, since I am more active there due to my cellphone updates as well as other updates in my artist page. 

I'm also preparing a summary of the Hubris plot and story-line for everyone to take notice and get on the Hubris boat. 

Post college affairs will be announced as they come along, but most likely next year I will begin my masters degree in Artistic Anatomy, but in the meantime the Hubris constant will remain. 

Cheers for now

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My birthday is long gone, over a month now, didn't even make mention of that, shows how much time i've been having and shows how much life takes twists and turns. This time fortunately for the better.

Yeah that's how i feel lately, a non-stop race against the clock as i finish the last year of college.
So i hope it explains the lack of activity around here, but I have not been inactive artistically speaking. I do have a lot to show you guys, but I need to start taking photos of what I have been doing. That and scanning again, boat loads of sketches from my sketchbooks.
I've just been trying lot's of things, some of which i will upload, some i wont, i just need to take photos of everything and scans like i said,

Personally life has been going pretty sweet recently, and the shadows of the past seem long gone.

Thats about it, i strongly recommend checking out my artist page on Facebook as well as my personal page, feel free to add me, im usually an accessible guy on both pages.
And figuring this journal will be up here for a while might as well post the links.……

Also, due to the lack of time to thank everyone personally, here is a shout to all faving my work everyday so Thank you all :D
I've just been thanking watchers since they are considerably less x)

Thats it for today
I will try and update this more often and post some works in the meantime

cheers guys

also, forgot to mention
a beloved teacher of mine, my master has created a deviantART account, he hasn't posted anything up except for his self-portrait, you should check him out and pressure him for works eheh, no but seriously, he is indeed a man i look up to, and i can't wait for him to start showcasing his work
here he is :iconarturvitoria:
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Yeah it's a well known fact that I got a bit sloppy with the journals ever since the December events.
I haven't been able to get back on track since.
But I am struggling a little to do so.

There is nothing new, per say, in my current life.
College consumes my free time, as usual, occasionally i get to draw for my own project, but mostly I am focused on the last year of college, and what I will be doing afterwards, probably masters degree tho.

On the bright side, I have been writing again, moving along with book 2 of Hubris.

Heck, also came to realize it's my birthday next week... crap getting old and I'm only 23 (well next week i will be), in a way i feel like a kid, but at the same time, pretty old.

Ok moving on to lighter subjects.
I wanted to do a feature for a friend of mine, she needs more exposure and I figured, well, might as well do something worth while with my 1k watchers and 100k pageviews... which count for squat :P still, If someone asks I won't deny, this wasn't the case, it was my own initiative, she's a truly amazing photographer and she deserves more exposure than the one she gets, but sure, if you'd like a spot next week just drop a comment or wtv.

So without any further gobbledygook here's :iconneemi:

Rita by Neemi Escadas by Neemi 39 by Neemi 40 by Neemi Margarida III by Neemi Extremities I by Neemi Please please don't tell mom :P by Neemi

Now go and look through the rest of her gallery, trust me, you'll enjoy it ;)

Cheers for now guys ;)
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Hey there

Things have been going crazy since the last time I updated this but there is no time for going through it all eheh.

Recently I tried getting back into shape and it's proving to be a slow process.
Though I did do something I hadn't done in a while, a fully rendered character. Eesh been too long without one of those, but as we speak I'm setting another one up.

On a partially related note I would like to one more thank everyone that faved my pieces recently and showed their support in which way they could.
Can't seem to catch up with the faves :P

Right now im on a little break from college, it will restart on the 18th of February, and it promises to be something quite special.
The last semester there, after that god only knows what will happen. Hopefully masters degree... still, I will have to start working seriously, but let us worry about that then, right now I need to enjoy what I have.

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Hey Guys

Sorry for the absence, things seem to be getting back on track with both my personal as well as work life.
I have some stuff I want to upload but first there is evaluations and exams to take care of.
After that i'll have a free month to get back on track.

2013 has started with a lot of soul searching as well as learning more technical things, some more useful some less.

But more work will be up next week xD the first works of 2013, just need to get rid of the weight of these evaluations, it's the last year and i can't afford to just die so close to the objective.

Hope everything is going great with you guys, tally oh.

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Hello everyone

Just wanted to drop by and wish you all a happy new year and leave you with a few words for the upcoming 2013.

As we say goodbye to the bitter-sweet year that was 2012 and look forward to the new one, we must look back to whats been done, learn from our mistakes and make amends where possible. Everyone that knows me, knows that I don't usually celebrate the coming of a new year, to me the earth just circled the sun once more, and the only thing that changes is the date on the calendar, it's up to us to make the changes happen.

2012, a year that started off better than all others, heavenly, and perfect, couldn't possibly have wished for more, and everything pretty much stayed the same up until a couple of weeks ago. who would have figured, guess that what they say is true, what starts off good ends badly.

Even though I do not believe in the passing of years and whatnot, this year is a bit different, I truly am hoping things will change for the better. I am worried though because this year did have a great start, well the first 3 hours at least ahah.  

So far 2013 has the right things to be a good year, starting with the 13 in the end of it, it's my lucky number so well see.

So to sum it all off, I wish everyone a happy 2013, filled with joy, love, peace and money.
And remember, live each day, don't take anything for granted and live the moment.

Moving on, my current emotional status only allows me to work for college, hence the reason why i haven't been that much active.
I still have the comic to finish for college, just the cover and some files left, a presentation on Still-Life paintings, as well as study for a major exam coming up in 3 weeks...
That with accumulated stress and my current condition does not favor me xD

I will try to upload some turntables of two sculptures, onde done recently the other not so much.

Cheers guys ;)
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