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Somone said i should go on with the last creature sheet i made, so here's a painting i made very quickly.

I went for something more dynamic to get ready to paint the big fighting scene, and i also took a little challenge and painted some fire for the fun of it :XD:

as obviously as it may sound critiques and comments are hugely appreciated to help me improve, not this one but for future reference, since im not going back to this one :XD:

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This is really cool!
JK-madferit's avatar
That's your best so far,
The different lights made the pic some kind of epic... *_*
NightmareGK13's avatar
thank you ;)
i think it went pretty good but far from my best i think
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damn awesome. lovin this piece dude. XD
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Wow, it's very cool :wow: !!! And you paint it very quickly ? it's impossible for me to do like you :XD: You are great :clap:
NightmareGK13's avatar
thank you very much for the kind words :D
though this year is starting like crap, i hope i can pick it up soon
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You are quite welcome :) and Good luck ;) !!
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looks realy awesome!!!
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This came out very nice! I likey =).
NightmareGK13's avatar
eheheh :D thank you ^^
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This is definitely nice looking. You are going in a very good direction (artwise) I won't say "right" because there's no such thing as a right direction in art.
NightmareGK13's avatar
ahah you are correct on that statement
but for me i think this is the right path :P
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Olá Nightmare, tudo bem?
Gostei muito dessa ilustração, especialmente a composição.
Uma critica que eu gostaria de fazer é sobre o material do monstro. Ele é feito de metal?Ou algum outro material? Tente encontrar imagens de referencia e tentar entender como a luz e texturas podem afetar o material
Continue trabalhando!!!
NightmareGK13's avatar
Boas :D
sim está tudo e contigo?

pois é uma duvida que até eu tenho, quando faço personagens deste tipo não penso no material, penso sempre em algo organico semelhante a osso, mas acaba por não o ser porque é sempre algo de unico que não existe (ou algo assim do genero)
mas sim, em proximas pinturas irei ver mais referencias de materiais semelhante para não cair no erro novamente :D

obrigado e força nisso também ;)
Luk999's avatar
You´re welcome nightmare,

Eu estarei vendo seus proximos trabalhos

Até mais
NightmareGK13's avatar
obrigado :D
força nisso ;)
MrsGraves's avatar
Your wonderful piece is the
"Weekly Artwork" in our
xxFANTASY-CLUBxx club this week!

NightmareGK13's avatar
cool :D
thank you ^^
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This is simply impressive. If I already said I was very surprised about a painting in the past...well, forget that... you left me jaw dropped this time.
There are some flaws in the fire...but hey, first time trying realistic fire, so kudos for that :>
The environment around the creature is so fantatisc. The sky is really beautiful in the top corner.

An astonish work :)
NightmareGK13's avatar
god i need to clear this :P

thank you very much :XD:
im more surprised about peoples' reaction rather than the outcome, maybe because i always have so many high expectations and i always set the bar too high up for me that prevent me to gaze at my own accomplishments

thank you :hug:
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