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Creature concept 005

yeah it will be a while before i post anything painted, but ill be trying to paint one or two more characters before the end of the year... eeash it's really weird looking back, i feel like this year passed on really quickly in 22 days bam 2011 O.o

anyways ill be keeping you guys posted on whatever i am doing, feature friday will start this friday

ill be uploading some 3D stuff for the first time but don't go expecting any masterpiece, and ill upload some more concepts

reason why painting is going slowly, ill explain it again, im doing some outside work that wont be uploaded and it pays off both in experience, creatively wise and economically

started this on alchemy and then saw how the thumb looked and ended up with this strange creature that i can't classify, be my guest
color scheme was inspired by the bird dragon of Raymond Swanland

that being said
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Very interesting design :D
monchiken's avatar
damir-g-martin's avatar
Nice concept man! you have pretty sharp painting skills!!
NightmareGK13's avatar
hey thanks, not really the best but its what i do when art block strikes
HallowGazer's avatar
Moar Creatures!!! :D
Good stuff, once again. The color scheme and the lighting looks really good and makes the creature design itself shine even more.
It reminds me of a Rock-like monster, slightly resembling one you did earlier: [link] ;P
NightmareGK13's avatar
ah almost forgot about that big rocky fella :XD:
thanks buddy :D
MeMyMine's avatar
Looks like somebody's pet rock grew up...

floating rock bits always look neat :)
NightmareGK13's avatar
floating rocks ftw :P
TheDarkfellProject's avatar
That is one BIG creature!
NightmareGK13's avatar
could be bigger though :P
Snailfood's avatar
kinda reminds me of some armored slugs in ff9
NightmareGK13's avatar
thanks i suppose
always nice being compared to such popular games specially ff9 though i never played it
only got through ffX-2
Ghizbo's avatar
reminds me of monster hunter on psp =]
NightmareGK13's avatar
haven't played it but from the images it looks cool :P
Ghizbo's avatar
yeah its a cool game too, its like one of the longest ones so far to me lol my characters still a lil noobie XD perhaps you could get some inspiration from them bro =]
NightmareGK13's avatar
thanks for the suggestion
ill give it a look if i have some more time :D
Ghizbo's avatar
wow awesome monster concept I like its claw like pointy arms lol
NightmareGK13's avatar
yeah it's really weird :P
Ghizbo's avatar
lol I like how you call your characters weird lol xD
NightmareGK13's avatar
well this one really was :XD:
but i don't call weird to all my characters :XD:
Ghizbo's avatar
lol I know lol
blacknight12's avatar
it looks awesome
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