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Tragic Losses
I've been inactive for a while because something terrible has happened. Well, it happened a while ago and its struck me in the heart to where Ive been in this hole of depression for some time. As everyone may know, I have chickens. Pet chickens. I dont eat them or see them as livestock, they are family that Ive raised right out of the eggshell. Each one has their own special name that Ive given to match their individual personalities. Some of their names were gifts from others because I wanted to share my feathery family with my human ones.
I don't even eat chicken anymore out of my love for these birds. Ive completely cut it out of my diet. That is how strong my love is for these beautiful creatures.
Sadly, one was mauled by our new dog, her name was Bonnibel - named after my sweet and gentle OC. She survived though when I rushed her to the vet for surgery. Her wing had been torn up so badly that she was crippled. Her balance was off and she had a hard time running. But I kept her rig
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Mandala Color Palette Comissions
Here's what you do:

1) Pick a number from the color palettes from these two links below……

2) With the number of the color palette, comment whether or not you want black lineart with a white background or white lineart with a black background

3) Once I've made confirmation (either by replying to a comment or via note, whichever you prefer), send the points through the donation pool and I'll get started on your mandala!
OC Fanart (Minecraft, Mlp, Anime, etc)
OC fanart, if you want me to draw an original character. Make sure you provide a ref of your character
Commission includes sketch, lineart, color and shade (specify what you want)

(Images provided are not commissions, just examples of OCs)
Reposting for fresh mentions
A little PSA for y'all

@/PenisInTheRaw - Name is a red flag. Appears to promote reverse pedophilia, incest and possibly necrophilia. Also one of those "edgy" assholes that likes to make 9/11 jokes…

@/Strawberry-Meringue - Spammer. Just avoid pls. Good art doesn't make up for being an annoying cuck 

@/teamlpsandacnl - This used has been known for scamming and sorta throwing fits when confronted about it. I also have yet to get my "12 Christmas" request done angry crying laughing murder emoji . They make it a point to publically say "HEY I BLOCKED THIS USER" with absolutely no context (Super Luigi's comment has more info on his incident with this user here:… , also fyi, don't pin It on me with this journal, I give context!)

apparently this user also threatens others who dont take their requests. Hm.

Sorry, but I'm unwatching you. Good content doesn't make up for being a cuck.

Update: more info here in this thread:…

:/iconxxg00dspiritxx: - Religious spammer, most likely steals other's artwork (had to use the icon because the @ didn't work)

@/InfiniteMinecraftArt - Art thief, uses website edit, doesn't give proper credit

@/GyiaLoveSansy -… I think this provides enough context. 

Update: I've been informed that this user also traced artwork from HoneyHabbits

@/ANGUSCARR - Sexist. Really all I can say here. Probably jealous because he doesn't get any attention on his gallery. Have a thread…

@/Joserbut220 and @/SpawnOfTheDarkness - Both of them are harassing knucklesmega and I suggest going to Mega's profile for that

@/Nailflesh - We have another one folks. Another one of these dumbass fucking people who call perfectly healthy women "fat" for attention. His account has only been around for 4 weeks so I think the only purpose of it is to troll cosplayers with bullshit. Activity is hidden so this is just an assumption. If you see his comments, ignore him and move on.

@/EggmanSenpai - Random newfag (sorta. He's been on for a month). No idea what's up with his page and he's just one of those guys who feel the need to be fuckin rude. Ignore any comments you see.

@/KaylieSparkles - I have no idea what this shitshow is, but she's at it again -facepalm- Base thief, art thief. Yadda yadda yadda....

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Carpa90 - This guy has been confirmed to be a pedophile. He grooms younger girls into messaging him, and has even teased the idea of incest with children under the age of consent. Do NOT engage with this person if he messages you. Block, report, and if you do allow him to get your discord, report his discord account as well. :iconespyfandoms: has further information about the user and what specifically happened. 


NightmareCraft's Profile Picture
Melissa Krysa
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hi! I do a mix of digital and traditional art, and I'm kinda into animating. I've got a youtube link somewhere on here!

My best friends are :iconlemonpikachu: :iconiportier11: :iconzeldacreeper: :iconemowerewolf1345: and :iconwithered-sharks:

Crazy Sans lover friend :iconasmallone:

My friend who ships the shit outta Craft and his character Plazma :iconunderfeels-au:

I am a fangirl of a lot of characters:
Sans the Sekleton
Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)
Amaimon (Ao No Exorcist)
Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Greed/Ling (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Solf J. Kimblee (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Genos (One Punch Man)

Commissions: OPEN
Art Trades: OPEN
Art Collabs: OPEN

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Anime and games. All you need to know

My YouTube:…
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The Android sent by CyberLife [Transparent]

I've been up for a while now drawing this. Opaque version will be uploaded shortly
Connor Wip 2
we're getting there. When I made the blue ring I hAD TO POST IT-

Also my computer keeps backing to whatever page I was previously on (i.e. I was on the submission page, it randomly backed to my notification page). Stupid piece of shit computer.

anything to do with this particular piece is gonna have dbh-related tags

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