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~Do I have some unfinished requests?~
~Thinking about making stories with AU(s) like Undertale, Five Nights At Freddy's, Baldi's Basics, etc. etc. So if you can, comment any Au(s) you want to see!~
~As you can see I wish to do more on Bendy and the chocolate factory. I've made Bendy and the chocolatre tour and Steve and the chocolate tour but it seems fewer people on Quotev are less interested in the two than they were with the first story. So, I am going to have a poll her *I can't really do polls so I'm doing it how I CAN!*

If you want BATCF to continue then comment "YES" if not then comment "NO"

Thanks for reading, Cyan!~

~I've put Bendy and the chocolate factory sequel and nobody is flavoring like Quotev, why?~
~I'm starting to notice my usual friends who I feel more comfortable talking to *sorry people I don't know!* don't come online during the times I want/need them but come online when I don't want/need them *sorry* I understand time difference but it would be nice... =/ I don't want to stay up all night waiting for a friend and/or to rp with Stuffy every night, its getting tiring to think of long replies. So, if anyone can answer me, then thank you!~
Hey cupcakes, Nightmare Cake426 here, but you can call me Cake426. I need help. I want to write a story with a lasting impression that the famous stories like Harry Potter, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Matilda, Boy in the striped pajamas, IT, and a few others. But I don't know where to start. Doing an original idea won't work as the old authors have already taken every good story idea. So I need help on writing a story that will leave a strong lasting impression like the stories we know and love today.

~Just put ya name and I'll send you ya compliment, you can have as many as you like, it won't cost a thing!~
~Hey cupcakes, if you haven't noticed but I have only uploaded a line art *literally its just a line* for someone who criticised me for using a base for Fluttersing. But, since last week, I have been sick, my head is pounding and my throat is on fire. So, I can't do anything with this pain. All I'm doing now is updating Steve and the chocolate tour while I'm getting better. Please don't constantly ask if I'm doing your request, I am, it's just taking me longer as I am not at 100% health and I'm not from Who's your daddy, fruit doesn't help. I'll make another journal if I ever feel better.

~Looking through meme songs and reached What does the fox say? Now is it just me or does one of the lines sound like it's saying "Hatty"? Take a listen-

 put video to 11:10
I might be going insane but this sounds like it~
~Hey, guys, you may not know this but I may have to not do the movie. Here's why!

My old laptop finally gave out, I got a new one "Acer" but I have a problem, it doesn't have movie maker. And I had like forty or more scenes. So, I have two options-

Cancel the project, which is something I really don't want to do as Bendy and the chocolate factory is one of my pride and joys but if I can't find any other ways of doing it, then I'll do it but if not then I can't.


Find other ways of making it. Some of my animation videos may be delayed as whenever I download music it suddenly unavailable to being played *the bitch!* and of course, the other things I download is shit. I tried getting the good old Movie Maker but it said "no longer available" like a pussy! So, if anybody from Acer or Windows is reading this, then bring back the old Movie Maker, your breaking everyone's hearts!! Maybe my school computers have Movie Maker?

But I just wanted to let you guys know so that I wouldn't get a load of comments saying "where's BATCF?" or "YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE!!" okay?

Thanks. Cyan!~


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There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people on my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"
~This is from TheGoldenHat1, I just hope he doesn't think me of a fake friend.

Edit- Sorry, I meant Dolly10200, I am super sorry!~
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~This journal page belongs to Galaxie-The-Fairy~…

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Yes, I’ll chip in.
    Hey, I'm planning on doing an RWBY story but I'm still early in the RWBY fandom, so I have some questions but I'll go slow and will update this journal page when a new question appears.


1, is Ruby wanting to become a Huntress?
~Hey, cupcakes, Nightmare Cake426 here! Now, today, I've encountered something that I will class as the "Golden Battlefield". But, let us begin at the start because I mean, where's the fun in starting in a random place?

In the beginning...

I was browsing Deviant Art, when I saw a picture from my friend, TheGoldenHat1, had made a picture-

Which I thought was adorable, now I hope he won't hate me for doing this. But, I noticed someone booing, I asked and I was told...
Who's the real dick bag by Nightmarecake4268
And then, I went on a quest to find this guy and I did. So, I then checked his post and then went off to find the girl he (Golden Hat) was trying to apologize to and of course, I commented on her profile.
A friend reaching out by Nightmarecake4268
And then I just went to see if anything INTERESTING had happened other than the times when nobody comments anymore. When I saw he had commented back with these two dickie comments-
Dickie comments by Nightmarecake4268
Now, remember he told me to read properly, guess how tempted I was to ask "How fucking properly do you want me to go?" Also, yes I post pictures of idiots who like to make a dick of me, but I will not tolerate some asshole classing my friend as the problem! Look, I agree with the people who actually know what "common sense" means, like Luigi (I forgot his username but I remember Luigi was in it.). In these comments, there is a link this is what the link leads to-

May I present, the thing I don't give a literal shit about!!

I'm here today, to show you on how a war broke out on DeviantArt between me and TheGoldenHat1

It all started when Mariethemixel and JordanTheChespin were growing concerned about  golden hat's mood swings.
believing if this continues they will be faced with dangerous conflicts. Sadly it begun on the 25th of February.
Golden hat tried to explain that he was controlling his mood but it was halted when I say to him that its better off that he leave them alone. He didn't take it happily at all.
And thus the civil war began.

Continuing on the 25th of February, golden hat began to  increase in anger as he posted this statues:
He took it to another by blaming Marie over nothing, and this made me step in.
Here's the argument:…
But after all that, golden hat had enough and deactivated his account, believing he'll never return to
Marie didn't know what happened because the internet went down in her hometown, neither Saharat and Jordan since they were asleep. I showed them what goldenhat said and they were disgusted by his actions.
Meanwhile, golden hat's followers notice he'd deactivated and (how Jordan said it) they act like it was his funeral.
Also they grew extremely pissed at me.…
I thought the controversy was done but it won't quit easily.

26th of February
I came home from school and login to DeviantArt feeling things were okay. Suddenly I found out that golden hat's brother Lunos07 had caused a minor catastrophe.
He was literally pissed off about his brother leaving DeviantArt! So he took revenge by trying to get people to hate on me, Marie, Saharat and Jordan!
The result of this made Jordan felt he was a horrible human being and Marie wished that she was Aborted!
So my response was simply me going full punk on the little bitch.…
Lunos07 said he'll hang himself when I'd finish with him. (Which he'd never did).
27th of February or today.
Surprisingly golden hat came back to DeviantArt and he'd made this statues for his speech:
Basically, he'd blocked me, apologised to Marie, Saharat and Jordan, his followers were bursting in tears of joy and they'd began hugging each other.
Now, through all of the bullshit over these 3 days, me, Marie, Saharat and Jordan weren't happy at all.
Marie had enough of golden hat's crap so she made this instant reminder to him:
Jordan had some discord problems because of goldenhat:
And for me, well lets say that golden hat's has a lot of white knights.…

Golden hat had created a major 3 days conflict between him and me. However the actions and his brother made are enough to get them banned on DeviantArt!
These actions seem to be related to bullying and domestic violence.
Bullying because they were trying to attack us non stop.
For domestic abuse, well lets just say Marie felt like she was getting punched at all corners.
Of course this journal will probably be crowded by golden hat's white knights saying I should go deep throat a cactus. But the more responsible and smart people will spread this journal around on how golden hat's behavior landed him into.
So please share this and go comfort my friends who were hurt by all of this conflict.

Now, I don't mean to brag, but yeah ya are mad, yes Golden Hat made some mistakes, but is there a real reason to make a journal page about it. This jackass won't let Golden Hat apologize to his friend. Now, let me explain myself in this long paragraph.

Plus, those reading, don't comment about me getting involved, I'm trying to make a point about why I don't like it when people are being assholes to my friends, especially strangers. Now, if I'm being reasonable, I think we should stop before Golden Hat and HFAperson end up tearing each other apart!

That is all i'm allowing myself to say, Cyan!~
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~I feel like I'm gonna do more Bendy and the chocolate factory art, you guys might be sick of it but I'm not. If you guys wanna join in, by all means, don't let me stop ya. Right now, just doing a possible new cover or maybe a poster for the story. BTW the movie is still in the works, just got a few frames left to go.~

Bendy and the chocolate factory series- Blue Baldi by Nightmarecake4268
~^ Juicy Maths episode series 002 Episode 012~

Bendy and the chocolate factory- Steve by Nightmarecake4268

~Baby ticket winners~
BATCF- Mummy's little mess maker by Nightmarecake4268



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~I'm drawing my friends as the workers for Mr. Hattington in Bendy and the chocolate factory. Pictures will appear here once finished. P.S I might ruin them as I am a bad drawer.~

~Misspurfect8~My friends as Lets Players- Misspurffect8 by Nightmarecake4268
~Anyone who wants me to ruin their fav songs is welcome to join the stream!
1, a chainsaw
2, Sans' skull ~a girl keeps saying I've ruined Sans and I keep drawing him wrong~
3, the human body
4, bones
5, Knives
6, eyes
7, Body parts
8, Making faces look normal and not as weird and creepy

~More coming soon~
Screenshot 1 by Nightmarecake4268

Now could anybody explain what the fudge just happened? From asking a request for BATCF to being classed as an idiot by a complete stranger.~
~Hey, cupcakes! Listen up! 

:icondahub: will give you free points if ya watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!

You can also be featured if you donate some Points

So go to dAhub now! :D (Big Grin)

I was told to go to him by… and didn't regret finding this guy! Thnx, Sapphire!~