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Fairy Weed- Prince by Nightmarecake4268 Fairy Weed- Prince by Nightmarecake4268
~Prince is the main antagonist of my book called "Fairy Weed", he has a crush on the protagonist, Lizzie, and declares that Lizzie will be his future queen and she had no choice to say no. He is first introduced in a nightmare that Lizzie has when she is forced to stay the night at an old camp site. When Lizzie first meets Prince, two fairy girls get jealous of Lizzie for meeting the royal fairy. Of course, these two girls go on about Lizzie and Prince's marriage but the human girl declines it. Prince is unknowingly known for being very smart when it comes to potions and magic as it is described when Prince slips a powerful potion into Lizzie's drink during breakfast. Prince is shown to be quite selfish at the beginning but after Lizzie returns to the Fairy Kingdom, he shows a little more of a caring and softer side. All in all, this fairy isn't the one to deal with, especially since he's cursed by the blood of a Voodoo witch.

Only things that had to be changed-
There was no faceless option as for most of the book, Prince has no face... or hair actually. Also, I just had to add wings because these wings fit his personality yet in the book for a very long time he doesn't have wings at all yet he seems to just float around like a balloon with someone guiding it.

Prince and Fairy Weed belong to me
Pixie Scene maker belongs to its rightful creator~
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