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||MMD Undertale|| Annoying Dog [Download] by NightmareBear17 ||MMD Undertale|| Annoying Dog [Download] by NightmareBear17
Edit: There was an incident where some troll was being very rude about the model and about myself as well, after I had blocked this user the comment section looked like crap so comments have been disabled, I'm sorry I have never had to do this before but if you have any problems or questions feel free to note me instead. This doesn't mean I will disable comments for everything else, there's no need for that and I love speaking to you guys but last night/early hours this morning was too much. Last thing: This model is a boy. (I re-wrote this since the last one I wrote when I was angry but I have calmed down and as a reminder don't ever interact with trolls...) 

Edit2: OMG since when was this so popular!! 204 favourites?!?! tHANK YOU!! <3 <3
My goodness, I've just realised this has 162 favourites!! Thank you aaaa! <3

I was going to put this up as 100 watches gift since I'm so close but then I was like heck! you can all have him now! *I'm inpatient like that*

DOWNLOAD TO THE RIGHT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Rules and credits are in the readme like always
Annoying Dog Annoying Dog Annoying Dog Annoying Dog Annoying Dog Annoying Dog 

Fave if you download, but you don't have too... just have fun :3 

Have fun!!

Model/pose by me

Bone by MagicalPouchOfMagic
I'm too lazy to add a dl link.

Undertale is owned by Toby Fox


-Credits for the model-
Headless base by TDA, Stlyc, ??? and PanicAtTheSeptiplite
Head by KhrisMx and TDA 
Hoodie by PeachMilk3D
Bone sprite I found on google
Shorts by Lhixx
Shoes by Nagai-Maro
Hair by Sefina-NZ
Hair texture by Arleedraw
Ears/Tail by MMDFakewings18
Choker by o-DSV-o and Toksik
Eye texture by moon--pre5ence
Toon by me
Spas by ???

Here's an alt link if you're having trouble with the one the right: BorkBork
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August 28, 2017
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