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A peaceful night's rest.
The wind howled outside the cozy cottage set near the beach.
Inside, all was quiet, save some quiet whimpers coming from the room of the ex-Captain himself.
A nightmare, he suffered.  Tossing, and turning, the blustering wind and the plip plap of fresh rain drops hitting the window were teasing his mind.  
The man quivered and shook, clutching his blankets tight.  All was silent, until a shatter sounded through the house.  He'd knocked over his water glass, in his sleep.
In the next room, the silvery haired chef sat at attention, the outline of his hair the only thing visible in the dark.  Wild and ruffled, he was still mostly asleep, his eyes closed, even.  Until he realized what had woken him up.  Without a second thought, he stood, and tugged on his pants, buckling his belt sleepily.  He walked to his dresser, sliding open the top drawer, and removing a medium sized box from it, not much bigger than a jewelry box.  Taking the key that lay
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That was all that was there.  
The darkness.  The smell of the sea.  The tastes of salt and sweat.  The cold sweat running down his body, the soft touch of the clothing he'd fallen asleep in, and the warmth of the room.  The dim light under the doorway, from the lanterns out on deck.  The sound of the waves hitting the ship.  The heavy, hoarse breathing coming from him as he looked through the darkness.  That was all.  There was nothing there, he had to tell himself again.  Nothing.
Wolfen crumpled down, leaning onto the fronts of his feet, bending at the knees and lowering himself into a ball.  He continued to breath deeply, his mouth dry as he stared at the floorboards.  There was nothing wrong, he told himself.  Nobody here.  Nothing.  No one.  
Wolfen's heart raced as he kept thinking about it, but movements seemed to flicker around the edges of his vision.  His breathing picked up
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The Golem
I don't get it.
What happened?
Where am I?
What's this feeling?
I can't feel anything on my skin.
I remember walking into a dungeon.
Seeing a guy with a book.
A flash of light.
Did he say something?
I don't recall.
Wait, can I move?
Am I moving?
I can't tell.  
My vision's higher.  
Did I stand?  
It looks like it was a room once, then the ceiling fell in.  
There's snow covering the debris.
Can I raise my arm?
By the gods...
Am I...
No.  This can't be happening.
It can't be.
I'm moving, but it's not me.
Am I a Golem?
... What's that?
Who's there?
I can turn.
The door.
It's her.  The adventurer I met in the tavern.
She's beautiful.
She was really nice.
Why are her eyes so stern?
She's drawing her weapon.  I have to-
Why is my arm moving?!
I'm not doing that!
Oh gods, no.
No, don't clench a fist.
No, stop.  Please.
Move, dammit!
Get out of the way!
She's not moving!
Can I speak?!
Come on, I know I've heard Golems talk!
Talk, dam
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The New Gods
There occurs, once in a blue moon, an anomaly.  
When, somewhere along the line, an error occurs in the processor of Time and Space.
It blinks red for a moment, before making some extra code; Something not meant to exist, that just kind of happens.  And it happens to make the burdens of Time and Space easier.  By manifesting more "Space", we find more "Time".  
The easiest analogy would be to say that, while a computer with more hardware installed requires more effort for the computer itself to maintain, it also gains more power.  With that power, comes more ability to manage the aforementioned hardware.  
So while increasing the burden, we also increase the computers capacity to HANDLE said burden.  
As it so happens, in a universe with cosmic power, unknown even to the inhabitants, such an event occurs.  
A screen lights a dark room, and a nameless man sits at a computer (His name's Jim, but we'll say nameless for the sake of mysticism.), as he
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Naval Report- Kellie 'Calamitous' Scrawlden
This particular subject used to be a top tier chef, self employed, working in a large port town.  His history before this is unknown.  Earliest records show that he had a wife, and his restaurant was fairly well renown.  His cooking was sought out by particular officers of the navy, and even pirates who had made names for themselves would stop in from time to time, partially due to his "No-nonsense" policy on guests.  
-[Naval officers and wanted criminals were not allowed to engage on his premises, with a signed writ from local authorities, in the name of a peaceful respite for his guests.  If any confrontation were to arise, he would quickly break up the scuffle, by force, if necessary.  No casualties were ever reported, though on three occasions members of the scuffle were reported as being sent to the local doctor, total injuries reported as 1 naval officer, 4 naval soldiers, 3 pirate crew members.]-
After an incident that has been thus far s
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Soul Soldier
Behold the man who stands alone.
The swordsman who waits and watches.
Staring at shadows. Watching time fly.
He cannot wait to die.
Ages pass and still he stands.
Waiting for his foe's sword, unsheathed, to clash with his own.
He stands, anxious, scared.
But he knows he cannot win.
Countless swords lay across the field.
Flags from countries, promises broken.
Memories of dead men and women haunt his field of vision.
Friends long lost. Fathers, mothers, who died fighting for their kin.
Brothers. Lovers. Sisters. Mothers.
Fathers. Teachers. Students. Preachers.
Come one, come all, alongside or alone,
Share a tomb now, birthed in stone.
Bred by fire. Slept in water.
Buried in ice. Consumed by light.
Stands now, the warrior, bold.
Shadows catch his face and hold
His stance tight, a living stone.
He recalls the ones who fell in his path.
Friends, foes, no soul now hath
The capability to light this fire.
Illuminate the blazing path,
Deep within the murky mire.
Blood and oil stain
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Three years later...
It had been three years.
Three long years since everything blew up.
Wolfen stood on the docks of the small port town, Kayus.
Located on a small island, it was perfect.  They could hide here.  Nobody would ever have to know.  No one from the old crew would find him, and no one would think to look for him.  It was perfect.
The madman closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.  The warm sun graced his skin, and made his jacket warm, and comfortable.  The gentle sea breeze caressed him, lightening the warmth of the sun and bringing to him the smell of the salty sea air.  It would have to be enough, now.  
He opened his eyes, his tyrian lights gazing towards the sea.  His ship, docked, and calmly bobbing in the waves.  He'd had her renamed, repaired, and her sails changed, as well as her head.  It felt like a shame to change so much of his old love, but there wasn't a lot of option anymore.  He couldn't risk being recognized.  N
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Well, folks, I've hit a brick wall.  
Creativity decided it hates me, so I'm going to attempt and answer COMMISSIONS!  

If anyone has an idea for something they'd like someone else to write, or they'd like me to write ABOUT a subject (i.e. the F.E.A.R. snippet I did), let me now.  They first couple are FREE!!

So yeah.  If anyone has something they'd like to see, just lemme know.  Inbox or comments, and I'll write it out. 
I'm gonna go ahead and say anything goes, but if it's NSFW,I'll mark it as such, and do the appropriate legality nonsense.

And if I enjoy doing this enough, I may make it a regular thing!

Here's to hoping for the future!


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That doesn't stop me from looking forward, though. Tomorrow's just Today waiting to happen.


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