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Brand New tattoo lyrics :D

I just got this tattoo today and thought that I would show it off a bit. :D The lyrics are from my fav band, Brand New and they're from the song "Sink"
The tattoo was done by Hank's tattoo in Warsaw, Indiana
Hope y'all enjoy it as much as i do. :D

(oh, and the Hello Kitty was done by Ron Shirley)

And if you would, check out the rest of my gallery for more tattoo related stuffs :)
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Jan 1, 2003, 12:01:20 AM
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I've always wanted this tattoo, but I wanted to get a bird or an owl with the quote and put it around my ribs
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I LOVE Brand New!!! Cool!
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Omg! They're my fav band ever :D

And thank you.
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They used to be mine, but I haven't kept up with them in a while.

You're welcome!
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I started listening to them when Deja Entendu came out. The new stuff is completely different, takes a lot to get used to but still good.
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I came across Your Favorite Weapon and bought it on a whim, probably 8 years ago. They do seem to change with each CD. I love Deja Entendu and I love The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. But I hear that their latest isn't quite as good (I can't even remember what it's called) so yeah. That's where I'm at. I did get to see them play Deja Entendu in San Francisco a fun but seriously a life-threatening concert.
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Their styles do change a lot, but it keeps their sound fresh and the best part of their music is the lyrics. I listen to them whenever I just want to ponder life. My fav is defiantly The Devil and God. Like I said, Daisy (the most recent) has to grow on you. I want to see them live so bad, but what do you mean life-threatening? Kinda has me worried, but intrigued haha.
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I agree :nod:
Daisy! That's it. One of these days when I have some extra money I'll buy it.

I've never had my hair pulled so many times in my life. The crowd was pissing me off because instead of having one designated area for the mosh pit, EVERYONE was shoving each other when I just wanted to enjoy myself rather than lose my shoe and concentrate on not being trampled. There were times when I was being so squished that my feet weren't touching the ground. Also, this is probably the weirdest thing that has happened to me and I don't know what would've happened to me if my brother wasn't there. But this HUGE guy came outta nowhere, put me in a head lock and started walking away with me. I'm not kidding. He didn't say a word. Luckily my brother WAS there and came to my rescue.
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Omg. That's so crazy! I would have been scared out of my mind. Minus the weird guy trying to drag you back to his cave, it sounds like it would've been a good time tho lol.
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Wow! I love the details.

Any idea what font that is? It's so hard finding nice tattoo fonts :(
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Sry for the late response, but all I did to find this font was I went on to Microsoft word and picked out a font from there and printed it out.

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very nice babes, it looked like you were in a wee bit o pain when hank was doin it though, but it paid off in the end, it looks very good on you.
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Yeah, it's really sore! and i think you look very good on me.

That's naughty.
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yeah, im sure i do. Love you, and the tat really does look good. I may not enjoy the song...or the band at all, but the tat looks good anyway
nightmare58710's avatar
Omg! did you actually say something nice about Brand New in a sort of indirect way?

Baby likes Brand New(in an indirect way)!!!!!!!!

Haha, I love you.
sasquatchbrett's avatar
no, i never said anything good about the bengay covered old guys, i said that the tat looked good on you.
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You make me giggle baby.
That looks good i like the details you added areound it
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Thnx, but all the credit goes to Hank. I took the lyrics into him and he added everything to it.
:D he's pretty awesome.
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