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Request for Iron-Ed - Sketch

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Published: August 27, 2012
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Here's the sketch for ~Iron-Ed's request.

I'm putting these in my Scraps for the moment, until I have all of the sketches done, at least. Then, I'll be choosing some (maybe all?) to do in full color. :D

Check my journal for my current request status.

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Iron-EdHobbyist General Artist
This comment section looks awfully...empty. For those who might wonder why I haven't commented on the sketch done from my own suggestion...I did! A couple of days ago, in fact. I just did it on the original journal post rather than here. :-)
Below is a cut/paste of my comment from the journal:

This is so cool! And I love Rosey 'playing' with the goblin in the background!

Ash and Ferric look like they're having such a good time together. :-) You actually followed his design even closer than I really expected. :-) I didn't think glasses would be appropriate to 'your world.'

I am also glad you did -not- follow the 'Precocious' style. For art by -you- I prefer -your- style, not an attempt to copy someone else.


Eventually, after some necessary expenses, I hope to commission you for a full-color picture of Ferric interacting with one of your characters (in a friendly way).
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NightlyreProfessional Digital Artist
I don't know that too many people see the things in scraps; it's not on by default when you go to watch someone. Not to worry, though... I'm not done with this one yet. :mwahaha:

To be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to open commissions back up, not officially, in any case. Gifts and requests actually suit me a good deal more. It becomes something I *want* to do rather than something I *have* to do. That being said, if I do something with your characters and you really like it, I can have a print done at my normal print prices for you, or something similar. But don't feel obliged in any way! I do what I do because I enjoy it; I'm just happy other people enjoy what I do as well. :D
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Iron-EdHobbyist General Artist
:-) I noticed most (all?) of the other sketch suggestions in the Scrapbook have "Thank you" comments in them and did not want people to look at mine and think I was being rude or ignoring your work. :-)

Have a print done? :-) I was waiting until I was sure you were finished before asking! You specifically requested "no begging" etc., during the suggestions phase and I was not going to annoy you. I can be -very- patient with things like this; so, I'll wait until I'm sure you're done and then ask (politely!) to buy an autographed print for framing. :-) I -really- like this drawing, even if you never do another thing to it!!!

I have one minor question a friend asked me when I was showing off your drawing to him... Is that adult Ferric gambling with Ash, or 10-yr-old Ferric playing a child's dice game with her? (Without thinking about it I had assumed it was child Ferric because that was your reply to my original suggestion.) :-) Now I just want to give my friend the correct answer; either way is fine with me!

I agree with you 100% about doing things for fun. Otherwise it becomes -work!- The drawings I've posted to DA have been just fun for me, or gifts. Unfortunately I've only been drawing for a year so it will be a loonnnngggg time before I get near your level! Especially with no lessons. :-)

If, in future, you decide to play with my charcters again, you do have my permission in advance. -You- do not need to ask ahead of time! Have fun! I'd just like to see the results IF you do.
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NightlyreProfessional Digital Artist
It's meant to be 10-year-old Ferric; they're playing a game with buttons as the 'prize'. :)

If you get a chance, it's worth even taking an art class or two at a community college, especially life drawing classes. My degree is in multimedia and web design, but there are four classes I can name that aided me the most: Fundamentals of Drawing, Fundamentals of Color, Fundamentals of Design, and Perspective. Still, even without classes, the best thing to do is just draw, whenever you feel the urge to do so. Drawing characters is good, but sometimes just pick an object near you and draw it too. Observe forms and color and shadow. And most of all, have fun with it!