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The Seas of Imagination - 2016 KNTR Calendar by MsRedNebula, visual art

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Artist // Professional // Digital Art
My Bio
I'm a rather eclectic Arizona-based artist, mostly focusing on fantasy and science fiction... especially dragons, though all amazing creatures are fair game. I do digital drawing and painting, polymer clay sculpture, molding and casting, costume and prop-making, and lots more! I'm also a fan of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, and generally a complete geek, so expect some fan art and comics peppered into the mix! If this artistic mélange sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to +Watch!

Favourite Movies
The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and most anything animated by Disney/Pixar.
Favourite TV Shows
The Expanse
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Disturbed, Rush, Paradise Lost, Enya, various random soundtracks
Favourite Games
Planet Coaster, Fran Bow, Mass Effect, Dragon Age
Favourite Gaming Platform
A good PC is all you need. ...okay, I admit Rock Band is fun.
Tools of the Trade
Cintiq, Photoshop, oil-based clay, pencil and paper, Illustrator
Other Interests
Sculpture, gaming, digital painting, dragons, werewolves, critters of all varieties
I'm loving Clip Studio Paint! I made the switch from Photoshop back in December. While there's still a few things I switch back to Photoshop for, I'm pretty much doing all of my new artwork in CSP now. And animations, which I'm having a great time with! I also started creating some tutorials for it. CSP hosts a Tip of the Month where they give us a prompt and we create tutorials based on it. If you've a moment, please check out the one I just finished: 3 Magical Animated Effects In it, I show how to use CSP's animation features to animate simple lightning, fire, and sparkle effects. It'd also mean the world to me if you put a like on the tutorial. Views and likes on Clip Studio Tips help me get CSP's attention so I can continue to make more tutorials like this! You can see all of my tutorials I've done in text format on Clip Studio Tips, or if you prefer videos, I've got a young YouTube channel featuring them. (I even *gasp* get in front of a camera!)
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Haven't been on here in a minute... I finally changed my username, though. I think this was the only place I was still using my very, very old name, Nightlyre. Not sure the difference between a status update and a journal, heh. I really need to go through and clean up my gallery, and upload new stuff. But for now... name changed. Yay?
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Last year, my friend Anabel started a calendar featuring awesome guys who cosplay, called Men vs. Cosplay. (It's a play on those shows like Man vs. Food, in case you're wondering where the title came from.) The MvsC calendar funded last year, and a copy is currently hanging on my workroom's inspiration wall. This year, not only did she make another MvsC calendar, but expanded to doing a Women vs. Cosplay calendar as well! As of right now, it's THIIIIIIIIS close to funding (about $50 off), so if you love awesome cosplaying ladies, grab yourself a copy quick! I'm in it as Garrus along with my friend, Alexa, who's got a gorgeous Tali cosplay. T
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Look who I found.
Hi my names Millie and i just wanted to say your cosplay skills are out of this world!

I've seen so many Garrus cosplays and i always thought that no one could get it spot on. But i was wrong.

You did incredibly well!

Keep up the amazing work and keep calibrating <3
Thank you, I appreciate it!
Phew, it's been an eternity since last we met.
I'll probably go to next year's Phoenix Comic Con, whether I'll dress up or not is questionable.
I have, however, recently returned to a series I've been doing on my page, titled Dragonsong which follows the story of a half-dragon in a kingdom riddled in war. If you want classic fantasy, that is my attempt at it!
P.S.: My writings skills are sub-par, but the idea behind many of my works are pretty decent, or, maybe, a gold mine. Take a look and see for yourself.
Thanks for the watc ! And your turians costumes are juste amazing !
(sorry for my english ^^')
Thank you - your masks are beautiful, I had to put you on my watch list. :)
Awesome gallery nightlyre:D Especially the ME costumes and props. The designs in those games are phenomenal.