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cute killer! XD
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Pixel: Moon by apparate Catherine | 1- yrs old | Female Pixel: Moon by apparate

Hello there! Nice to meet you!
I like night skies and cats! xp
You can talk to me! I don't bite!

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Hey guys! So a bit of an announcement:
So I realized that adopts have taken over this account and this account was made for my NextGen, which I haven't been focusing on and I want to change that. 
So from now on, this account will only focus on my NextGens!
So adopts and commissions (Or of a similar manner) have been moved to :iconnightlywishes:, so give it a watch!
.:HarmoniesVerse:. Princesses
I have risen from the dead!
In all seriousness, school and life were a mess and crap and I wanted to get back to drawing the pones!
And what better way to get back on track than to start with the princesses!
A while back, I drew Celestia and Luna ( In my headcannon c: )and it was ummm.... interesting to say the least..?
I decided to draw them again but, a little differently along Cadence and Twilight!  
Princess Luna: - (Too tired to write)
Empress Cadence: -
Queen Celestia: - (The princess title doesn't suit tbh)
Princess Twilight: -
I used a base, I didn't feel like drawing full body lol
Bases by: SelenaEde
Bases used:   Princess Celestia Base by SelenaEde Princess Luna S1 Base (Request) by SelenaEde Princess Luna S2 Base by SelenaEde Princess Cadance Base by SelenaEde
Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope you all had a wonderful day! c:
Apparently, there is a TV show reboot of Heathers and...

.: When did you watch me? :.
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7 deviants said Thenightfuriesponies (How tf did you put up with this username and old art?)

That's all,  I wish you all a nice day.  :D
.: Which one are you? :.
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My friend is selling this guy! I would love it you guys checked it out!  Halloween Adopt! (30 points) by XxHeartStormxX

Rate That Ship!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2018, 12:20 AM
Art and CSS ©Yuminn

Doing the Rate That Ship by Cascayd 
These are MY opinions! If like or dislike a paring, then ok, just don't fight with me about them then we're good.



Rarity x Fancy Pants Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: Meh, I see them more as friends than lovers.
Discord x Sunburst Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: I don't know. It does seems good, but I just can't get behind it.
Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich Stamp by Cascayd Love: It's such a cute ship! I feel like they were meant for each other!Love  
Lightning Dust x Thunderlane Stamp by Cascayd Dislike: I don't think Thunderlane would be with someone like Lightning, unless of course she changes.
Celestia x Chrysalis Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: I would ship them in an alternative universe, but why would Celestia be with someone who tried to destroy Equestria multiple times? Sweating a little... 
Fluttershy x Treehugger Stamp by Cascayd Neutral/Like: I see them as good friends, but it's not a bad ship! Nod 
Applejack x Troubleshoes Stamp by Cascayd Love: I just love the idea of these two!  Clap 
Applejack x Coloratura Stamp by Cascayd Love: The chemistry between these two are very cute! 
Applejack x Prince Blueblood Stamp by Cascayd Dislike: AJ could change him, but she deserves way better than him.
Pinkie Pie x Luna Stamp by Cascayd Like: Fun couple! Seems cute! :D (Big Grin) 
Marble Pie x Cheerilee Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: Mehh, the colors go well, i'll say that.
Twilight Sparkle x Tempest Shadow Stamp by Cascayd Love: After the movie, I just fell in love with this ship. 
Rainbow Dash x Soarin Stamp by Cascayd Dislike: Nope, overrated and bland. No real chemistry, he also seems kinda rude to her... 
Pinkie Pie x Party Favor Stamp by Cascayd Like: It's almost like a CheesePie clone, it's okay.
Cadence x Shining Armor Stamp by Cascayd  Love: Boring yes, but it's SUPER cute once you the comics! Love 
Treehugger x Zecora Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: Mm, it's not bad, I see as friends probably.
Spitfire x Soarin Stamp by Cascayd Like: I feel like they would tease each other and not fully commit a serious relationship. 
Applejack x Zephyr Breeze Stamp by Cascayd Dislike: I don't think it would even work...
Discord x Celestia Stamp by Cascayd Like: They would probably have a love-hate relationship and be fun ship. La la la la  
Rainbow x Twilight Stamp by Cascayd OTP: Darn, my first ship in the fandom and I still LOVE it! Love 
Book horse & The athlete just makes it a fun ship!
Trixie x Starlight Stamp by Cascayd Like: It's cute and would work! :D (Big Grin)  Rather for them to just be friends. 
Pinkie x Trouble Shoes Stamp by Cascayd Like: Pinkie would help Trouble Shoes cope (With laughter of course!)with his bad luck and have a fun time. It probably would works. 
Princess Luna x Tempest Shadow Stamp by Cascayd Like: Both had a troubled past and just seems like a likable ship overall.
Trixie x Maud Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: I don't know... maybe it could work?
Zephyr Breeze x Limestone Pie Stamp by Cascayd Like: It's one of my 2nd favorite Zephyr ship!  Darn, I wonder WHO made me ship it??? (Looking at you kindheart525 )
Luna x Thorax Stamp by Cascayd Like: It's just likable and cute! Clap 
Rainbow Dash x Zephyr Breeze Stamp by Cascayd Hate: I normally don't hate ships, but THIS? Nononono, Rainbow clearly isn't interested. It's NOT cute when your best friend's younger brother has crush on you and constantly hits on you, unless it's a small kid who likes everyone, NOW that's cute lol. Trust me, I experienced it, it's VERY uncomfortable.  No, I disagree! 
Ember x Spike x Thorax Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: More of a EmberRax shipper.

Sci-Twilight x Sunset Shimmer Stamp by Cascayd OTP: Legend of Everfree just made LOVE the ship more!Love 
Diamond Tiara x Applebloom Stamp by Cascayd Love: It just works perfectly! It just might replace TenderBloom.
Scootaloo x Terramar Stamp by Cascayd Like: Already replaced RumbleLoo, Terramar and Scoots would SwIm AwAy ToGeThEr...... oops, too cheesy?
Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry Stamp by Cascayd Dislike: Way too bland for me to like it.
Rainbow Dash x Thunderlane Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: A bit better than SoarinDash, but it would probably not last long.
Orion x Quibble Pants Stamp by Cascayd Dislike/Hate: ... D-do I really need to explain this???
Mirror Sombra x Celestia Stamp by Cascayd Neutral: Meh, the romance feels a bit bland in the comic. It's kinda cute.
Maud x Caramel Stamp by Cascayd Dislike/Hate: Where did this come from??
Fiddlesticks x Twilight Stamp by Cascayd 
Dislike/Hate: Again, where did this come from?
That was honestly fun! :happybounce: 
If you want to suggest me more ships to see my opinion on them , go ahead!

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.:What I just don't feel:.
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.:What I LOVE:.
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.: When did you watch me? :. 

19 deviants said NightlyArtemis
7 deviants said Thenightfuriesponies (How tf did you put up with this username and old art?)


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