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The Morning After - KristAnna

The Morning After 
*wink wink*

So yeah, my first piece during break. I should literally just make an entire collection devoted to fanarts of KristAnna in bed because that’s seriously all I’ve been drawing….
Alrighty, so that up there is the censored version for those who may be offended by boobs. I don’t know why, but just in case.
Also totally tried out a slightly hairy Kris… I was never good with body hair which is why I never drew it but hey, let me know what you think.

Click HERE: --->[… ]
for the original, visible boobs version.
Either one is adorable, really.
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You know, I have always theorized that Anna lost her virginity with Hans, during an off screen moment of the song 'Love is an open door'.
How about drawing something about that?
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I'm toying with the idea of writing a bit of fanfic just for this image.
This is so cute! I love this, you make wonderful drawings of Kristoff and Anna.
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Beautiful art, sweet moment.
I don't suppose you could do a version with Eugene and Rapunzel? (short, brown hair.)
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This is really nice! Just a comment though, you missed adding the shadows of the lines along the window, I think adding those would make drawing much better ^__^
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God knows his arm that's under the pillow is asleep XD
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AWWWW I do hate frozen but when I saw this.....
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Yep they had the time of their life ;-)
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Aw, the tumblr link doesn't work. Frown for KashaPaw 
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Tell me more tell me more was it love at first sight
*u should understand this
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Very beautiful, I love it !!! They are so cute together !!!
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The light and shadows are amazing. 
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my left eye just went x-ray vision. 
my right eye just saw the past.  
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The link is broken for me, anyone else having the same problem
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