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TMNT 2k12 - Humanized - Full Body



TMNT 2012 - Humanized - Full Body

So I managed to finish this one pretty quick since I cheated. I used the heads I’d already drawn in my last piece. But I gave them more serious faces this time.
It was so fun though!
   The point of this was just to get a feel of how to draw their respective bodies before I make any serious fanart of them. I tried paying attention to any particular differences they had between one another, and adapted them to a human body.
For this I was just like ‘fuck proper anatomy’ because I just wanted them to look like themselves right, so some parts are more exaggerated, larger hands, large forearms and calves… I tried to stay true to their original form as much as I could.
   Here we have casual wear and full gear versions. The vest I used to imitate what would normally be their plastron, hence the colour (you could say old and used leather..) and kept their clothes in black/green/grey-ish.

Bonus, my shitty anatomy:

 Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 5.20.33 AM by xxMeMoRiEzxx

I compared their build to most other human characters in the show and concluded that these four would be ripped beyond belief. So there. Have them modelling ill-fitting boxers in their respective colours… 

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