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January 16, 2014
Royal Family Holiday by xxMeMoRiEzxx A very cute fan art of the characters from Frozen! I really like how the artist drew their faces, the characters are all very expressive with their expressions. Well done
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Royal Family Holiday

*ahem* Um… This is… really.. REALLY late. I’ve had this sketched since the day before christmas and I was having a had time actually working on it. But I got my shit together thanks to some wonderful encouragement and I managed to make it look pretty decent! Love drawing these kids. 
The outfits were fun. For Anna’s I was heavily inspired by her mother’s dress. Kristoff’s got his Ice Master medal, and I wasn’t sure what to put Elsa in, since I still want her to look like herself, yet fit in with the theme of red and purple and gold. I’ve come to love drawing patterns…

The story behind the drawing:
Heidi, Kristoff and Anna’s 4 year old daughter, wanted to make special christmas wreath crowns for her family as a gift. She pleaded for her brother Joseff, 8, to help her with them. He did so, somewhat reluctantly. As her big brother, he can never bring himself to say ‘no’ to her. And he happily helps her place them on the tops of their heads the next morning.
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I can definitely see Elsa putting her own spin on the "Cool Aunt" archetype, and even though this piece was made pre-Frozen II, it still totally works in the context of the story.

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o yes i can see it
Are you HAFanForever on I’ve read a couple of your stories, including the Frozen ones. They’re very good, and well written.
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That's me, I'm the same HAFanForever on FanFiction. Glad that you love my stories!

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Not at all, I don't write fanfiction. XD
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Very wonderful! ^_^
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Looks like Anna and Elsa will have some of their own Christmas traditions after all. At least in the future. :)
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too perfect for the Holidays..
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Dawww, this is so adorable I can't even. This is so sweet and nice. The concept of this alone, is just fantastic and beautiful.
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You should do a May 17th drawing. May 17th is the Norwegian equivalent of the American Independence Day. It's called Constitution Day there.
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Elsa.....GET A MAN!!!!!!
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I thought the point of Frozen was to show that love doesn't come from a man?
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I though we can have love from both family and men/women? We're stuck to only one of then?
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I'm not sure what you mean.
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you just can't see Him.... #mysterious
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