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Play for me? - Kristanna

Cuties taking a break and Kristoff showing off his musical talents~

Seems that kristoff knows how to play the lute (or some form of string instrument, I can't really be sure what it is because the picture on google was so small... but it looked like a lute, so we'll go with that.)
I can’t draw instruments to save my life so I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what a lute looks like, I looked them up on google and just threw something together….
also.. haaaannnddss *head desk*
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I don't think this will be in Frozen II.
Rileypower's avatar
Wish it was it's so cute 😇
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Most srts of them together don't really get how much bigger than her Kristoff is. :)
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
I love that he plays the lute. :)
SawuScimitar74's avatar
Astounding work! Glad to be a shipper of Kristanna. :D
EverfterFan's avatar
Looks fab, so darn cute. 
ShimmeringDewdrops's avatar
This is great. I really like this depiction. I think it would be cool to hear what he's singing about here. :)

"Anna is better than most people... Sven don't you think I'm riiiiiiiiigggghhhhht?"
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Omg, this is soo cute! :3 (But it would be too cold for me XD I'd be like: Let's go home and share your talents there...XD)
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Sooo I stumbled upon a piece of your artwork and ever since I've been browsing through it like crazy! Just wanted to say a job very well done on all of these. The style is wonderful and represents the characters close to how they appear in the movie. You're a great artist!! .....*cough* I never knew Kristoff could be so hot. *cough*
SnowBunnyRabbit's avatar
I ship them so much!
Rhysiecup's avatar
Who doesn't?! : D
TinyBubs's avatar
Dem annas face
gateaumignon's avatar
This is so cute!
MintyBees's avatar
But I really didn't like the movie.
HiddenSnowFlower's avatar
wow. just, wow. You have some of the best Frozen fanart I have seen! Fantastic work! :3
HanniFee's avatar
Love This One ❤️👌
Supersyd34's avatar
How are his hands not frozen?! XD
Drock625's avatar
Its called frostbite. :)
Supersyd34's avatar
XD   You know what i mean
tomytieneblas74's avatar
Is he playing a remix to that " People Smell Better than Reindeer"  jingle to Anna ? :D
SpiritZodiac's avatar
Real shame he only got one song in that ENTIRE movie. 
And said song was less then a minute. Meah:(
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