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Pitter Patter of Little Feet - KristAnna

Anna's expecting and tired, so she spends a lot of time resting in her room. To keep her spirits up, Kristoff keeps her company and entertains her by playing with the little baby booties they'd gotten as a gift. They're so small, the father-to-be can barely put a finger in them. 
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That's not surprising since he has sausages for fingers.
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(awesome and very adorable pic anyway lol)
He's a better husband than Hans could ever be, he looks like he genuinely cares about Anna.
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Baby booties! :heart:

I love how excited Kristoff looks. :)
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Awwww so adorable!!! :D :D :D
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Awww, that is so like Kristoff, trying to cheer up his wife. The booties are so adorable. 
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I know how much I hate frozen but when I saw this....... I................. uhhhhhhhhhh............
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Nice moment  between them. 
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wow this drawing is amazing, and adorable!
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That's kinda cute :D
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Oh now that's cute. I think Kristoff would be a great dad. 
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I saw this pic on my fb before so it was you who made this!! Finally find the artist!!! 
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Thanks just adorable.  :-)
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I really hate frozen but this picture... Oh this picture is the one thing i cans stand
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Really cute scene
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Love the booties on her belly.
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